Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We are the same

After the wall incident (which is still not roll on the floor funny yet, but getting closer), I took some time to reflect on why, given all of Hailey's issues (if you are newer to the blog go back to when it started nearly 2 years ago for some great destruction stories), I just can't stop loving her.  Clearly she is beautiful and full of life but she is NOT a good dog, but I adore her.  It occurred to me I love her because she is me in dog form.

When I told my husband my conclusion he rolled his eyes but I think it is true.

Here is how we are the same:
1) We both love routine. We like things that are the same and predictable.
2) We don't mind people in general but both have a few special people we love.
3) We both could work on our listening skills.
4) We both suffer from anxiety. While I personally love a thunderstorm, I do have many other things in my life that cause me great anxiety. I have never ripped a hole in the wall or destroyed the carpet but I can totally relate to that feeling of panic. Even though I get really mad at her in the moment, when I step out of it, I feel totally bad for her and wish I could do something for her to help. (FYI: There have been times in my life where if I thought I could escape certain things by eating the wall, I would have). Only people who have anxiety can sort of relate to creatures with anxiety.
5) When we have our mind set on something there is nothing anyone else can do to regain our attention.
6) We are both stubborn.
7) We both know how to use our sad little eyes to get what we want from others.
8) We are both loud, head strong and independent.
9) We often will try and be sneaky and do things we know we should not.
10) Neither of us knows the word no (but somethings I think we should learn).

See, we are a lot a like and I think that is what has save my crazy dog many, many times!

We are experimenting with an anti-anxiety med this week for my girl (more about that later) and her thunder shirt arrived yesterday (can't wait to try it).


  1. Have a great Tuesday and we hope the meds and the thunder shirt help.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Awwww! Such love! Congrats on the new pup!


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