Sunday, October 31, 2010

House of Horrors

Miss Hailey Bug and Gemini Cricket were held captive on Halloween. Both were dressed up, not once but twice and forced to pose for others amusement. Miss Cricket would like to point out that even the dead are not left alone in this house of horrors, the remains of her best friend Loki were also dressed up and were posed in the picture as well.

Both dogs believe they escaped by “going along” with what the crazy lady wanted. The crazy lady said in her defence that perhaps if more than 5 trick or treaters came to her house she would have been preoccupied enough and not had to make her own fun! Besides she can only get away with dressing them up once a year, so she is going to make the best of it!

Miss Cricket says when it is her time to go, she is being sure to come back as a ghost and haunt these people!

Happy Halloween

Hailey: " Do they do this to us often?"
Gemini: "Often enough. Just look cute and it will be over soon."

 Gemini: "Hailey you are clearly not looking cute enough. Could you just stay still so we can get this over with?"
Hailey: "Aunt C, Daddie, someone who is watching, please save me!"
The Lady Gemi Bug (thinking "Please kill me now.")

Bee Lee  (thinking "I think I need to be rescued again.")

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pre-Halloween Fun!

In anticipation of Halloween this year, Miss Bug has been trying on costumes.
Here is her “Doggy Ghost” costume.
From the look on her face, I think this is a no!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Graduation Notice

Kristen and Drew, along with Gemi, Baggy and Nin, are thrilled to announce the graduation of Miss Hailey Bug from Basic Training. Miss Bug will be working hard to maintain her skills and will be considering graduate school in the New Year. For the rest of the fall she will be participating in agility classes.

At the graduation Miss Bug was awarded the coveted “Loudest Barker” award (not to be confused with the Most Barking award). She also was voted “Most Submissive” by her peers.

When asked to comment on her progress her trainer said “She has really come along. She has done a great job.”  Miss Bug did make exceptional progress in the short time she was at school (perhaps too much as the blog may becoming a little boring some days!)

As for progress at home, it has been suggested that Miss Bug is too spoiled and has free access to too many things. Others in the house are going to try and implement the recommended treatment to this “Nothing for free”, increase her exercise and teach new tricks weekly to keep her engaged.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Destructo Dog Strikes Again

The new crate purchased less than a week ago was the scene of another crime. This afternoon, while trapped in the crate of steal, Miss Hailey Bug of Ottawa, destroyed the plastic liner. The humans of the house are impressed that it lasted 4 days (that is how many days she was crated since it was first purchased).

There was another victim to this crime, the sheet that was being used to keep her comfortable. Fortunately, the humans of the house have a plethora of old sheets from a Halloween past and will be able to renew her supply without breaking the bank.

Miss Gemini Cricket is in an uproar. She wants to know how long Miss Bug’s reign of terror will continue. Tomorrow, professional help (aka the dog trainer) will be coming for an assessment. We will keep you posted on this ever developing story.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's your breed?

The first questions people ask you about your dog are “What’s his/her name?” and “What kind/breed are they).  My answers to this are Hailey, mutt and a brief summary that she is rescued. Most people are ok with this and tell you a story about a mutt they know, and maybe  make some guesses about what kind of dog she might be (that is kind of fun!).

Other people seem to need to know what she is. One gentleman was so bothered by this fact he said I need to get her genetically tested. Yes for like $100 I can order a kit from Texas, swab her and mail it back to find out her breed. Personally I can think of a lot better things to do with $100.

Last week when at the pet store looking for a new crate, it seemed really important to the woman helping me to know her breed. I thought all she needed to know was that she was strong enough to destroy some crates.

When pushed I say “probably some sort of Sheppard lab mix, with something that makes her small.”

While unlike some people, I do not loose sleep over having a breed-less dog, I do enjoy speculating on what she could be.

Here are our clues:
She was rescued with 5 other puppies. The shelter said they were one litter (although to save the dogs sometimes they group dogs together about the same age who are not a litter). 3 of the dogs were clearly part Catahoula (hence how she ended up with a Catahoula rescue), 3 were not. Litters of dogs can be “strange” because you can have 2 fathers.

So she could be part Catahoula.

I tried to put in pictures of her siblings, but for some reason I can’t cut and paste them in and I don’t have them as images. Houdini looks much more like a Sheppard Mix. Hailey does have brown feet and markings up her back legs.

So Hailey could be Sheppard.

Hailey has webbed feet. Only some breeds have this, labs being one of them.

So Hailey could be part Lab.

Other guess have included:
Schipperke, Pincher, and Cattle Dog.

At the end of the day, she is a lovely mysterious mutt! And maybe when asked “What’ your breed?” she should say “Guess, but so you know I am a Capricorn!”

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The S word

I hate to say it but last night there was snow. Fortunately it did not stay. However, for at least a short period of time, big white flakes were falling from the sky.

The reactions:

Gemi ran out, did her business, came back. She was not bothered by this. Didn’t love the cold, but the snow didn’t seem to bug her.

Hailey stood there and sniffed the air. She sniffed the light skiff of snow on the ground. She proceeded with caution. She did make her way off the deck, to the yard. Did her business and came back. She didn’t seem to like it.

Let’s hope she gets use to it like she did the rain or it is going to be one long winter!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Puppy School Week 5

The stats:

Sit -90%
Stay – 50% (always on the second trial – and not the worst in the class)
Down- 100%
Recall- 100% (when she would stay)
Finish (with prompt) 100% (this means with a prompt she will return to sit beside – she was probably the best in the class).

Overall, I would put her in the middle of the pack. She was a little goofy at times today, but not a surprise given the anxiety she clearly suffered earlier in the day (destroying the crate).

Next week is maybe graduation . . . . time will tell!

The Crate Escape 2

Well, she did it again. As predicted.
  • Wall and door frame
  • Part off a leg from Heart Baby
  • The last couple pages of a Harry Potter Book (perhaps she didn’t like how it ended)
  • One of the attachments of my very nice and expensive vacuums
  • Towels and sheets that were lining her crate.
  • Pee on the floor

And my favourite:
  • Severe damage to the crate.

The problem:
Need a new crate. Don’t have a crate to put the dog in so I can go get a new crate.

The solution:
Dog sitters. My lovely sister and her boyfriend came over for the 30 minutes or so it took me to get the new crate. I have bought the heavy duty crate with a guarantee if she destroys it, I get my money back.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An experiment with a real baby

What the heck is that thing? A weird cat?

 Let me kiss you!
Get me out of here!

Babies in this house are stuffed toys.
So what happened when a real baby came to the house?
Jumping up when the baby was held standing.
Some barking trying to get the baby to play and/or because she was scared.
Lots of trying to lick the baby’s face.
Saying her name 1000 times (in praise and to give directions). We said it so many times the baby started to say “Hayee”

What didn’t happen:
Ripping off limbs
Lawsuit because my dog is out of control!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Couch

After 15 years, we said goodbye to our old couch. It was well loved. It has been pooped on, peed on, vomited on. The stuffing was coming out. It was actually embarrassing to have people over. We knew our couch was in rough shape when we told our financial planner we need edsome of the savings for the new couch and she says this is a great use of our money!

Number of minutes before a pet had pooped, peed or vomited on it – 15 minutes. LeeLee came in with poop on her paws and jumped up on the couch.

I think couch will last 10 years if we are lucky!

Snuggs with Aunt C on the couch.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last evening the girls and I joined my sister and a friend went to “Fashions for Fido.” This was a fashion show for a local rescue agency that focuses on special needs dogs. I was very good and I didn’t come home with another dog! I also realized I am not the craziest dog owner there (I didn’t even take my camera or dress my audience dogs up).

  • We sat in the front row at the end (this gave the dogs more room than the other seats)
  • Lee got so distracted by a piece of the cookie on the floor she almost pulled my arm off trying to get to it
  • When the show started Lee started a room of dogs barking and still was the loudest barker (a few people commented on her barking after the show)
  • Lee did not bark the most
  • Gemi figured who had the cookies and would sit nicely and score the treats after the show
  • The 3 lb dog in the lady in the audience’s Louis Vuitton purse who was wearing a neck tie
  • Neither of my dogs peed on people’s things/other dogs
  • When Lee needed a break after the show, she went behind my chair and just lay down
  • The professional dog photographer was taking pictures for donations and both my girls sat right beside each other (they looked like they liked each other) and they stayed pretty well (given the distractions etc etc)
  • Overall, both my girls were very good and not embarrassing! (Which is a plus because it was held at our puppy school, although makes a slightly boring blog entry.)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Did I mention she is cute?

Drew arrived home today and went upstairs to let our LeeLee out of her crate. The door was locked which was odd. He had to jimmy the lock.
He opened the door and:

(Imagine Lee outside the crate).

Yes, she figured out how to open the crate without opening the lock. We have a Criss Angel dog on our hands. (Did I mention her brother’s name is Houdini – perhaps there is a reason).

Destruction Total:
  • Destroyed 2 plastic bags
  • Leg from Heart Baby
  • Peed all over the guest bed
  • Damage to the crate
The plus:
  • The 2 comforters on the bed are still in tact!

We will be getting a new better crate tonight!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At least she is cute

Puppy school stats:
Sit: 97%
Down: 100% (sometimes not always in the right position, but down)
Stay: Max time – 35 seconds (current target time 2 minutes)
Recall: 100%
Walk on by (this means we put distracters on the floor, toys, cookies and practice walking on by): Obsessive pulling 100%, nice walking 0%. She hasn’t pulled like that for weeks! (At least squirrels go away eventually).

Other distractions – Vegas. We kept ending up beside her, and she kept going crazy trying to get to Vegas. I couldn’t figure it out at first why Vegas was so exciting today. Vegas has motivation issues so they are always looking for treats for her. This week they were trying cheese and Vegas was often spitting it out. My Hoover, I mean Hailey, wants to eat it up.

Not the best, but at least she is cute!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Saved!

This afternoon in Ottawa, Baby was saved by paramedics after what is being described as an accident. At approximately 4:31pm, Baby was discovered in the crate with Miss Hailey Bug. Baby was “bleeding” from the leg and tail. Baby had also been urinated on. Paramedics did not know if they could save him.

Police photo from the scene

A brave passerby (who failed home ec.) jumped in and crudely amputated part of Baby’s tail and one of his legs. Baby was saved. Baby is expected to recover.

Post surgery

Police are tight-lipped about the cause of these injuries. They are calling it an accident but say the investigation will continue.

 Miss Bug has been investigated for several deaths recently. Members of the community are outraged that her rampage of terror has been allowed to continue with little police involvement for so long.

Close up of the stitches. That will leave a scar!

Happy Birthday Loki!

Today Loki would have been 9. Loki was a fantastic dog (other than the whole autoimmune disorder) and here is why:

He loved to run away and be free and give us heart attaches.
When he was ticked off he would huff at you.
He loved to be dirty and stinky and roll in dead things.
He did not eat poop.
He had sensitive paws and you had to force him outside when it was cold. He wouldn’t wear boots.
He was very lazy.
He was a beggar for food.
He did his commands when he felt like it.
He was a very humpy little guy and destroyed toys humping them to death.
He humped poor Nin more than Nin appreciated.
He was an excellent cat hunting partner with a high success rate.
He hated to be dressed up (which made it more fun!)

When we first got Miss Bug, Drew had a dream that Loki was laughing at us. I am sure he is (and cursing at us a little for dressing up the urn!)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things to be thankful for

2 black cats
1 white dog
1 crazy black dog
Muddy paw prints all over the floor
Fluff from the toys and blankets
Watching the races in the backyard
The new landscaping (aka holes) in the backyard
Puppy kisses
Snuggles on the couch
First successful off leash moments at the park
A dog that watches TV
Having one of the best dogs at puppy school
Long walks in crisp fall air
Memories of 8 years with a fantastic little guy
Silly nicknames
Destroyed crates
The squeak of the toys
Kong time
Peace in the house (or at least a truce)
Blog writing and blog followers

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

All is good!

The pack appears to have survived in my absence. This is extra exciting given that for about a day  an extra cat has been living in the house (cat sitting for the weekend). I am a little disappointed with the reaction to my return.  For Hailey,  I may have made a fatal mistake by having the gift visible and easily accessible when I came in. Stay tuned for pictures of the gift tomorrow. (I could pretend this is to build anticipation, but really it is my shear laziness).

For Gemi’s part I think her original indifference was due to the fact that she was angry at me for leaving her and I came in with a stranger. Now Princess Gemi has forgiven me and is curled up beside me as I write.

I can't decide if I am happy or sad that they can all survive without me!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Worried Mom . . . .

I have been away with work. This meant leaving my puppies alone with Drew. Drew has been left alone with the pets before but never with this pack combo. I still feel like a new mom and some might even say I have some control issues . . . . . so I have been calling, not to see how my beloved is, but rather to check on my dogs!

I felt a little bit like a loser (I can say that about myself), but was comforted when one of my colleagues who recently adopted a dog was trying to track her boyfriend down to check on her dog!

I still have guilt about leaving them. I hope they like the presents I got them!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Show Off!

Last evening, Miss Hailey Bug attended her puppy school class with Drew as I was working.

Her performance according to Drew:
Down: Perfect
Recall: Really good
Sit/stay: excellent

(Note the difference in data collection from the previous week!)

Rating in the class: Top 2 (the other dog and she have different strengths so it is difficult to tell who is the best). Not that I would be comparing my dog to others! (Really my goal is just not to have the worst dog!)

Also, she was the demo dog several times without a problem. I guess she is over her stage fright!

She better be as good with me next week!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crate Update

It has been a while since she has destroyed the crate. I guess she got bored.

I don't think the pictures show it, but she has bent the frame.

This water dish lasted 3 weeks!

Gemi checking out the mess!

Second Monkey Death

A second monkey has been killed in an Ottawa neighbourhood.

Phallic Monkey was found dead last night, his throat split, in his home. Police say he had only been dead for a short time. Police refuse to say if this case is linked to the previous Monkey killing.

Witnesses say that Phallic Monkey and Miss Hailey Bug were seen fighting several times in the past month.  One witness, who asked to keep his identity a secret, said “Those two did not get along at all. They were always fighting. Phallic Monkey was clearly in distress. I offered to call the police several time but they both said they would work it out.”

When asked, Miss Bug said “I have an alibi. Please contact my attorney if you have further questions.”

Phallic Monkey’s family would not comment on their loss.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Return of the rawhide

Several weeks ago I wrote a post about Hailey being afraid of the rawhide. After several pairings, she enjoyed it and ate most of it. She kept one end. This end was buried and unburied every day for a week or so before disappearing.

To celebrate one month with us, she dug it out again. This is what is left! I think she has buried it again!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Human Joins sides with the Cats

In an interesting turn of events this weekend, one of the humans joined forces with the cats to violate the truce.

This picture captured by bystanders clearly show the human aiding the cat in pinning Miss Bug down.

The human also placed Miss Cricket in prison. Records obtain from the police indicate that Miss Cricket was released within hours of capture and was not charged.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting ready for Halloween

Loki Halloween 2009:

Loki Halloween 2010:                                                                                                                             

Even in death, he can't escape dress up. Stay tuned for the annual torture of the living beasts!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Truce Violated

The tentative truce between the cats and dogs was violated on the first day in October. The dog faction joined forces this morning to trap Nin under the table. Peacekeepers had to be called in to free Nin from his hiding place.

This violation comes as a surprise to many as the relationship between the dogs has been described as tentative at best. This picture taken earlier this week shows the tension between the two.

Updates will be shared as they become available.