Monday, August 20, 2012

Adventures of a Crazy Woman

I realized 2 of my 4 pets needed to go see the vet and I decided what made the most sense as our vet is now far away (about 1 hour each way) was to make one trip. So early last week I called and booked 2 appointments with technicians, one for Zaphod to get his microchip and one for Bagheera for his kidney monitoring.

Phod before he got sick
When I told my husband I believe his words were to the effect: "Are you freakin' crazy?"  I then asked him if he had a better idea, and he did not.

We knew that Mr. Zaphod had a history of car sickness but were told if he fasted he was fine. We held off breakfast for him. He hadn't eaten for about 16 hours.

Saturday morning I loaded Zaphod into the back seat and Baggy in his crate in the front and off we went.

Poor Phod started to throw up. He had not eaten so he was just puking up stomach acid. I felt so bad for him but there was nothing I could do. Of course since he was hooked into the seat, he ended up laying in it. By the time we got to the clinic he and the back seat were covered with puke! He was sick at least 5 times on the way down. Thank goodness for my $10 car seat protector. It saved my seat (and he managed to only be sick on it).

I took poor him and Baggy (who only complained for about 30 seconds the entire ride) into the clinic. When they took Phod to the back, I left Baggy on the bench in the clinic and did my best to clean up some of the back seat. This was challenging.

Baggy ready to rock and roll!

Phod did an AMAZING job at the clinic. He was a little nervous but nothing major. The staff and people in the waiting room all commented on how awesome a dog he was. Baggy did ok. I never heard him screaming. He did complain a little (his results will be in tomorrow).

The clinic gave us a towel to put on the back seat so at least he wouldn't be laying on a wet seat cover. The ride home went better. Phod only threw up one time and it was very near the house.

We got home, I stripped the seat cover off the seat and threw it on delicate cycle in the washer and dryer (good as new) and gave Phod waterless baths 2 times during the day. (He stunk!)

He seemed no worse for wear after the adventure, although he hated the smell of the waterless bath. He ate well and had a great nap.

I have promised him we will get him some sort of anti-nausea drug before he has to go in the car again!

If my poor Phody hadn't been so sick, it would have been a great trip and I wouldn't have been so crazy!


  1. Oh dear , my best triumphs were a sickie in the designer handbag, the wellies and on my peeps. I'm a bit better now but since I was a pup I don't do cars too well. At least the vets were kind enough to give you a clean towel. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We have never had a car sick dog so it is a new experience for us!


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