Friday, August 24, 2012

Feline Friday and misc updates

Yesterday I was out with for the count with some sort of virus. For about 36 hours I battled the fever and chills. I am feeling better now.  While I spent a day and a half on the couch, this is what my beloved pups did.

The war zone, all the white stuff is stuffing from toys!

Ok, now about the felines. Regular readers will know that Baggy has had kidney problems for some time (I am thinking nearly a year). The protein in his kidneys was way, way, way too high. Given that he is 17 the treatment we have decided to start with is special protein free food. Our vet has been monitoring his kidneys about every 3 months and we are thrilled to report that for the first time since we started this, Baggy is in the high normal range. (They levels had been decreasing over previous visits). This is excellent and given how well he is responding to Hill's k/d diet, we don't have to make difficult choices about other interventions.

While talking to the vet, I have determined the correct dose of gravol for Zaphod for the next car trip (we really want to be able to take him places) and we have a prescription for an anti-anxiety drug awaiting us at the clinic for Lee. Our vet has suggested putting her on it for 10 days to see if we can just break the anxious cycle. We have put her through a lot by moving and getting Zaphod. While she has not been as anxious (meaning we haven't had to do any drywalling lately) she can still become very nervous (now even if it just rains she gets into a state). I am willing to try it to see.

That is life here in our crazy zoo. Wishing everyone a happy Friday!


  1. We are so glad to read you are feeling better and we see it is an early Christmas at your place... BOL. Good news about Baggy. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Bah! I love it. I swear, people spend all this $$ on dog toys that we know we're going to have to clean up within 5 minutes of bringing it home!

    Glad to hear things with Baggy are looking up :)

  3. Thanks! Fortunately the fluff is just from Value Village toys:)


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