Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas!

 From our pack to yours, we wish you the a very Merry Christmas. 

Friday, December 22, 2023

Nature Friday - Welcome Winter!

Thanks to Rosy and Sunny for hosting this event.

Today is the first full day of winter! It arrived at 10:27 pm last night. Today is our first full day of winter.

I don't know why Lady wouldn't let me on the ice!

While Lady is not a winter fan, she is a huge fan of the Winter Solstice because it means the days are getting longer and she misses day light. She took this screen shot yesterday, not to show you the temperature (-13C/8F is not that cold, we had a great 30 minute walk at 6 am), but to show you the day light. The sun only rose at 7:40 am (which on go to work day means Lady drives in the dark) and it sets at 4:21 (which also means she drives home in the dark). Lady is not a fan of only 8 hours and 41 minutes of day light. At the Summer Solstice we are getting about 15 hours and 40 minutes of day light. We lose 7 hours of sunshine over 6 months. So we have a lot to celebrate today!

Are you are effected by light changes?

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Our Christmas Card


Lady made her donation on giving Tuesday and shortly after received an email with this information - which shows the good work they do.

"I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your incredible generosity this Giving Tuesday. Your support helped our campaign reach new heights, raising a record-breaking $53,000 for the Farley Foundation.


The impact of your donation goes far beyond numbers and helps in ways that truly matter – from providing essential tests and treatment plans to ensuring pets and families can stay together. The Farley Foundation believes that every pet deserves access to veterinary care, and your support will enable us to help more pets and families in need.


We recently received a touching message from a pet owner who, thanks to donors like you, found hope through the Farley Foundation. “I would like to extend many thanks and much gratitude for helping with my cat Seven's surgery yesterday. I was desperate and heartbroken as my "affordable" option was euthanasia. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I had to put him down; he’s barely three and was happy and healthy before this. Thankfully, Seven is back home and on the road to recovery. Please know that this is the best early Christmas present ever. The Farley Foundation is an absolute God send and I’m forever grateful! I will never forget what you have done for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


(Farley, was the beloved dog from a Canadian comic strip For Better or For Worse, which Lady used to read in the paper every day!)

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Dear Santa - By Hailey

Dear Santa,

I am Hailey Bug aka Lee. I will be 14 in a month and Lady says that is a miracle. Not just because I had a big health scare this year, but because I have always been a challenge free spirit. 

Santa - I don't try to be bad - I just try to be me, and live in the present moment and do what my heart tells me to do. Sometimes my heart says, your people left you for 2 hours, show them your displeasure by peeing on the floor, so I do. Sometimes my heart says explore, so I run through the bush. I am just trying to live my best life.  

I think I should get some extra treats this year because I have had to tolerate a lot. I have had to deal with all the weird neurological stuff and my head is still tilted. I am still a little tippy. I had to deal with all the side effects (good and not so good) from the steroids. I have had to deal with getting brushed (which I hate) because I am blowing my coat. This, on top of just getting a bit slower due to age has been a lot. I really should be rewarded for how well I have handled all of this. 

While my people can be slow and annoy me for not being as responsive as I want, when I want it, and they may do horrible things like take me to the vet, I do know they love me very much. I do know that Phod and I are lucky, to have people who try so hard. However, I think I would like them to be a little more responsive. I should not have to bark more than once to get a treat or go outside. If you could give them a kick in the butt, I would appreciate it. 

Like Phod, I also hope the world can find some peace and love. May every living creature be a little safer in 2024. 

Thank you Santa,

Love Hailey Bug


Monday, December 18, 2023

Dear Santa - by Zaphod

Dear Santa,

My name is Zaphod and I am probably about 12 years old. I have lived with my people for more than 11 years and I try so hard to be the best boy. 

I love my people a lot. I love my neighbours. I love my extended family. I love almost everyone. I do a good job at doing most of my business outside. If I do wander away, I am not lost, I am just visiting next door. You see, I am a very good neighbour.  I usually take my pills that make me less itchy well, and only occasionally spit them out. I am getting less sick in the car when I have to go to the vet for my miracle pain shot. I am a very good boy there. I will let Lady brush me way longer than Lee does, but I admit I do get bored sometimes. 

It is hard to know what to want this year Santa. I am an old Man. I can't play fetch they way I did. I can't run like I did. I am living our my golden years as best as I can.

I think this year I would like:

More time - time with my people and my neighbours, time in the bush, time at the lake. This may not be something you can grant me Santa, but I am hoping your magic can help with this.

Lady to turn the closet light on less when I am in there sleeping. 

Meat, lots of meat. I love meat, especially pork and duck and beef.

Most importantly, I would like you to help people and animals in need. The world is hard right now and everyone could use all the help and love you could give.

Thank you Santa.

Love the most handsomest boy, Zaphod (who tolerates a lot from his Lady)

Friday, December 15, 2023

Nature Friday - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

 Thanks to our good pals Rosy and Sunny for hosting this.

On December 3/4 we got a lot of snow. Normally, when we get snow like that, it is on the trees for a day or so . However, this snow lasted a full week. These pictures were taken on the 9th. 

Enjoy another stroll through the sugar bush with us.

So pretty!

Lady let me off leash, Phod is ahead! 

Try and keep up with us!

Tough walking in the deep snow

When Man saw this picture, he thought Lady was brave for letting us off leash and get so far ahead

We came out and walked up the road and looked out at the field.

Grey and white can be so pretty!

Monday, December 11, 2023

Happy Hanukkah! (The Hat Tax Begins)

 Dear pals,

On Saturday we had Callie's people over for our 21st Hanukkah dinner. As you know, we are not Jewish (we are not anything actually)  and host this dinner because Lady loves latkes (potato pancakes). Man will make her a lot if there is company. 

The Hanukkah Hat Tax

The mischief started earlier in the week when Lady had to get the brisket because Man was sick. She did call Man to confirm that he really wanted  this brisket . . . 

That brisket was 9.8 kg, cost $117 Canadian dollars, and Man make it into 4 briskets. Lady may not ever be allowed to get the meat again. 

Saturday was spent cooking and cleaning.

Latkes are a lot of work. You peel the potatoes, you grate the potatoes, you squeeze the water out of the potatoes, you add onions, zucchini and spices and Man uses a hamburger patty maker to make the perfect shape to deep fry.  It took about 1.5 hours to make 19 perfect latkes.

The guests came and we were very good puppies. Phod loved getting all the pets from what he sees as his extended pack. Hailey, barked briefly when they came in and then sort of ignored all the people. 

Those are green beans with yellow peppers and pine nuts

Latkes and brisket

While we didn't cause mischief at the party, the kids may have. Somehow, while playing pinball, there was an elbow to the face and our good friend Dylan lost a baby tooth. Man later said, is it really a party if someone didn't get hurt?

It was a lovely evening and we look forward to doing it again next year!

Friday, December 8, 2023

Nature Friday - First Big Snow of The Year!

Thanks to Rosy and Sunny for hosting this event. (Aside, their Christmas countdown is the cutest thing ever, be sure to check them out - Lady has been breaking her no social media daily rule just because they are bringing the joy!)

While we have had a little snow on the ground since November 22nd, we got our first big snowfall on December 3rd/4th. While the worst of the snow came overnight, Sunday afternoon it was coming down quickly, in big beautiful flakes. Lady took us for a hike in the sugar bush to enjoy the first few inches.

It was beautiful. 

Look at how snowy we were in the first few minutes on the trail.

Lady made us practice sitting. She said next time she may bring the Man and some hats as it would make a beautiful hat tax location . . . . .

We were really interested in this tree. Lady guesses the wildlife have been eating it. 

Lady is working hard to embrace the winter season (even if it is technically still autumn). She is not a lover of it. Mostly she is not a lover of putting on all the clothes to go out and she has an extreme phobia about winter driving/traveling. We are going to help her embrace this and we expect to share many pictures from the sugar bush and the neighbourhood in the coming months. 

Here are some pictures from 7 am the following morning.

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Treating Myself - by the Lady

On my day off a week or so ago, one of the tasks I had was to do all my end of the year photo things, which included making my annual calendar. 

When I went to order it, the site asked if I wanted to add a mug with the pictures to my order. Now I am sure like many of you, I have so many mugs that I really didn't need another. However, I couldn't say no. 2023 has been a challenging year, personally, professionally, really in all the ways. Having those I love the most hold my tea, seemed like a wonderful treat to myself. 

Sometimes Ican buy small bits of happiness and it is often the small things can bring me joy. 

Speaking of joy, the hat tax pictures will start next week! 

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Trouble on a Tuesday - Robot Invasion - by Lee

 Dear pals,

Years ago Lady tried a robot vacuum and didn't love it. This year, for cyber Monday, she got one for the basement. She thought it was worth trying again. 

Man set it up to run on Saturday and I was not a fan. First, he picked up all my beds and then because it moved around a lot. I barked at it a lot. Then I had enough and just went upstairs and ignored it. 

Phod missed all of this because he was sound asleep upstairs. I did see him check it out when it was parked. 

We will see how well this robot does. Especially with two pups blowing their coats. 

Protecting my people from the robot invasion - Hailey Bug

Monday, December 4, 2023

Mischief Monday - I Disagree - by Lee

 Dear pals,

Lady says I am the mischief Queen because on the weekend, when my people were under the weather and not giving me the big walks I deserve, I took myself on walks. I may have also done this on Friday, a day, I did get a walk.

Friday when it happened, I came back to the door when the Man went into the bush to find me. Saturday, I eventually came out from under Callie's deck, and Lady was able to catch me by her garage as I pooped. Sunday, I did come back, in a very indirect way when Man called me. 

I don't think this was the worst mischief of the week. I think Phod having an accident in the night was worse (we can ignore my spite pooping in the bathroom). I also think Lady and Man being a little sick was worse, especially because Lady had no voice, so she couldn't call me. I shouldn't complain about the sick, it saved me the hat tax for a few days, but it is coming I fear.

your pal Hailey Bug, who can't help that she wants to run free

Friday, December 1, 2023

Nature Friday - November Rain

Thanks to Rosy and Sunny for hosting this event.

Lady took Monday off this week, for no reason other than she desperately just needed a day off to do whatever she liked.  Given the surprise delivery of our wood Sunday, the timing could not have been better. 

While Sunday was a beautiful November day, Monday brought us November rain. But this did not stop us from taking a hike in Callie's sugar bush.  What almost stopped us was that Lady fell before we even got to the bush.  Rain on snow can make ice. Fortunately, she wasn't hurt and we were able to continue on. 

As you can see the end of autumn is truly here and we start to prepare for winter. 

The forecast has some significant snow coming soon, it may start to look more like winter in these final autumn days.