Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm a cowboy baby

The scene: A nice leisurely walk to the lake so the dogs can have a swim before we have to go into town. The Phod had been being so good he was off leash.

The place: Close to the lake by the barn.

The event: All hell broke lose.

The horses at a calmer time
Mr. Phod had determined he could get under the fence in with those big dogs (the horses). For what seemed like forever, but was likely a minute or so, he ran around them while they stomped and hollered. The man was screaming "Zaphod Come here" at the top of his lungs. Hailey and the Lady stood motionless. In the lady's mind "Do we need to go into the pen and get him? Will they kill him?"

Finally a very happy goofy looking, unhurt dog comes out from the horses to his people. He immediately falls to their feet and curls up like they will beat him. He did get a verbal scolding (because he actually deserved one) and then they continued to the lake. One of the neighbours heard the screaming, hopped on his ATV and came over to make sure all was well.

Lesson: Phod can't be off leash near the barn.


  1. Hey Buddy,

    You sure are brave - I haven't been up close to any of those big Dogs/Horses yet - glad you were safe :)

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  2. Thankfully no one got hurt! Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly


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