Monday, March 31, 2014

Mischief Monday - Ice 1, Lady 0

Friday was a warm and wet day. It was 6 C (42 F). Snow was melting. Things froze up on Saturday and without thinking Lady went out the front step and landed on her butt and left arm. While the left arm doesn't appear broken it is extremely painful (it is really bruised) and she has a limited pain free range of motion with it.   For example she can only type with one hand, which is sooooooo annoying.

She is hoping with rest it will heal soon! We apologize in advance for not leaving as many comments. We will be visiting!

What did the dogs do when lady fell and was yelling and crying:
Phod stood annoyed chuck was not being thrown
Lee actually ran back to check I was ok.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snowy Sunday

After a very exciting Friday with melting snow, we are getting 5-10 more cm today. Sigh!

We haven't been around as much because Lady was away for work and then she caused some mischief (more about that tomorrow). we will be able to visit today but may not get to comment.

On Friday the dishwasher got fixed.

Baggy had a great birthday. He got to eat bacon.

Special thanks to Hawk for this award. We really need the sunshine!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

19 things about Baggy:

Today is our Bagheera's 19th Birthday. Happy Birthday Baggy!

1. He was adopted from the Humane Society
2. If he is really happy he will bite your nose. It really hurts.
3. He once caught a mouse in the house.
4. He ingested a magnet that got caught in his intestines and we had to have it surgically removed. We still have the magnet in a pill bottle.
5. About 3 years ago his kidneys started to fail. We changed his diet to low protein and within 6 months they were functioning like normal (to the surprise of our vet!).
6. When we lived in our first apartment we had hideous currents he climbed up and destroyed and I was happy about this.
7. He loves to snuggle with Nin. They are often found all curled up together. It always makes me go awwwww.
8. He is no longer agile. He can't jump up on furniture but can still climb up on a few things.
9. He has the loudest  deep purr.
10. As a kitten he would open the freezer to steal bread.
11. He swaggers when he walks.
12. I am not sure he doesn't know he isn't a panther.
13. He loves to be brushed.
14. In his youth he would chase his "stick" in circles until he fell over.
15. He has always had bad dander.
16. He has started wanting to sleep with us again. He hasn't done this for years.
17. Several people have scars on their stomachs from his back crawls when he used them as a spring board.
18. He has adopted one of the chairs as his. He will stand and stare at the dogs if they are on it and they usually give it up.
19. If he is not snuggled with Nin on the couch, he likes to sleep on his chair, in the sun, on the counter under his lights or his cave in the laundry room.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Feline Friday - Waiting for the Dogs to Go Away

The other day the cats sat together at the top of the stairs waiting to see if the dogs would go away. It cracked me up!

Please come back tomorrow - it is Baggy's big Day! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Ridiculous Dog Lady Moment

I made the choice to let Hailey off leash last evening in the yard. She had been off leash Tuesday and Wednesday with no problems. While we were out, she got the whiff of groundhog and off she was into the woods, which are on our property.

I called, and called, but she was very busy hunting groundhog and had turned her ears off.

I was not dressed appropriately so I came in and put my boots and snow pants on and went out to fetch her.

The issue with retrieving her was that the snow is still so deep. As I tried to walk toward her I was sinking in the snow above my knees. I realized I was never going to get to her. While she was doing a great job and was still in the yard, I figured eventually she might leave it.  My problem solving brain kicked in and it occurred to me - the dogs don't sink as much, maybe if I crawl I can get her.

So I started crawling across the yard (like the distance of a football field). It worked, I didn't sink, I made better time and realizing how ridiculous this must have looked, I laughed and I laughed.

I reached Hailey, got a hold of her tie out and we crawled back. It wasn't as easy with her. Especially when we went by the spot I think the groundhog is living in.

Where was Phod during all of this? Just pupping around. He was following me and he stayed with us.

I am glad that no one saw me, but at the same time would have loved a picture or video to see how ridiculous I looked!

We would like to thank our friends at Catflap Cavalier for giving us this award because we have so much snow! After last night, it is extra appreciated!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Make Up Your Own Holiday

Ranger always posts the wacky holidays for every month on his blog. Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday.

If Hailey could make up a holiday I think it would be, National Lick Your Own Butt A lot day.

As mentioned before Hailey goes through periods of butt licking for no medical reason. She just does it because she likes it!

Happy National Lick Your Own Butt A lot Day!

Lee enjoying the day! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring - Will You Ever Come?

I am beginning to think winter is here forever. Yesterday morning walk greeted us with temperatures around -27C. We didn't get very far. It was just too cold.

With temperatures like that and the fact that it just keeps snowing, I don't know if we will ever see grass again.

This is the snow that was still in our yard as of last evening.
The bank is over Lee's head beside the drive way

This is the front yard. Phod is way up on the bank. 

This is from the back deck:

They are calling for rain on Friday and the weekend, maybe then it will melt!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mischief Monday - Dishwasher wars

First let me start by saying, neither the Man nor I are very handy. We try, but aren't that successful.

Now of all the chores one has to do to keep your house in order, dishes is the least favourite for both of us. It is the one that gets left the longest. We are people who really need a dishwasher. We have also had bad luck with dishwashers. We had problems at our old house and starting last summer, we started having problems at this house. The problems got so bad, that since around Christmas we haven't had a working machine. To say it has been awful, is an understatement. It has made me so grumpy . . . . .

Finally, several weeks ago, we had the money for a new machine. We researched lots of machines to find a great one in our price point. We ordered it. I worked from home on Thursday so it could get delivered. I was so, so excited. I thought to myself, I can install this, so started the processes.
Nin in the dishwasher box

Problem one: We needed a joiner for the hose. Man picked one up at the store on his way home.

Problem two: Man cut the drainage hose and had to go to another store to get a replacement.

Problem three: The joiner for the hose fit but it kept leaking. We realized we needed plumbers tape after the local stores were closed (we live far out of the city and really didn't want to go back in). Fortunately the neighbour (who is totally handy by the way, he built his own house) had some.

2.5 hours later, 3 trips for supplies and a lot of HBO words, we had the sucker ready to run.

Lee taking her turn in the box
Imagine the horror when part way through the first run we got an error message. A look in the book showed it was the worst message to get. For some reason the machine is getting too much water and shutting itself off. What is weird is this seems to be happening at the very end of the rinse cycle (or near the last rinse) as the dishes are actually clean but really wet. While it may not be good, we are using it as we wait to get the repair guy to come and look at it. I can't live any long without a machine.

Hopefully we will have a fully working machine soon!

Where were the pets during all this fun?
Baggy slept on the couch.
Nin got in the box.
Phod hid by the front door.
Lee tired to help.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Black and White Sunday - Hailey

I love the focus she has on the Man, seeing if this is the trick that will get her the cookie!

Yesterday afternoon I took Hailey to the spot the groundhog had been. I thought if she saw it was gone it would help her relax about it. Doesn't seem to have worked as late last night she took off on a hunt for it. She will need to be on leash when we go out for the time being! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Phod is the BEST Dog Ever!

This would normally be my catch up post but we had an exciting situation this morning that I wanted to share.

We are having a spring snowstorm (another 10-15 cm expected). The dogs and I went for our morning 3 km walk. Part of our walk routine is when we are back on our private road, I let Phod off leash and he runs ahead, finishes his business and meets us at the front door.

This morning I let him off leash and almost immediately, out of nowhere a groundhog appeared on the road. My first thought was HBO words as Phod picked up speed and ran toward the poor animal. The HBO words grew in my head as the groundhog became trapped on the road because the snowbanks were too high and Phod tackled the groundhog like he would tackle the cats.

My awesome boy!
Phod had the groundhog on its back between his legs. Hailey was freaking out on her leash. The only thing going through my head was, Phod is going to kill a groundhog and there is nothing I can do. I did keep calling him, and calling him and to my surprise and relief he quickly let the groundhog go. The groundhog got up and waddled to the other side of the road.  Of course the snowbank was high so it was sitting with the back toward the snow ready to fight and Phod stood a few feet away looking at it. He didn't try to get it in any vicious way, he really just tried to play with it.

As I approached the groundhog, I had to hold on to Hailey for dear life. I know if she was in Phod's position the groundhog would be dead. Her prey drive is strong. I was able to shoo Phod toward the end of the driveway without having to put him on leash. He walked nicely, never looking back. I had to drag Hailey back to the house while she cried and carried on.

Last I saw, a confused groundhog was sitting on top of a snowbank waiting for us to go away.

Now, it has been over 30 minutes later, my heart is still pounding. Phod has completely calmed down and maybe forgotten. Hailey is standing at the door, scratching, hoping we will let her out to get the groundhog.

This morning Phod wins best dog ever award!

Looking forward to catching up with everyone after I get a little work done!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Feline Friday - Photo Bomb

The problem with taking so many pictures of your dog and pair this activity with treats is that when you go to take pictures of your cats, your dog photo bombs!

Hailey photobombing Baggy

Hailey - totally blocking Nin

Sorry we didn't get around to everyone's spring fling stories yesterday. The Man and Lady are working on a home improvement project that just isn't going as planned. More about that on mischief Monday! We should have time this weekend to catch up!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Today we are celebrating the first day of spring. Let's hope the snow is gone soon! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Field of Flowers Award

We were thrilled to receive this award from Life with Dogs and Cats.

The rules of the award are:
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Display the award on your blog
  3. Nominate 7 other blogs and let everyone know why you are presenting them with a “field of flowers”
  4. Tell the 7 nominees of their nomination
1. Thank you so much Life of Dogs and Cats we love this.


3. The hard part because I love so many blogs. In no order here are the 7 I pass this on to:

1. Silly Sasha - We award this to Sasha because she is a wonderful chef and makes all of the Blogville events extra special. Plus, the Lady has a special place in her heart for all Shih Tzu.

2. The 3 Little Pugs: Stella, Maggie and Angus: We award you this because you always make us smile. 

3. Frankie and Ernie: We pass this award on to you because you always make us laugh! 

4. Bouncing Bertie: We award you this because we love your scientific knowledge. We learn a lot from your blog.

5. Cobi and Ojo: We pass this award on to you because you remind Lady a bit of us and she loves both of your points of view. 

6. My Girlz Got Paws: We pass this award on to you because your Lady is doing such great work trying to keep the beaches clean the the monk seals safe. 

7. Sarge: We give you this award because you are the best date in Blogville! 

4. We have left messages for all the blogs.

Thanks again Life with Dogs and Cats

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mischief Monday - St. Patty's Day!

We have had a lot of mischief going on. First our internet decided to take a break from winter and not really work for all day Sunday. Next, it is the coldest St. Patty's Day in history at -21 C (-5 F).

The biggest mischief has been Hailey's new habit. Twice in the past week and a half she has made the choice to jump up on the human bed and pee all over it. The first time happened as I was getting ready for bed. I can't remember when she had last been out, but she hadn't asked. Usually the pups go out around 8 and then before Man goes to bed (around 11) unless they ask. The second time was last week. She asked to go out. Before we could get up to let her out she had run and peed on the bed.

So now, our bedroom door stays closed at all times. Sigh.  She does do a great job at coming up with new tricks and life with her is never boring.

May the luck of the Irish be with everyone today! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Catch up Saturday - 4

It was another busy week with yo-yo weather. One day everything was melting and the next day we got a couple more cm of snow and the day after it was -30 and 2 days later it is all melting again. Climate change is crazy!

I had 4 crazy busy days at work, which gave me Friday off! The pups and I spent the day spring cleaning, playing and napping. It was a great day! I needed to rest up because I am out tonight to celebrate my best friend's milestone birthday! Hopefully I will be feeling ok tomorrow, teehee!

Black and White Sunday - Angel Gemi
I am working really hard to focus on all the good and the funny memories for my angel. She was such a sweet, naughty little girl. That picture was taken from one of her favourite places, the beach by my parents. She loved to run on the beach. She could be off leash because even with her flaws, she was very good at staying with us.

Mischief Monday Should of gotten 2 and Tuesday the Dead toy Pile
I am sure if I had gotten 2 of the same toy, they just would have fought over it. It is a miracle that Croc lasted a week. Usually toys like this last 10 minutes. I think they liked to squeak it more than destroy it.

I too have given up on buying expensive toys. They don't last. I often go to Value Village (a thrift store) to buy toys that cost under $2 and often last longer. My pups will also play with the toy skins too. but after a certain amount of time they have too many and I take many away and start over again. (Emma did a really good job at finally killing a lot of the toys, so after a month with her it was time for a clean up!)

I use to mend all the toys, but I am horrible at sewing and they lasted for like another second only. If they just rip the seam of a toy I will try and mend it.

Wordless Wednesday: Wipe Out
It shows Phod's dedication that he would not let go of the chuck even if he rolls. He was not hurt, he got up and ran it back to me.  Here is the picture right before the wipe out.

Girl Time:
When Lee gets her girl time, Phod also gets either his own walk or extra chuck time. He is not totally left out. To get out, I have to get the Man to come and hold him. It will be easier in the summer when we might be able to sneak out one of the patio doors . . . . . It is actually easier to get outside just with Phod then with Lee.

See Beautiful:
The blue in that sky is my very favourite colour. It helps cancel out the cold and snow.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 14, 2014

See Beautiful

The second Friday of every month is the see beautiful blog hop.

I have been struggling to see beautiful lately. Old Man Winter has kicked my butt. I have been feeling overwhelmed and grumpy. I am working hard to see beautiful every day.  Sometimes nature helps:)

I am now going to go and take the dogs for a long walk in the snow. After, if my internet cooperates, as it wasn't earlier today, I am going to catch up on all my blogs!

Have a beautiful day. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Training Thursday: Girl Time

I continue to work on building a more positive relationship with my girl. We haven't had as many alone time walks as I would have liked. The first week in March brought -30 temperatures again. I am hopeful that with the longer days and hopefully warmer temperatures we will be able to do this 2-3 times per week.

Hailey is loving these. The first part of the walk is always sniff and walk time. The only commands being placed are those needed if cars pass us. On the way back, after she is tired, we have been working on commands. Currently, we are just working on sit. She sits in the house well, but not as well on the road (although it is improving). It is my plan to work on down and relax once the ground isn't frozen or muddy.

The hardest part of our girl time is getting out the door. Phod has caught on that he isn't going and does a great job at making it challenging to leave the house without him!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The dead toy pile

 On Sunday, the house got a much overdue cleaning and I gathered up all the bits and pieces of dog toys.

This is the pile we had:

Much to the dismay of the pups theses bit and pieces went into the trash. I am sure it won't be long before the floor is covered with stuffed toy parts. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mischief Monday - Should have gotten 2 of those

Emma destroyed most of the toys when she was visiting so last weekend I picked up 2 different toys. Turns out I should have gotten two crocodiles. For the first time in a long time, even Hailey loved the toy.  Play time looked like this. 

Look what I got!
You can't have it
Lee maybe you want to play with the new cow, it is cool too

Finally it is mine! 

The cow has not gotten much play time, but the croc has been played to death. After a week, this is what was left:

I think for the amount of play this toy got it was worth the $5!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Black and White Sunday - Angel Gemini

Tomorrow my Gemi would have been 9. It is hard to believe she died over 2.5 years ago. It can still seem like yesterday and sometimes it can seem like even longer.

I still face the challenge of the trauma over her death. It comes and goes and I have accepted that as long as I live I will likely battle this as long as I live.

This week I will try and remember my crazy little girl.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Catch up Saturday - 3

Good morning,

Hope everyone had a great week. It was another cold one (-30 C during morning walks several days)  until Friday, now it is a around 0 and we are hopeful this winter is behind us. We look forward to catch up with all our friends this weekend.

Black and White Sunday/Phod the Dragon Slayer

It is really my hope that the only mark that is left on Phod from his horrible start to life is his little scar. We hope our love has erased his bad memories.

Mischief Monday: The Blower

At first, because we are slightly crazy dog owners, we weren't using the blower as much because it did upset the dogs (especially Phod). Then we got the hydro bill and they have to learn to accept it. We generally don't run it when we are watching TV as it is so loud. This means the pups can lay in front of the fire (on or off the beds as they wish) and enjoy the warmth.

Tasty Tuesday:

Bake-a-bone makes soft cookies. The instructions say you can make them crispier by putting them in the oven. I have never tried this. I am thrilled to report that Huey loved them. Huey's little people were very excited that he had "doggy pancakes" for Shrove Tuesday. Huey has also borrowed a puzzle and has enjoyed it. He is doing so well in his new house.

Hailey is not as deprived as she thinks, she has had a lot of these cookies this week! Hailey looked sad because she was trying to use sad eyes to get more cookies.

Wordless Wednesday: Eyes

I think those pictures show the dogs' personalities. Phod's are soft and maybe a bit hesitant. Hailey's are on full alert! (Note: It was much harder to get a picture of Lee's eyes, she kept moving!)

Feline Friday - Old Nin

Thank you all for your love and support. At this point, while maybe a little slower and not eating as much, Nin really is Nin. I have had a little more free time this week and Nin and I have had some great long snuggles on the couch, after he has taken 87 million years to get curled up in the perfect spot (something that has always taken a long time for Nin).

Friday, March 7, 2014

Feline Friday - Nin, the Old Cat

It is a hard thing (if not surprising at aged 18.5 years) to say but Nin is dying.

Nin in 2007

No, he hasn't been to the vet and we don't have an official diagnosis, but I know my cat and I know the end is coming. While for the most part he is his annoying self (singing at all hours of the day, climbing all over you on the couch), there are signs the end is near.  He is not eating as much. He is getting very skinny, and their are sometimes signs in the litter box things aren't right (and because I have seen him do it, I know it is him and not Baggy).

We have talked at length about what we want to do and we have decided that since he is clearly not suffering at this time we are doing nothing. That is right, we aren't even taking him to the vet at this time. [I do hear my vet rolling his eyes as I write this, but we have been friends for 20 years, so I know he will understand]. One of the main reasons we aren't going to the vet right now is that going is such a traumatic experience for Nin. I can't see putting him through all and all the tests to be told he is dying. I faced a similar choice when Loki was dying. They vet recommended another painful liver biopsy for him and I remember saying something like "Why? we know he is dying, what else will it tell us?" [In the end I agreed on another ultrasound which was far less invasive].

The moment Nin shows signs of distress, I will call the vet (who is on speed dial in this house) and take him there. We will do any treatment that will keep him comfortable but we will not do anything invasive. Nin has lived a good life and I want to treat him with the dignity I hope to be treated when I am in my 90s.

I don't know how much time we have left with him, so for now we will just love our crazy Nin!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

This and That Thursday - Phod the Dragon Slayer

I don't like to imagine the life that Zaphod lived before he was picked up as a hitchhiker. He was found severely underweight (about 40 or so pounds when he should weigh at least 60), and scared. Whatever happened must have been horrible.

Instead of thinking about that, I have decided to create another back story for Phod. Here it is:

Phod the Dragon Slayer

Once upon a time, in a land not to far away, their lived a dog named Phod. Phod was a handsome and sweet boy. He lived in his village and was happy.

Life in the village was good until one night an ogre came and snatched Phod out of bed. The mean old stinky ogre took him deep into the forest and tied him to a tree. Here Phod was to wait for a dragon to come. This dragon was going to eat him. Phod was afraid. However, Phod was a smart dog and had a plan.

When the dragon came Phod said: "Oh wise and powerful dragon, I submit to being your offering. However, I know you are an amazing hunter and rather than just eating me here on this tree, would prefer to hunt me. If you let me go I can be your real prey."

The dragon thought about this and said: "Things have been a bit boring lately. Let's have a chase. I will give you a 2 minute head start to make it interesting. I will even close my eyes to not watch which way you are going."

The dragon untied Phod, closed his eyes and started counting. Quickly Phod sniffed the air. He smelt something that was going to help him and he took off to the south. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Just as he approached his target, he heard the dragon coming. Phod kept running and as the dragon's long back talon was about to close around his head, Phod leaped. He landed with a splash in the water. The dragon crashed in the water too. Since dragons can't swim or fly if their wings get wet, the dragon quickly drowned. Phod, who is an excellent swimmer, was able to swim away.

The only mark from his encounter with the dragon, is a little scar on his nose.

Phod wandered the country side, looking for more dragons to slay, until finally he found his way to his forever home, far away from dragons.

Yep, I slayed it good! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tasty Tuesday - "Where are you going with those?" by Lee

I was very exceed on Sunday evening when I realized Lady was making Bake-A-Bone. It has been months since she did this. She said she had some bananas to use, so she did a banana bread for her, and banana cookies for us. I waited ever so patiently for her to get done with the cookies. It took like 87 million years. I even only jumped up on the counter to check once. I was so good.

The bake a bone stuff ready to go
Finally I got to try one and they were excellent. Lady said this batch made 34 and I was so excited to get to eat 34 cookies. Then Lady did something strange, she went and got a bag out of the cupboard and put some of my cookies in it. She put those cookies in her purse. I demanded to know where they were going. Those were my cookies. It is bad enough I have to share with Phod, now she is taking more away. She said she was taking them to work to give to her friend who just rescued a 7 year old dog named Huey. She said, we have lots of treats and toys and it is nice to share.

The bag for Huey

I guess the right thing to do is share, but this Huey better like them or I am going to be very mad.

Hailey, who only gets like 28 cookies (minus the ones I have to share with Phod) now.

Me waiting patiently

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mischief Monday - The Blower

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful beautiful and huge fireplace to help heat the house in the winter. This year, after a series of snags, we were finally able to have a blower installed. For those of you who don't know about fireplace blowers (I didn't until recently), it sucks cold air in, heats it above the fire and blows it out. The other day in about an hour and a half of running it, it raised the temperature in the house 3 degrees. It sounds like a loud fan when it is on.

Here is how the dogs feel about it:
Hailey: "I hate it. Turning it on ruins my life."
Zaphod: "It is scary please turn it off. I would rather be cold."

Yep, turning it on causes mischief according to the dogs!

Lee enjoying the fire when the blower is off (and yes she is half on and half off her bed)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Catch up Saturday

Lady has had an insane work week (several days of 14 hour days) and she has to work today, so she says Sunday we will catch up with all of you (she did OK with visiting until Thursday and then it went to heck!)

The News from here:

Uncle Chris came over Friday night and stayed over. He is taking Emma home today. We have had a good visit and will miss her.

Until next time Emma!

Today we take a minute to remember our cousin Lemew. He died a year ago today.

Now to the comments:

Sunday: Dreaming of Spring
It got really cold again this week. It was acceptable until Friday, when our walk was only the 60 steps to the end of the driveway and back. Spring is 20 days away!

Mischief Monday: Man's Bad Day
Lady admits she did laugh a little at the Man for all his troubles. It really was his own fault. We are happy to report he hasn't driven into any snowbanks this week!

We have only seen Shadow one time and we were inside and he was out. We do hope he gets the help he needs to be an excellent dog. We hope that whatever happened was related to being new around here.

Lady says thank you to everyone who voted and for your congrats for the Canadian Blog Awards Best Pet Blog. She still has no idea how she got on the list. So thanks to whomever is responsible for that.

Tasty Tuesday:
We are going to check out the foods you suggested. We are also sharing them with a friend who welcomed a 7 year old rescue into her family this week. We purposely avoid seafood in this house as the Man has a sensitivity and we don't want to make him sick (he does enough to himself!).
The Canadian food she was thinking of was Boreal.

Wordless Wednesday:
That picture of Loki was taken in June of 2009. This was around the time he was diagnosed with his immune disorder (and 11 months before he died at age 8). The side effect of one of his drugs was that baby soft fur. It was a great side effect! Seeing the pictures of it reminds me of how soft it was.

Training Thursday: Loving Hailey:
Thank you all for the support on this topic. I thought hard about sharing this or not. But I have always tried to keep my blog honest and this is the honest place we have been sitting in. I do realize much of the problem is cause by me and some by the weather. I did try the treadmill earlier in the winter, but it has fallen off the radar, must put that back in. The past few weeks have been easier as I have had a better attitude, the weather has been nicer, and Hailey and Emma have found ways to play. We will keep looking for solutions and take the time to celebrate our successes. I know at the end of the day, it is going to be Hailey whose memory burns the brightest in our house! She is unforgettable!

Feline Friday:
I really do hope to catch Baggy loving one of the dogs again, but I don't hold my breathe. I live with the comfort that he is content in his old age.