About the Lady

The Lady makes her career working with individuals with autism and their families. This can be a stressful job, but one she is passionate about. She is clearly also passionate about her pack, especially her dogs.

Stuff she loves: Reading, writing, the colour, blue, chocolate, hot baths, bonfires, magic hot chocolate, the Man, laughing, movies, movie popcorn, walking, the morning, being organized, her iPhone, email, and having fun.

Others describe her as: anal, perfectionist, passionate, dedicated, crazy, fun, pain in the butt! This is what they get for hanging with a Gemini!


  1. we want to email your Mom but don't see any way to do it

  2. Hi Hailey, Saw your comment on my Wordless Wednesday blog. I think we may have met. I live in Ottawa, Orleans actually.

    Helen, Beckett and Keltic.

  3. I don't have a good memory for people I've met either. Maybe we met at some dog event, agility trial or fun match. I've been in Orleans now since 2006. At least I would think we likely have mutual acquaintances.

  4. It is so scary when they run off!!!

    You won our Guess what Macy is contest. Could you send me your address?? I'll get a post up when I get a work break...

  5. I came to see where it was -13 last week and saw this page... good to MEET you and I have never been below 18 degrees and that only a few times... we went from 90 to 56. it feels wonderful. I read your bio and the description of what others call you is ME but a Virgo...


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