Tuesday, January 31, 2023

More Snowshoeing! by Phod

Dear pals,

I got to go snowshoeing again with Lady. As Lee mentioned she is on strict rest, so this means no snowshoeing. We got another 6-7 inches (15-20 cm) Thursday, so Friday, she shut down her computer early and we went.

It was a fun walk. In places on the hills, in her snowshoes, she sunk to her knees and I had to swim! On the trails, it was more ankle deep. It was an excellent day for a snowshoe! (It was about -8C/17F)

Beside the Lady

Making tracks

Lady letting me explore

Why does she insist we stop for the selfies?

Heading back up the hill to our yard but distracted by hearing Man and Lee


Today we also send Rosy and Sunny and their people all our love, as they had to say goodbye to a very good dog, Jakey, yesterday. Jakey was one of the first dogs we met in Blogville and Lady and Man met him in the furs. We are remembering him fondly. Run free sweet friend. 

Monday, January 30, 2023

Mischief Monday - Back Update and Vet - by Lee

Dear pals,

Thanks for all your inquiries about how my back is doing. It has been good and it has been bad. On Friday, after it seemed to get bad again, Lady reached out to our vet. It was this reaching out that she found out that as of the end of the day today, I no longer have a vet. My clinic is closing, moving (this she knew) and becoming an emergency vet only (she hasn't read the email yet so was missing that information). My vet and Lady's friend is supposed to be moving to another clinic, but it is very far. He did say that they said he can bring his long standing clients (Lady thinks this is her because she did text him on his personal phone, he called her from it - they have been friends for 29 years after all). Man's preference is to move us to a clinic that is much closer (20 minute drive instead of an hour 20 minutes). We will have to see where we end up as so many vets aren't taking new clients here. It is a bit sad, not just because we may be losing a vet we trust so much, but so many memories are tied up in that clinic. 3/4 of Lady's angels crossed the bridge there (Baggy went peacefully in his sleep at home). Angel Loki was always so excited to be there, he apparently peed on the floor with excitement, every time. This is an enthusiasm none of the rest of us have shared, and it was good he had it because in the last year of his life he was there at least every 2 weeks. Staff Lady has never met, knew who she was, even still, because of Loki (it has been nearly 13 years). It was familiar and now we will change. 

I have decided I love the electric blanket from the old cottage that was Lady's grandparents. 

Now back to me. After Lady's shock of not having a vet (Phod and I may have happy danced), they got to my issues and he decided to put me on Metacam. This is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory that apparently helps with pain too. It is liquid and doesn't taste bad. Lady and Man made a special trip to the clinic, for the last time, on Saturday to get it. When they got home, I was full of beans and jumping etc. Clearly I have different ideas about strict rest then my vet. 

A picture from a rare sunny day a few weeks ago

So that is where we are friends. I am not doing as much jumping up (on people or furniture) and I don't want to do the stairs to the basement, but most of the time, I seem fine. I am a little mad that I don't get to go snowshoeing with Phod and Lady, but the I remember I don't like snow touching my stomach.

Back to the warm blanket I go - your pal Lee

Friday, January 27, 2023

FFF - Winter - By Phod

 Thanks Aunty-Yam for hosting FFF.

My people think I am wrong,
To want to be outside so long,
In the snow and in the cold,
My choice to be here is seen as bold.
I love to roll, I love to pounce,
I often walk with a bounce.
Winter is a wonderful time,
That is the conclusion of my winter rhyme!

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Trouble On A Tuesday - More Back Pain - by Lee

Dear pals, 

In case you missed yesterday's post, I hurt my back on Friday.

On Saturday, it was feeling a bit better, but I was still uncomfortable. After giving me an appropriate dose of my meds and doing some internet research, my people decided that what I needed was heat.

My first thoughts for this were - I am out. 

Phod on the other hand was very interested in the ancient electric blanket on a bed. 

Don't mind if I do!

What? Hailey isn't using it?

It took some time, but eventually I humoured my people by resting on it. 

I didn't enjoy it as much as Phod did, but I got left in peace so that wasn't so bad!

Monday, January 23, 2023

Mischief Monday - Pain in The Back - by Lee

Dear Pals,

Friday, while playing outside I tweaked my back. This is a problem I have had a few times and usually with some rest, I am back to my old self quickly. 

Because I was clearly in a lot of pain, my people decided to give me a pain pill. Now, the pain pills we have on hand, are for Phod. Our vet, told Lady she should take them apart, pour out about 1/3 and put it back together. Instead, Lady and Man gave me a whole one. The vet had said it wasn't dangerous to do so.

Now, I don't recall this because I was drugged, but apparently I spent a long time barking at the dog in basement window. This was just apparently my reflection. 

The next day, Lady and Man were not so lazy and broke the pill.

Come back tomorrow to see what else happened with back. 

Friday, January 20, 2023

Nature Friday - Winter Walk - by Phod

 Thanks to Rosy for hosting this event.

I hope you aren't sick of the snow pictures yet. Lady is really trying to embracing this whole winter thing, with mixed success.  It has been a very grey winter, with not a lot of sun. This is hard.

As Lee mentioned on Monday, on Lee's birthday we got a lot of snow again. At least 20cm/7inches. Lady decided to go for a snowshoe after work. Lee didn't want to go, so I got to go. I get to go off leash. I do a very good job at listening to the end when we go near Callie's house and I have to visit, but Lady isn't worried about my safety here and Callie and her people don't mind.

Come with me on my walk!

I started by following Lady and walking in her tracks as this made it easier.

Soon I was leading the way! I never get to lead, Lee always does.

I followed deer tracks.

I found where the deer had slept last night.

I may have eaten some deer poop.

I posed with Lady

I am letting her post a picture that doesn't have me in it. 

It was a great walk!

Thursday, January 19, 2023

TV Time - by Professor Lee

 Dear pals,

I have a lesson for you today.

Step 1: Take the remote.

Step 2: Pick a show the people don't like.

Step 3: Fall asleep on the remote so they can't change the channel.


Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Assistant Professor Phod's Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Winter

 Dear pals,

I am far more a snow dog than Professor Lee so I have a lesson on how to get the most out of time outside.

The secret to loving the snow is to roll in it!

So find your patch of snow and roll, roll, roll. Any grass, mud or sand roll techniques you have can also be used in the snow.

While rubbing the sides, be prepared to get snow in your face!

It is important to get all the back

When you are done you will have made a snow angel or as they are called at my house Phod angel

If you are lucky enough to have snow, give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Assistant Professor Phod

Monday, January 16, 2023

Mischief Monday - Not My Favourite Birthday - by Lee

Dear pals,

First let me thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. They mean a lot to this pup and her peeps.

I am sad to report I did not have the best birthday. I got lots of treat and love, but some things I did not like happened.

First, Lady sang at me all day. Lady has many talents, singing is not one of them. Also, she will sing when I was trying to sleep. 

Then when she was done work for the day, she thought she would put me in a jacket (in which she called me a chunky monkey) and take me snowshoeing as another at least 20cm/7inches came Thursday/Friday.

She laughed at my rage and laughed even harder when after the first step in the very deep snow I turned around and refused to go. She just took Phod who will tell you all about it on Friday. 

Then Lady and Man went out for dinner and to the Costco, so my dinner was late. It does not matter they brought back new treats, it was late.

Now you may be saying, well maybe they were planning the big celebration on the weekend. Nope. Saturday Man was in a pickleball tournament all day, and Lady went to play at another spot (a tournament, even if just for fun is too much pressure for her). Then she did horrible things like vacuum. Sunday, they were off pickleballing for hours again too. 

So turning 13 has not been everything I hoped it would be. 

I hope these teen years improve.

A teenaged Lee (who Lady says has the right angst and rage to be)

Friday, January 13, 2023

Nature Friday - Happy Birthday Hailey!

On this Friday the 13th we celebrate Hailey's 13th Birthday!

Here she is reluctantly posing in the snow. 

There are things to be sniffing! Hurry up Lady!

 Now to share some of the nature in our yard:

This is about as much sunlight as we have been getting. It has been rather grey here.

Looking toward the lake. It seems like a lifetime ago this was resplendent with autumn colours.

Whatever the weather and colours of nature, we are thrilled to be celebrating our first teenaged dog!

Happy, happy birthday Hailey! 

Thanks to Rosy for hosting this hop!

Thursday, January 12, 2023

A Terrible Day - By Phod

 Dear pals,

Yesterday it was my turn to have a terrible day. Last Wednesday I was so sad and stressed when Hailey was gone for the day and I was alone. I was sure she had done something fun. Turns out I was wrong. She went to the vet for torture.

Giving my Lady the stare down after I got home

It started with no breakfast. Then I had to throw up in Lady's car. Then the Lady left me for 87 million hours. I tried to escape and chewed my leash (while alone with my vet, that will show him). The clinic offered me a replacement but Lady said we have lots at home, and she only needed one to get me to the car. So my tech helped escort me back out. 

My broken leash, while I drink my body weight in water

Lady hasn't talked to the vet, but the tech said other than the leash incident, I was a very good boy. I didn't have to have any teeth pulled. I had lump under my front leg that the vet also checked and it is just fat. 

In the morning before I was dumped

Hailey came home angry and growled. Lady says I have come home whiney and am a little out of sorts but seen more comfortable and alert than Lee did.

I expect tomorrow I will be back to my regular self and I really hope no more torture is in my future.

Hope you are having a better week than me,

a very sad and tired Phod

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Tasty Tuesday - Duck - by Phod

Dear pals,

I am not normally the moochin' pooch that Hailey is. I like food but I am not as motivated by it. However, there is one exception. I turn into the biggest moocher when Man and Lady have duck.  I love duck.

I hit the jackpot Saturday night when Man and Lady added a little duck to my dinner. 

I carefully watched Man to make sure he preparing it safely.

Then I had to sing for my supper.

Then more tricks were required. 

Finally, dinner was served. Totally worth the wait and work!


A very happy Phod

Monday, January 9, 2023

Mischief Monday - One Recovered - One Adventuring

As mentioned on Thursday, Hailey was not happy when she returned from her dental surgery. When I went near her, she would growl. This lasted about 24 hours.

On Thursday evening, she was on the settee, and I sat on the stool in front of her, hands back and said "Hailey, are you done being mad at me?"  Instead of growling she leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the nose. Peace was restored. The only time she growled at me for the next few days was when I put her in a sweater before going out in cold weather (-21C/-6F). I hope the second isn't as grumpy after his procedure this week.

Sunday morning, we were out for a short walk, thanks to the cold temperatures. When we returned, all the business was not finished so I let the dogs off leash. Lee was good and stayed around. Phod, went into the bush between our place and Callie's to finish business and then wandered over to the neighbours. When I saw him on their deck, I put Lee inside and went to get him. 

Of course, I couldn't see him, so went home to get dressed more appropriately for a jaunt through the woods. As I was approaching the house, I have a very playful dog waiting for me in the driveway! He was acting like he had been there the whole time and I had just wandered off. What a boy!