Monday, May 28, 2018

A Day At The Amusement Park

To all our American Friends - Happy Memorial Day!  While our long weekend was last week we thought we would join you all for this fun filled day!

We all got brave and road the roller coaster. Emma is like her human dad, thought it was terrible, Phod got a little motion sick and Lee loved it.

But Lee's favourite part of the day was the food. Nothing like some yummy cotton candy to settle a tummy after a ride! 

Because Lady and Man did not want to miss the fun, this is from their trip in December 2017.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Trouble Tuesday

We will be off the grid for a little over a week as our Lady goes on a work trip to California. She is very excited about it. She has never been to California. We are not excited that she is leaving us for a week. Man is not excited that he will be responsible for our walks, and making sure we get our tic meds, and all our care. We will miss her. We will try and behave for the Man.

We will see you all at the Blogville Amusement Park on the 28th.  Click HERE for more details.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Flower Friday

We join Rosy for Flower Friday. Lady has managed to keep this plant alive since Easter. This is impressive with her anti-green thumbs!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Working at Home

Because I work for myself I have the pleasure of working from home at least 1 time per week.  One of my favourite parts of working at home is my supervisor. He spends a lot of time in my office with me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Trouble Tuesday - The Bed Is Not Big Enough

About 6 months after moving into our house (so just over 5 years ago), we upgraded to a king sized bed. Normally, Hailey is the only one who shares this bed with us. Generally, she sleeps at the bottom, but if she judges it is too cold, she will curl up behind our legs. Once she is settled, she is a very difficult lump to move. One dog was ok in the bed. We could make that work. 

Cousin Emma (who at the time this goes live will have been with us 125 days, with 47 to go) would really like to be held all night. This isn't happening in our house, so she has decided sleeping at the top in the middle, rotating who she is pressed up against is her place.

Then there is Phod. Generally, he does not share the bed with us, but he may be a little jealous of Emma and is spending more time (usually just while we are falling asleep on the bed, he never spends the whole night, he gets too hot). If he is on the bed, he is taking up my spot (although if I try hard I can push him to the middle, even though he makes a face like I am beating him). This then forces Emma to either my left side or the Man's feet.

Many nights I fall asleep in what I call the dog burrito. Emma to my left, Phod to my right, Lee on my feet. I can barely move. 

I look forward to only having one dog in the bed. Then it may be big enough!

Phod, Cousin Emma, and Lee

Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday Sparks For Andrea

Our friend Andrea had to say goodbye to her beloved Casey, just weeks after her sweet Jessie went to the bridge. Today we share this for her. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Flowerless Friday

While spring is here, we still don't have any flowers to share for Rosy's Flower Friday. However, Lady took this picture of the beautiful sky last weekend. It is nature, it has plants, so we hope it kind of counts!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

What Do You Mean It's Too Dirty?

Can you spot the muddy Precious ball?

Hey Man, Wanna throw Precious?

What do you mean it's too dirty?

Look, I will still put it in my mouth!

Happy Birthday to our Aunt C. We hope you have a great one!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Trouble Tuesday - Wind

Friday night a serious windstorm rolled through Ontario and Quebec. During the storm, my Hailey Bug, who as you know is terrified of storms, did ok (we had restarted her prozac last week). She was visibly nervous, but sat on the couch with us until the power went out around 10. It was hardly raining, but the wind was crazy. I was sure Emma was going to turn into a kite at the end of the leash! Phod was also nervous as the power kept flickering and he is scared when it goes out. Emma did not appear to notice, other than the fact she didn't like the weather outside. 

Terrified girl

Everyone slept through the night, which is great as Emma has been getting up a lot. In the morning the power was still out. Hundreds of thousands lost it. The year we moved into our house we lived 72 hours in the winter and 95 hours in the summer without power. As we are on a well, this meant no water. After that, we got a generator and generator panel installed. Our generator is not powerful enough to run the whole house, but we have water, the fridge and freezer, lights in the bathroom and lots of power downstairs (meaning we can have internet and satellite and heat). We can't use the oven, and there is no heat in the bedroom, but we know we could live very comfortably. Saturday was only the second time since we got the generator we had to use it. It doesn't come on automatically, we have to drag it out and plug it in. The dogs weren't happy with the sound it makes (it sounds like a lawn tractor) but were happy to have their water bowl filled. The power was out for about 22 hours. 

We are grateful no damage was done to our place. Aunty K lost her fence. Others had serious damage. At least 3 people were killed.  Hopefully, it is a long while before we have to use the generator again!

The generator

Friday, May 4, 2018

Flower Friday - SPRING

First, as people asked about yesterday's picture - the birds were wild turkeys.

We are thrilled to be joining Rosy for flower Friday. Flowers are still few and far between, but on Wednesday, we saw this growing in our grass. Spring is really here!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Wild Thursday - Sharing the Food

From my home office window. It was all peaceful and everything, and then the dogs saw them:)

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Trouble Tuesday - Emma Edition

Last Wednesday night, around 3 am, the Lady awoke to hear Emma throwing up. In her very asleep state, the Lady didn't make it in time to get Emma outside (there is a patio door off the bedroom). The Lady put Emma out and quickly cleaned up the puke as Lee likes to eat vomit.  In the puke was a fair sized piece of clear plastic. The Lady has no idea where she got it, but was glad she had puked it up. The next day Emma ate fine.

Thursday night, not sure what time, the Lady heard both Emma and Lee get off the bed. She did not hear either at the door.  When she got up in the morning, there was a huge puddle of pee, in about the same spot the vomit had been. The Lady is accusing Emma of this mess.

Saturday and into Sunday, Emma had a very upset belly. You could hear it growling from across the room. Emma would not eat dinner or breakfast. The Lady and the Man have no idea what Emma got in to that upset her belly. She has a sensitive one, and the pattern is usually, loud gurglly sounds, she skips 2 meals and then is fine. During this visit they have figured out she can't have beef, so they have been very careful with that. They guess she ate sticks or poop or something in the yard, now that 95% of the snow is gone.

Emma sure caused a lot of trouble last week. Uncle Chris should be home 2 months from today😜