Saturday, July 30, 2011


Miss Hailey Bug of Ottawa, is having some trouble adjusting to the temporary state of not having a pack. After nearly 5 days of having 2 labs to play with, as well as her constant companion Gemi, she seems lost. It is further complicated by the Man's absence in the house.

Since "the incident" as those of the house are calling it, she has been sort of avoiding her Lady (although she did sleep with her, she is not coming and demanding lover and attention). Lady was very angry with her after the incident (but since has been very loving and kind and tried to go about their lives as normally as possible). Lady realizes that she also was the one who took the other pack members away and the one who took her to get her nails cut yesterday (which didn't go very well. Perhaps given her agitated state as well as the fact that a dog in the store tried to attack her 2 times prior she shouldn't have done it, but she did get through it).

Lee is being super calm and quiet. She has not pulled any of her antics. She is being rather dull. When asked Lady said "She is finally the dog of my dreams, but I don't like the cost of getting her there. Hopefully when Gemi recovers and life gets back to normal she will become herself. Or at least a happier version of this calm dog."

Friday, July 29, 2011


Last night I decided for sleeping Gemi might be the most comfortable on her bed on the floor. Apparently this was too hard. She carried on. So I picked the bed up and put it on the bed. Apparently this was too soft. She carried on. So I lifted her out of the bed, kicked it on the floor and had her sleep just on the bed, apparently this was just right. We had a decent night's sleep, from 11 until Gemi had to go pee at 5:30.

After talking to the wonderfully kind vet at our clinic, Ottawa Vet Hospital, (my vet of course is on holidays), we decided to admit her for 24-48 hours. The main reason being the pain meds she can have at home aren't enough for her, and they can give her good drugs there. (He says like people, some dogs just respond better or worse to some meds and not to worry too much that she needs stronger drugs). He hopes once the pain is under control she will start eating and drinking on her own. She is very bruised and the air is still between the skin and muscles. This will last 10-14 days. As for the leg, still can't tell about the damage given the pain. However, he was hopeful that there was no lasting damage as she would retract it when he squeezed it. He said we really won't know until the pain is under control.  The good things are she does not have a temperature and her gums are not too pale.

In many ways I feel better that she is there. I know she will get the best medical care on the planet and I love that there is a vet on sight 24 hours a day.

This leaves Hailey and I crazy single ladies as the Man would be away with his brother. Hailey is very stressed, but has never been as well behaved as she has been in last 36 hours.

Gemi waiting for the estimate for her stay. (The irony is that the Lady doesn't even really look at it, she just hands over the card!)
Thank you all for your well wishes for Gemi, I am cautiously optimistic that she will be ok!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It is all fun and games until . . . .

I have thought of many humours ways I could write this blog, but the truth is, there it is not funny, so I decided not to go that root.

Yesterday, I am not sure what happened although I was in the room, 2 of the 3 big dogs played too rough with Gemi and she is now in serious but stable condition at the local vet clinic. I don't know the technical name for the problem, but they shook her and she has shaken Gemi syndrome. The vet seemed to be leaning toward no permanent damage last night, but said we would know more this morning. So I need to wait until about 9 to know. The vet, who went to high school with my sister, had messaged her last night that when she went to check on Gemi before bed and said Gemi wagged her tail when she came in. That sounds promising, there were no wags when I dropped her off.

I was suppose to be going home today, but now I will have to see if Gemi is stable enough to travel with.

I am racked with guilt about things I could have done differently to prevent this. The dogs had been getting along smashingly but then it went all wrong.

All I asked for on this trip was that no one needed medical attention. Last year I was here the same week and I was swimming in the lake and I cut my foot open. I should have gone and got stitches but I refused. It was my right foot that was cut, so I couldn't drive myself home, my mom had to. This year it is Gemi. I think next year I won't come to the beach this week.

Will keep everyone posted on Gemi's condition.

A very sad me

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 4 - Who needs TV

We really haven't watched any TV. Instead we have watched the dog show. Here is a clip.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 3 - Hailey loves life

I think it is best to describe Hailey as having an amazing love for life. That is what we all keep telling ourselves this morning as she is being very annoying. She had us up too early doing her pup things. I tried to get her to settle this morning, but she would not have any of it. After I took the four for their morning business I was delusional that I may actually get to go back to sleep. I crawled in the bed, but then Max and Tendra came with me and Lee would have none of that and started barking at them. We got up, so did my parents.

This morning Lee has already had several adventures. One, as always, she knows at feeding time my parents are going to open the door to the magic cupboard that leads to the land of food. She knows if she waits out of sight they will forget about her and not sit/stay her (a skill she is getting a lot of practice doing). Then at the right moment she leaps and gets her whole head and upper body in the bag. She knows if she plays her cards right she can do this 2 times at every meal, when they first open the cupboard to get the dishes and food and when they put them away. Scolding her has no effect, she has her food, she was a wild hunter!

Because clearly we don't feed her, she was forced to help herself to some human food. My mom made the mistake of leaving her bagel on the counter within puppy reach and she left the room. In her stealth mode we didn't hear her get up and eat half of it. When my mother returned to the room, she immediately fled from the scene (she knows it is bad), leaving a few scraps that Gemi hoovered up. Eliminating counter surfing will be goal number 1. (FYI because Gemi now has a taste for bagel, she is sat beside me making puppy moaning sounds to beg for some).

With a very full belly, my girl is now sleeping peacefully. She has been up for 45 minutes and I guess accomplished all her goals for before 7:15. Can't wait to see what other adventures she gets into today!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 2: In the Lake

Well she did it, Hailey plunged right into the lake after the labs, and the look on her face was "What the F**k was that!"  She only plunged in once, the rest of the time she stayed on the shore playing in the waves. She seems to like that. At least my part water dog is not terrified of the water.

Gemi, not to be left out, even went ankle deep in the water (Princesses don't swim she told us).

The only casualty of yesterday was her collar, which was fraying, it really coming apart and her tag with her name broke. Both will be replaced when we get home. Overall it was a great day!

Hailey, centre, testing out the lake

The leap
Lee, right, plays in the waves
Gemi and Lee digging for dead things to eat

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Day 1

The trip yesterday went something like this:

5:20 - up and feed the dogs and get dressed etc.
6-6:30 - at the dog park letting them run (how cool it is at 6 am)
6:30-2:15 on the road. We had 3 rest stops.
Lee engaged in some minor whining on and off between 9:30-12 (who can blame her)

2:15 - arrive at the beach!

The 4 dogs have had no problems all being together. They have played nicely. I have been feeding mine in the bedroom at the same time my parent's dogs get to eat. I don't think there would be food issues, there hasn't been issues with sharing bones etc, but since Max is still new, we thought we would play it safe.

Highlights from day 1:

My father has built gates on his deck so you can sit out and the dogs can sit out. I am guessing that from the top railing to the ground is between 7-8 feet. Hailey got on a bench and jumped off the deck and went next door to visit the neighbours. Now we know she can't just go on the deck and we will have to be careful how we tie her so she doesn't jump off an hang herself.

The four dogs can all be walked at the same time by one person. The only real challenges occur when one of the dogs poops and you have to pick it up.

When visiting the neighbours (we were invited this time) Hailey figured out how to get out of her harness.  I was able to grab her. Since she couldn't settle, I ended up just bringing her home and leaving her with my parents dog. Gemi stayed with us. All were fine when I came back 2 hours later (we were next door and outside, we would have heard them barking if there had been a problem).

If you lick a toad (yes, I had all 4 dogs by myself in the dark when Hailey met Mr. Toad, she was very scared at first and then was trying to hunt him), you get a bad taste in your mouth that apparently lasts about 10 minutes. (Today first thing she went to the 2 places she had seen toads last night to look for them, so the experience must not be too traumatizing).

I was smart enough and got my parents to push the twin beds together, so there was a little bit of room for me. I think at any time I had 3 dogs, I think one of the labs always stayed off the bed. I had to keep the door open because Hailey was just not going to settle knowing Max and Tendra were free in the next room. They all actually did great until the sun started to rise around 5, but I was able to convince them all to stay in the bed until 7.

Hailey is really struggling just to relax. We were up for nearly 2 hours before I could get her to pee this morning. She is very stressed right now (even though we just came in from a big walk). I wonder if some of it has to do with the fact that Tendra and Max are out for their walks (we all went our own ways this morning, I am sure there will be lots of group walks in the coming days). She is a much easier dog at home when I can just put her in the backyard and leave her! Hopefully it will get easier as she adjusts. She is not being bad per say, she is just busy.

Gemi is having no problems with relaxing. I think all the fresh air and exercise is just tiring her out!

This afternoon will be time to see if Hailey will swim!

The corner of the deck Lee jumped from

Me with Gemi, Max, Lee and Tendra going on our first group walk

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It could be a long day

Today the girls and I are heading to Lake Huron for a few days of vacation.

Last evening, someone (not me) was eating hot dogs for dinner. Someone wanted to give Hailey a big piece of bun. I asked someone not to do this, it would make her sick. Someone said "It is bread, she will be fine."

The girls and I are up at 5:20ish this morning (I want to leave around 6 and stop by the park on the way out of town), and is poor Hailey not puking her little guts out in the backyard. Let's just hope she got it all out or it will be a very long 8 hour car ride.

Friday, July 22, 2011

That will learn you!

It has been crazy hot, so I admit the dogs have not been getting the exercise they need. However, I do realize that this has been a better choice (there have been times the dogs could hardly spend 5 minutes in the backyard without coming in hot, panting and basically collapsing on the floor).

But this means someone is getting a little restless. In general with our little window a/c units we have kept the house fairly cool. so after they rest from being outside, someone gets in a play mood.

I have no problems with the dogs wanting to play in the house. The problem I had with it is the obsessive barking that came with it. It started Wednesday night, Lee would not stop barking. Gemi was not in the mood to play, so Lee barked and barked and barked. Thursday morning, she started it again. We live in a semi so I don't want this barking to become a habit. I was also trying to work at home and it was annoying. So I decided I needed to get her to stop. As a behaviour analyst, I weighted my options. I didn't think using a reinforcement strategy was going to end it. (How as I going to catch her being good if all she was doing was barking). This left punishment procedure (which I don't like to use, but felt I needed to in this situation). I know my parents used a water bottle to spray their dog when she was obsessively barking. This seemed like an easy and not too punishing thing to do. I don't have a water bottle, but I could flick a little water at her face.

The scene went like this.
Lee is obsessive barking.
Gemi is growling.
The lady flicks the water in Lee's face.
Lee immediately stops barking. She looks at the lady. She shakes her head. She walks toward the patio door and wipes her face on the white curtain.
The Lady pauses and can't decide what to do and then just starts laughing!
She taught me!

However, shortly after, she started to bark again and I reached for the water and she stopped. She has not  barked since. So maybe I taught her something too!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The new bedtime routine

I am working brushing the dog's teeth into my new bedtime routine.  Both tolerate it fairly well. They mostly want just to lick the brush, so getting them to put it in their mouths is not the issue. The issue is actually getting them to stand still, stop licking and allow me to move the brush in their mouth so I do the brushing. I am not sure if I am doing the word's best job at brushing but I am trying and hopefully as they get use to it, it will be easier.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The big brother I always wanted

 I love my little sister but for some reason I have always wanted the big brother.  While my parents never fulfilled my wish, they made this dream come true for their dog Tendra. Tendra is a 2.5 year old black lab. Yesterday, my parents became the proud new family for a 3 year old black lab named Max. (I guess it is true they love their dog more than me!)

Max's story is a reminder for me not to judge other dog owners. When his first family adopted him their life circumstances were very different. However in the last 3 years things have happened and they realized they were not providing Max with the care he needed. They realized their life was not going to allow this to happen. They made the decision to find him a more appropriate home. Which I am certain they did.

 I can't even imagine making this choice. We had only had Hailey for short period of time (less than 2 weeks) when she bit Gemi and even with this act of violence I could not imagine having had to give her up. I will remind myself when I hear about people giving up their dogs in a responsible fashion that there may be a good reason for this, and to be thankful I am no in their shoes.

Tendra left and Max right


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too hot too move

We had one of those rare Ottawa weekend where the heat was stifling and oppressive.  Perhaps as true Canadian girl, I prefer the cold. You can do things to stay warm when out (layers upon layers of clothes, movement), but there is not much you can do outside when it is that hot. Even being naked wouldn't cool you down!

This heat made us bad dog owners. We didn't get the dogs out like we should have. Saturday, Gemi was still recovering and really cared less. Sunday, the pair had moments when they wanted to go outside.  Half the time they asked, you would open the door, they would look outside, maybe take half a step and then come back in (I guess that little window air conditioner really works!). If they did go out it was for about 3 minutes (this meant I got my exercise standing up to let them out) and then come inside panting up a storm. Then they would lay on the floor for 15 minutes or so not moving, before asking to go out again.

When we were finally being brave enough to take them out, a freak storm hit the city. The winds were so strong they collapsed an outdoor stage. It may have been cooler, but it was not safe to go out.

I am worried about the heat and next weekend. I will be traveling 700 km with the dogs to the lake for a week. I will be alone and I am sure will need to run in to use the bathroom once or twice on the way. I will have no option but to leave them in the car. I think I will use the car started and keep the a/c running while I make the 2 minute dash to do my business!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Grooming the Bug will tolerate

Apparently brushing her teeth is not offensive. In fact she is very good at it. So don't brush her fur or cut her nails, but brush away! What a girl!

Gemi has a couple more days of recovery before we try this with her. Gemi is now back to herself and feeling fine.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Dog Torture

A semi-stoned Gemi walking down the hall
Yesterday was another day of torturing the dogs. They have had a brief discussion on who was more tortured, Lee insists it was here and Gemi doesn’t feel well enough to argue.

It was Gemi’s teeth cleaning day. Our morning routine was more or less the same, minus the not feeding the dogs. They were both rather stressed about this and kept going to the kitchen to stand beside their bowls. Drew held Hailey, while I took Gemi out of the house to drive her to the clinic. It wasn’t as big an ordeal as it could have been.

Lee’s first day alone in the house in 10 months (alone meaning no Gemi). I am THRILLED to report, no damage! She did nothing bad. I can’t believe it.

After work Lee and I went and picked up Gemi. Lee hated being at the clinic at first, she was whining and barking and freaking out. However, she did calm down. We never left the waiting room so perhaps the place is a little less offensive now.

Gemi had a lot of gingivitis around her canine teeth, and a little tarter on the rest. They decided not to pull the chipped one. As of now the root looks good and it is not loose etc. She just needed a cleaning. In a few days we are to start the teeth brushing (at least 2-3 times a week, or as my note from my vet said “it is a waste of time). She also has to start eating a dental food (it can be used as treats her teeth aren’t that bad). But we must let her recover before we start all of this. I asked the vet if there was a reason Gemi had these problems and not the other dogs. (I think my quote was like Loki never had teeth problems and he had a lot of problems). They are on the same food, and the vet’s answer was “I can’t tell you.”  It appears, just like people, some dogs are more prone to teeth problems. I hope with our new and exciting dental routine it won’t be a problem anymore.

Lee was thrilled to see Gemi, but she was not thrilled to see us. I think she was still stoned. Seeing that stoned little dog was both funny and sad. When I got her home and lifted her out of the car, she collapsed on the grass. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to walk into the house. She spent the entire evening laying on the couch. I kept offering her food and she kept giving me the look of death.  They told me to feed her when she got home, but she wasn’t having any of that. Finally around 9 pm she ate a little and went out.

Gemi is still in bed. She does not want to get up. Hailey and the cats are waiting impatiently for breakfast. I am proud to say the late afternoon stress seemed to tire LeeLee out. She let me sleep in until 7!

Hmmmm, what sort of torture will tire her out tonight!
Her position for the evening. My poor girl!

Friday, July 15, 2011

You can tire her out and get her to sleep in

Apparently if you torture Lee the night before she will sleep in. Last night we tortured the dogs. 

First we went for a drive across the city to pick something up. I tired to make a video of them carrying on in the car, but it didn't work.  Gemi was wearing her new car harness for the very first time. 

Then we drove to PetSmart to get Lee's nails cut. This started off very embarrassing. She was so upset they didn't think it was safe to have her on the table and they had to hold her on the floor. Finally someone, I am not sure who, Drew had gone into the room to see if that helped, tried giving her cookies as they were going it. This she liked and as long as they gave her cookies she was fine. In the end it was the best nail cutting yet! That may be the secret. 

I guess all of this was too much for her. I was aware of Lee getting on the bed around 5, but she settled right down. I will have to figure out a way to torture her tonight so I can sleep in a little tomorrow (on Saturday!)
Lee looking at the birds at the pet store. She barked at them. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In my dreams

I am dreaming that I am in the upstairs hall of my childhood home. In that hallway Loki has miraculously come back to life.  We can't believe that our cremated dog has risen from the dead. We are so happy to see him and he is playing with Gemi and Hailey (and now I have my 3 dogs). People are telling us we should go on TV and share our story with our "zombie" dog, but I don't want to. I just want to enjoy playing with him.  I just want to touch his soft fur (at the end of his life due to the drug combo, Lo had the softest coat on the planet!).  I am enjoying being with my 3 dogs when . . . .

back to reality. 5:11, the beast makes her way out from her cave and begins scratching at the door. I call her back to bed and she comes. She gets herself in the most awkward reverse c shape. Her head is by our bums and her bum is in my face. She wants belly rubs and she is farting. On top of this she won't stay still. She is constantly re-arranging herself, so I am constantly getting kicked in the face. Not to be left out of the dawn love fest, Gemi has made her way to the middle of the bed and is demanding love. So with one hand I am trying to rub Lee's belly, with the other Gemi's chest. After the 15th kick in the face I roll over, hoping this will settle everyone down. Nope, this signals get up time and now Lee is back at the door. When I call her, she comes to my side of the bed. She kisses my face and grabs my arm with her paws. There is no way she is going back to sleep. So at 5:25ish, I am up with the dogs. I don't have to be up for another 1.5 hours. The problem is now that I am up, I am awake. There will be no more sleeping. No more delightful dreams. Oh well, there is always tonight.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The challenge

The man faced his great challenge ever yesterday while the lady was driving back from working out of town.

During a thunderstorm he had to get Gemini and only Gemini out of the house. Miss Hailey Bug was determined to go as well and it took a lot of tricking and blocking to get just Gemi out of the house.  (Note: the lady would have taken both with her to avoid this. It probably would have been easier).

When the lady returned about 30 minutes after the challenge she was greeted by an out of control Miss Bug. Bug jumped in circles and was frantic. She was pacing and panting and near hysterical. There was no thunder when the lady returned and she did not know it had happened.

After approximately 10 minutes, Miss Bug relaxed a little and went into her fortress of solitude. After another 15 minutes she would come and get love from the lady.

When Gemi arrived home shortly after, Miss Bug was beside herself to see her. She went and greeted her enthusiastically. Gemi was not as happy to see her, she was more thrilled to see the lady.

Gemi will be having some dental surgery on Friday to get her teeth cleaned and some xrays. The lady needs to work out of the house that day. Here is hopping that the Bug doesn't destroy the place.  

Bug in her fortress of solitude

Monday, July 11, 2011

I am free!

Yesterday, at the dog park, Miss Hailey Bug got to be off leash the entire time we were there. Including our walk through the woods. She has had to be on leash some of the time since her success at catching a squirrel in May. This is a huge accomplishment for her. YAY!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Perhaps a case for neglect

Gemini may have the first real case for neglect in an Ottawa  home.

Miss Cricket had been demonstrating a pickiness for her food in the past few days. For those of you who know her, this is not unusual. Cricket has always had days where she doesn't want to eat, so it is not so strange. However, after a couple days of her just wanting to eat her soft food, her people got a little suspicious. They knew she had a chipped tooth (the vet had looked at it about 2 months ago and said it wasn't a problem right now and when it was we would fix it), so they decided to check it out. What they found shocked them. Poor Miss Crick, has a gum infection around both her top canine teeth. They felt horrible and immediately called the vet (whose home number is on their speed dial, the blessing of having a good friend who is a vet). He agreed to go in to the clinic on Monday to see Miss Cricket. (He is confident she will be fine until them). Miss Cricket said she tried to tell her people her mouth hurt and they are neglectful.

However, her people would like to point out she did send some mixed messages, yes she didn't eat hard food or some cookies, but they were new cookies and she is very picky on her cookie consumption, she still nipped them when they came home, nipped LeeLee all the time and begged for pizza like there was no tomorrow. They would also like to say in their defence the minute they realized it (approximately 6 pm on a Saturday night), the contacted medical personal and have a the first available appointment.

The people are going to pick up dog teeth brushing items tomorrow and will start brushing LeeLee's teeth now (that will be an adventure) and Miss Cricket's after talking to the vet.

Miss Cricket said she is willing to settle her neglect case out of court if she gets lots of love.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Puppy kitty torture

Bagheera here. I never get to be part of the blog so I took it over today. Half my life has been part of a dog infested world. I have tried a lot of things to get those beasts out of my house. I tried beating them (which worked until the dog got larger than me). I tried ignoring them and the people who stupidly brought them here. That didn't work. In fact they continued to bring dogs in. Since the disappearance of the first dog I have tried to be more tolerant of the current two. They are girls which makes them less offensive and for the most part they listen to my bitching to tell them to leave me alone, and I use Nin as bait for them so they leave me alone.

However, I still don't love their presence in my house. And even thought I will now come up and get love when they are in the house, I am often looking for a way to make their lives a little less happy.

I found a great one. The people keep the dogs locked in their bedroom at night. This means I get the run of the house. This is great. But in the early morning hours, Nin and I go outside the bedroom door and whisper things about how we are playing with the dogs toys and eating their food. The white one is not fooled by this (but she is my favourite, if I were to have a favourite dog), but the black one, she goes crazy. She will scratch and scratch at the bedroom door. The people will try and ignore her or scold her but in the end they always end up getting up with her. I get to stress her out and make the people who ruined my world by bring those stupid things into the house a little less happy. I love to torture her.

Some  may suggest cats are dumb. We may not be the smartest animal in the world, but we are definitely the most vengeful, so don't mess with us.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A busy day of destruction

This is the piece of jacket she chewed.

No good ever came out of a Thursday, and yesterday was no exception.  It started with 30 minutes of obsessive barking because there were landscapers out front and they were talking. Apparently they were plotting a world take over or something that Lee thought we should all know about.

Then I am not sure what happened next, but I know what the Man found when he got home.
1) His winter jacket had been attacked. (We have an open closet area that has had our coats in it for 10 months and she has never gone near them. The closet is now empty). My guess why she did this is either she believed this signalled the return of bad winter, or she finds it too hot and she is trying to tell us she wants it to be winter.
2) 2 tennis balls must have fallen off a shelf and now there is only one. She ate one. Not ripped it up and destroyed it, but ate it. Apparently (as I was not here) she threw up a chewed up tennis ball. (Yes we do feed her).

Let's see what today brings.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stop Teasing Me

Aunt C making strange sounds with a bottle.

Auntie K bashing Lee in the head with baby

But Lee still loves them

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why won't they play with me?

Lee: "Lady, when we are out and we see other dogs, they don't come over and say hi. They won't play."

Lady: "Lee that is because when you see them you go into stalking mode. You look like you are going to hunt them. Their people and the dogs may find that scary."

Lee: "But I just want to run over and play and flop on my back."

Lady: "I know you are not going to hunt them, but your body looks like it is going to. You don't look friendly and then they can't play."

Lee: "I can't help I am a hunter. Sigh!"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Manic Monday

Monday's are hard days for Lee. She has had us all weekend and our lives revolve around errands and entertaining her, so a day alone on Monday is hard.

I made extra sure to give her a great walk yesterday morning. I even snuck out without Gemi (who was very angry when we got home). It was a great walk. I got home and found:

1) she had chewed a plastic buckle off my gym bag - at least the bag is ok.
2) she had somehow gotten a pair of shoes (both my husband and I were sure they were in the cupboard, but I guess not). Fortunately it does not appear she has chewed them. One was in the hall, the other was in Gemi's pile (perhaps Gemi rescued it for me).

So I could live with these things, but then she was very bad.
I had cut myself a wonderful piece of chocolate banana bread. It was on the counter, I hadn't pushed back far enough while I turned to get something out of the fridge. She grabbed it off the counter and eaten it and then ran and hid. I am sure the small amount of chocolate in it will not kill her, although let me tell you I wanted to.  I put her outside and cut myself another piece and ate it in peace!

Drew faced similar challenges making dinner. She was up at the counter every time he turned. Our girl has become a great counter surfer and it is driving us nuts! Maybe we should just get higher counters. If only their was an award for counter surfing!

Monday, July 4, 2011

A breakthrough

I have been slightly negligent in brushing Miss Bug, so when I went to do it yesterday I was prepared for the show. Much to my surprise, she hardly flinched when I started. Then she flopped down and her body language suggested she may have actually liked it!

Maybe there is hope for her nails yet!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The bed

We are the dog owners who allow the dogs to sleep in our bed at night.  I had originally hoped that we would train Lee to sleep on the floor (she takes up a lot of room in the bed). However, my attempts to do so were blocked by the other person in the bed. This made a full bed, extra full on nights we let the cats in the room.

Recently, and I don't know why (perhaps due to the window A/C and fans) Miss Hailey Bug has decided the bed is not for her, but rather her spot is in the cave under the bed. This has meant way more space glorious space in the bed. Gemi hardly takes up any room, she curls up in a little ball by feet.

Generally, as soon as I start to stir, Lee comes out from the cave excited to be alive. Often around 5:30am she joins us in the bed to see if we are awake (she is ready to start her day, she can't understand why we are not facing life with the same excitement!)  The other morning I got up, went to the bathroom, and she still wasn't out. I called her and she didn't come out. Finally, we looked and because of the placement of a laundry basket by the bed she was stuck. She didn't make a noise she was just sitting stuck in her cave.  What a girl!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day Conversations

Lady: "The Snow birds are coming, let's go out and look."
Man: "Cool."
Lee: "Birds, I love birds. Oh no, what is that noise? I don't like it. Why are we going out when there is that noise? What type of birds are those? I will stick to chasing robins."

(This conversation was had as the Snow Birds circled over our house after their fly over. The man and lady enjoyed seeing them).

Gemi: "Stop that noise. Stop exploding things. It is interfering with the Princess' beauty rest. Stupid Canada Day, first I am not the only Princess in town and now this."
Lee: "The world is ending. Barking did not help. Now I am sitting and panting and shaking. Make it stop, make it stop."
Lady: "Lee it is just fireworks you will be ok."
Lee: "It is the weirdest thunder I have ever heard, make it stop. I hate it. I hate it."
Lady: "Oh Lee you will be ok. Let's just watch some TV."

Happy Canada Day

Hailey, the former American dog, wishes dogs had to become citizens like people so she could be at the citizenship ceremony with the future King and Queen.

Gemini can't figure out what all the fuss is about these two. She says everyone should know the truth, that she is the Princess and therefore should be the future Queen.

For all the Canadian followers, enjoy the fireworks and don't drink too much beer!