Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Trouble On A Tuesday - Near Misses

 Dear pals,

It is that time of year, where the mornings are getting pretty darn dark again, and there is an increase in the wildlife around our house. 

Recently, at about 5 am (it was much darker than our recreation), we were heading out for our morning walk. Lady was dolled up in her safety vest and headlamp. We had just stepped out the front porch when we both started barking. Lady immediately held us in place and did a scan to see a little black and white butt not 4 feet from us scarring away. She said that is one way to get the heart going.

A few days later, near the mailbox, we were about 6 feet away when what we call the bad black and white kitty scurried into the ditch. We took the long way around where it had been.  Almost every morning we have smelt a skunk on our road. Callie's Dad (who is also up bright and early) said he has seen many around.

We are all just hoping we don't get skunked! 

Lee and Phod who so far only smell like dog!

Monday, August 29, 2022

Mischief Monday - Not Miss Manners - by Lee

 Dear pals,

Lady and Man say they are embarrassed by my recent behaviour. I think I am justified.

The face of an innocent angel

So Callie's human grandpa, has a Weimaraner named Charlotte. (Long, long time readers may remember his Weimaraner Ghost, who was our friend). Anyway, one time when Charlotte was new, she sort of came running towards me barking so I have decided I hate Charlotte.  

Usually when Charlotte is visiting, Lady and Man only take me out on leash, because they know I want to fight her. However, on Saturday, Lady didn't know Charlotte was around and took me out off leash. 

I was having a good roll in the grass while Phod was off in the bush taking care of business when suddenly:

This is when Lady heard Charlotte bark and started frantically calling me. I did not listen. I charged ahead.

Fortunately, Callie's dad was there and he tried to touch me and I don't like that so I stepped back. He was able to put Charlotte in the house (she kept barking). We never touched, we just barked at each other a lot. Lady was so embarrassed. Man heard all the barking and came over.  They were both a bit angry. 

As I was walking away, not going to lie, I was smiling. I was very proud of myself. It was worth having to spend the rest of the day on leash when outside.

It may not have been polite, but it is what needed to be done. 

Your pal, the protector of Paradise, Hailey Bug

Friday, August 26, 2022

Nature Friday FFF- How Does The Garden Go?

Thanks Rosy for hosting this event so Lady can go on and on about boring things.

For those, who are about as excited about Lady's garden as we are, here is a dose of Phod in his favourite place!

Phod would like to contribute to Final Friday Fiction - hosted by Aunty-Yam.

Oh summer
Hot days
Clear skies
Cool lake
Wet dog
Roll in sand
Sighing Lady
Oh summer

Now to the garden. Lady's zucchini plant has given her 4 zucchinis so far. Here is a picture of one. She loves they are not perfect!

Now, while Lady is thrilled to have grown something she can eat as 2022 goal, she is just as thrilled that her sunflowers started to open! She loves the flowers and all the bees!


And nature is giving us asters too!

Happy last weekend in August!

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Thankful Thursday - Celebrating Man!

The Man had a great birthday. He thanks you all for the warm wishes!

Man took the day off and took himself for breakfast and to the movies. Before dinner, our BFF Dylan came over for cake. 

meeting Dylan in the driveway

Lady made Man an ice cream cake. It had an Oreo cookie crust, a chocolate layer, a creme brûlée layer, and chocolate icing. It was very good. 

Lady and Man went to a El Salvadorian, Mexican Tapas place for dinner. It was excellent. Everything was handmade and fresh. They ate a lot of tacos! When they came home they found this. 

Callie and her kids made the Man a card, and we were the stars! 

Isn't the cartoon perfect? Isn't it perfect that we managed to star in the Man's day?

We are thankful to have such great neighbours.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Trouble On A Tuesday - Check Up Time

It was an overcast Tuesday and we were just minding our own business when the Mand and Lady said it was time to go to the car to the V-E-T.

Reluctantly we got in the car and drove the hour to the clinic (yes there are clinics closer, but none have our friend and vet Woody. When he retires, we are moving to a closer clinic).

Phod showed his displeasure by throwing up. 

When we got there, we had to wait in the lobby. It was quiet while we were there. 

On the way to the room they stopped to weigh us. We have both put on a little weight. Hailey is 22 kg or 48.5 lbs and Phod is 37 kg or 81.5 lbs.

Once in the exam room we sniffed around a bit. We passed a cat on the way in and Phod just sniffed it, Lee didn't notice.

We were both cooperative with the exam, even though we were very, very nervous.

For our ages, which Woody couldn't believe, he thought Lee was 9 and not almost 13,  we are both in great shape.

While we seem to be eating less (might have to watch the treats), we have put on weight. This is good because it rules out a lot of possible old age diseases. Our eyes are showing age and we both will need a dental cleaning in the fall (no rush, just expected build up for our senior years), all is good! (Hailey has never had her teeth cleaned. Phod did once when he had a chipped tooth removed).

Let's blow this Popsicle stand!

Lady was very happy to hear we are doing so well in our golden years. We are not happy to have to go back before the year is up. 

It was very tiring. 

Some of us may have had a hard time staying awake on the way home. 

Monday, August 22, 2022

Mischief Monday - Other Dogs

 This was a week where other dogs and our people win the mischief

First, last Monday, Dylan and Callie came over for dinner.

Callie not only played with Precious, but after she left, Lady realized she had pooped in the bedroom. 

Then on Saturday a worst thing happened. Man and Lady went out for 87 million hours and came back smelling like other puppies. We went through the camera roll and found the following.

They went to a party and meet an Australian Shepherd named Luna. This may be forgivable as they didn't know there would be a dog at the party. 

Now, the really mischief is, they intentionally went to another friend's house to meet a Yorkipoo, also named Luna. 

So on Saturday, while we were alone, there were pets and belly rubs to other dogs. We have no words.

Two very disgruntled dogs. 

Friday, August 19, 2022

Nature Friday - Happy Birthday Man!

We would like to wish our Man, the person who feeds us and prevents Lady from becoming a dog and cat hoarder, a very happy birthday. We love you!

In honour of Man's birthday, we thought we would share some fun squirrel pictures. You will see we have red, grey and black squirrels as regulars at our feeder. 

Hope you enjoyed some of Lady's favourite distractions! Thanks Rosy for hosting this hop!

Thursday, August 18, 2022