Monday, August 13, 2012

Rough Plan

Well after the shock of a hole in the wall, we have forgiven our Bug for her bad behaviour. We appreciate how stressed she must have been to do this. We also are glad she didn't chew the electrical wires.

This is what we are going to try.

Putting Zaphod in the crate in the guest room. Putting Hailey in her sweater (the thunder shirt has been ordered) in the guest room with a baby gate across the door. It is our hope that being in her favourite room with a gate will help. When given a choice, Lee loves to sleep on the guest bed (this is something that started at the old house a few months ago). We also hope that by having the gate and not closing the door will reduce destruction.

Thankfully there are no thunderstorms in the forecast today. There are tomorrow (and I will be out of town until 7ish tomorrow night).

Here is the door at phase one of the repair. Likely won't have time to finish it until the weekend, but looks much better
Wish us luck!

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  1. Well done with the repairs. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly


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