Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bodily Functions and other fun and games

Anything I did wouldn't be as bad as Lee, so you love me more!
I am away for 36 hours for work and here is what has happened according to the calls I have gotten.
Hailey did not destroy anything yesterday. She could take the baby gate before I got out of the house so I just trapped her in the basement. However, Zaphod had what appears to be 2 accidents in his crate (poor guy), so the Man had to clean that up.

Both pups did a great job with the horses. Hailey would sit and not bark as long as the horses kept their heads on their side of the fence. When they came over, that scared her. Zaphod will sniff the face of a horse and try and get them to play.

Zaphod had a great play at the beach with one of the neighbour's dogs. We live in a great dog friendly neighbourhood. This is great!

Hailey showed Zaphod the deer across the road and he did run away and took a longer time to come back. So we know if he sees deer he will run. 

The house had a very rough night. Hailey threw up. Cinder threw up.  The man didn't really sleep. 

Today they are calling for severe thunderstorms so the man, who is tired and very cranky, will stay home with them. This will be a temporary solution until the thundershirt comes and we find some sort of steel (not wire) cage for her. 

I hope they have a good day cause I don't want to get home this evening to cranky people:)


  1. Paws are crossed. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Eeee!! So many adventures! Looking forward to hearing about future ones!

  3. Um. I have been MIA for a few weeks and totally missed reading about your newest addition!!!! SO exciting! Just finished catching up on the last few posts. Hope the thundershirt works. Not sure if there's something like this for dogs, but my parents cat has severe anxiety issues and they use cat feramones to calm him. Maybe there's something there for Hailey :)


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