Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Tongue Out - Trouble On a Tuesday - by Phod

Dear pals,

I was in Lady's good graces again when this picture was taken as we lounged outside Sunday afternoon. After a Saturday of errands and housework and a Sunday morning of yard work, it was nice to sit and enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of the never ending chainsaws as our neighbours continue to clean up storm damage.

I temporarily fell out of Lady's good graces due to an incident Thursday night. As mentioned yesterday, it was a tad stormy. At bedtime the power flickered and there is nothing more terrifying to me than flickering power. 

Lady called me on the bed, and I happily came. I was very much taking up her spot in the bed (as Man snored away in his), but if she sort of wrapped her arms around me (I had my butt at her face and my head pressed into her knees), she could hold on. Lady wasn't too worried because I generally get hot and don't stay long.

Lady drifted in and out of sleep and after 2 hours in this position before really needing to move some more. My position made it impossible for her to roll over without being on the floor. She tried all the things to get me to move, but I refused. In the end, Lady gave up and moved to the couch. She did not have the best night sleep. Saturday I was not the favourite, but I don't mind, I had a great sleep!

I would do it all again to make sure I was safe.

Your pal, the bed hog apparently, Phod

Monday, May 30, 2022

Mischief Monday - More Weather - by Lee

Dear pals,

Thursday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the derecho rolled through, it got windy and rainy again.

As you know dear friends, I have never been a fan of storms and having the first storm of the year be so serious, I was very much on edge.

I started going around trying to destroy things. I got into the office garbage.

Lady realized I was not going to settle down, so she put on my hug (thunder shirt) and gave me some Valium. It took about 45 minutes but then I was able to curl up and relax. Phod also had to get a dose as he wouldn't calm down.

On Friday, we didn't need meds, but the power was out again for 8 hours. Lady thinks because they were fixing other things. Some people still don't have power in the area so Lady says she can give up some of hers for a bit if it helps others.

We hope the worst of the storms are passed us for the season, but don't think they are.

Stay safe friends!

you pal, Hailey Bug

Friday, May 27, 2022

Nature Friday - Trillium Edition

The hills are alive with the smell of trilliums! They have a beeswax type smell and it is lovely in the morning and evening.

White trillium's are Ontario's provincial flower (our is the iris). It is illegal to pick them in Ontario. Most of the ones around us are white, but you do see the occasional purple one!

Please enjoy! 

Down the road

Too much to sniff to pose with them! 

A few in our yard!

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Feline Fix - by Lady

We are thrilled to report that last evening at 6:45, 98 hours and 55 minutes after the storm took our power out, our power restored. Lady and Man celebrated and we were terrified because the house was beeping. Let's hope it stays for some time. 


I am not sure Lee and Phod have forgiven me from coming home smelling like cat recently. I met a friend at the feline cafe. In a pandemic world it works like this:

You book a 45 minute spot to play with the cats. A maximum of 4 people (who need to wear masks and have proof of vaccine) can be in the cat lounge. After you play with the cats you get a beverage you can drink in the cafe or take to go.

Here are the cats - all of which I wanted to bring home but didn't!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Trouble on A Tuesday - Visitors

 Update: we are still without power. Much of Ottawa is also and schools remain closed today. The storm was a Derecho -which we had never heard of. The damage has been described as unimaginable. 


Last week, before the deadly storm, we had visitors. 

A not impressed Hailey

It seems Lady, and Callie's boy D, have become very good friends and he has come over to play several times. Lady thinks it is mostly because she gave him cookies and the Man said this is why you don't feed the wildlife lol! One of Lady's best friends when she was 6 like D, Stewart, Missy G's husband, who was a grumpy alcoholic about the age she is now. He referred to her as the 'f'in last name here kid'. They had a very special friendship (I mean he put her in the will) so this kind of friendship is not a stranger to the Lady. 

Phod supervising some play

D taking all the dog toys out

D playing pinball

Lady says it is nice to spend time with children. We aren't so sure! We are sure he will be back. He knows Lady bought more cookies for him! 

Monday, May 23, 2022

Mischief Monday - A Deadly Storm

 Dear pals,

Lady had set aside a lot of time to visit you all on the weekend, but nature had other plans. A deadly storm rolled through our area. 3 peopled died in our region (at the time of this writing). We were left without power (as were hundreds of thousands of people) and they are saying it will be days before it is back.

We are safe. We have a generator that gives us the basics (water, some lights, some heat, fridge, freezer, internet) but so we don't need to go get gas too often we are conserving it.

Here are some pictures from our neighbourhood - not pictured here are the downed hydroplanes (Man saw them when getting a neighbour to help clear the road) and snapped hydro poles:


The leash Lee chewed while Lady was holding her so she couldn't destroy the house

At the neighbour's

Callie's driveway

Our front yard (fortunately it fell into the bush)

Callie's front yard

The road 

At the time of the storm Callie's people were in the city for her girls dance recital. They were in a place that kept power. With permission, we went to check on Callie. She was distressed so we brought her over for some food, water and cuddles. After about 3 hours, she asked to go home so Lady took her. 

Phod was glad when Callie left!

Anyway, we are grateful we are safe and have the basics to survive. Will try and keep you posted on how things play out. We are making do!

Nothing gets between us and our Sunday pancakes!

Supervising Lady BBQing

PS: Happy Long weekend Canadian pals! 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Nature Friday - The History of a Tulip Festival

Thanks to Rosy for organizing this hop. 

During World War Two,  the future Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, fled to Canada. While here, she gave birth to Princess Margriet. To make sure the princess was fully Dutch, the Canadian Government  temporarily made the maternity ward at the Ottawa Civic Hospital Dutch territory. 

In 1945 to thank Canada, Queen Juliana sent 100 000 tulip bulbs, the next year she sent 20 500. Holland has been sending us 10 000 tulip bulbs ever since.

In 1953 Ottawa created the Tulip Festival and people come from far away to see the tulips. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the war, 2 years late, Princess Margriet was in Ottawa this weekend. 

While Lady's tulips are not the beautiful beds at the festival, they have started to bloom and she is pleased with how pretty they are. As her choice to plant them was inspired by a story of friendship and thanks, this seems the perfect place to share them.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thankful Thursday - New To Us Carpet

When Lady was last at Grammie and the Big Guy's, she took a carpet that they were not using and had been our Missy G's. She had thought about putting it in the bedroom to help Lee jump up on the bed. However, when she unrolled it to look at it in the sitting area, we fell in love with it and here it is to stay.

Thank you Missy G for leaving Lady and Aunt C the contents of your house. This rug will be well loved!

Monday, May 16, 2022

Mischief Monday - Summer Has Arrived

Dear pals,

Since we are not allowed to make Lady feel guilty for being a bad friend and blog visiter, we will give this week's mischief award to the weather. It is hard to believe we still had snow on April 23, because this past week has been hot. It has been getting to the low 30sC (that is almost 90 F). It was so hot the people put their a/c in the bedroom. 

The only good thing to come from all of this heat is we have been back to the lake!

The temperature is perfect!

A mid-May swim

The dock is in!

Even Hailey waded in the water!

My Happy Place


Friday, May 13, 2022

Nature Friday - Almost Missed It!

Lady has been in the crazy time for work and life. She regrets not getting to visit and comment but she thinks things calm down again for next week.

She has been so busy surviving that she almost forgot a post for today. It is not an exciting post, but Lady's hyacinth's hit their peek last week. She is pleased with her little garden. 

Hopefully her tulip garden will open this week and she can be weirdly excited about something new for next week.

Thanks to Rosy for giving Lady a place to share her obsession

A not so very impressed, as I have better things to do, Phod

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Helping Out

 Dear Pals,

Before the horror of yesterday's post we were very helpful in getting the back patio summer ready.

Let's get this umbrella up!

Lee, I don't think I can lift it!

Lady is not sure how baby was going to help, but it was nice of Lee to offer him.