Thursday, November 30, 2023

Oh No - It is Coming - by Phod

 Dear pals,

Today is the last day of November, so this can only mean one thing.- The Hat Tax Season is here. I think I dodged it last weekend as Lady was so busy with the wood.

I wonder if I can hide for a month or pretend my ear is sore again so I can't wear a hat .

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Trouble on A Tuesday - Tumble Lees Are a Thing

 Last week, Phod wrote about blowing his coat. This has slowed down some, but for the first time in 14 years, my girl is blowing her coat. We are wondering if this is a side effect of the steroids she was on earlier this year.

In other trouble, this bed is missing the cover because some dog peed on it when we were out seeing our niece dance. 

At any rate, we have tumble Lees this weeks. She hates being brushed so we don't get as much at once from her. 

Monday, November 27, 2023

Mischief Monday - Too Much Work

 Dear pals,

After waiting to the point it stressed our Lady and Man out, the last big step for winter prep happened unexpectedly yesterday. 

We got to go out the back under the deck because 

we had some of our very favourite people visiting. 

Two of Callie's kids took the job of delivering our fire wood. It came over about 4 hours of work, in about 16 of these wagons. 

The kids filled the wagon in the lot on the far side of their house, then they drove it to our backyard where they threw it in the wood garage. 

We'd planned to bring those decorations in today but things change

Then our people piled the wood. This picture was taken early on, Lady didn't get an after, but it is solid wood up to the kayak. It was supposed to be 4 cords. Lady and Man had some left from last year, but we think, we got at least 5. 

We didn't stay out the entire time. We were bored and wandered off and Lady and Man wanted to get this job done all at once and not be chasing us around. Usually they do it over days. However, since they got some breaks between buckets, and all parties agreed to a lunch break, this likely worked out better. 

While we know D and M were paid for their work, Lady and Man tipped them because it was hard work moving all that wood and they never complained to us once. 

That was the last big winter prep. It is done and we are guessing Lady and Man are really sore today! 

Friday, November 24, 2023

FFF Nature Friday

Today Rosy and Sunny's Nature Friday and Aunty-Yam's FFF collide to allow us to bring you the following:


Snow covers the ground

Lady sees the tracks we smell

Winter is coming

Man counted 16 turkeys marching through our yard. 

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

We send the warmest Thanksgiving wishes to all our American friends and the rescue that almost 14 years ago helped Hailey start the journey that would led her to us.

May we all be thankful for our many blessings and send love and kindness into the world. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Preparing For Winter - by Phod

 Dear pals,

While none of the snow that has fallen has stayed, when we have had little bits, I have been preparing for winter. I must make sure I am in top snow angel making form. I may not be able to fetch any more, but I still have game in the rolling department.

The forecast is calling for 10-15 cm/4-6 inches today. We will see what we get and if it stays!

What are you doing to prepare for winnter?

Monday, November 20, 2023

Mischief Monday - A New Season - by Phod

 The calendar says it is autumn, but do you know what season it really is?

Shedding season! Both Hailey and I are blowing our coats and even with regular brushings that produce this much hair, our house is full of tumble Phods. Lady could vacuum twice a day and you wouldn't know. Lady hopes our new winter coats are warm enough!

Friday, November 17, 2023

Nature Friday - A Frosty Hike

One day, we took the Lady and Man for a walk in Callie's Sugar Bush. They were very good and hardly needed to be on leash.

Come with us on this late fall walk.

Hailey is almost always in the lead

Except when we find some really good smells and maybe some poop

Pretending to not have been eating poop

Pretending there isn't snow out there

Going off the beaten path

Man having to go back on leash because he wouldn't stay on the path

The good thing about a frozen ground is no muddy foot prints

Waiting for slow Lady to catch up

Checking out Callie's new machine

Old dogs can zoom, especially if they are not in the lead

Catching up with Callie by the Sugar Bush

We hope you enjoyed this nature stroll. Thanks to Rosy and Sunny for hosting Nature Friday! 

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Monday, November 13, 2023

Mischief Monday - Catching Up

 Dear pals,

We are back!

We had a jolly good time with the Man last week. He orders a lot of pizza while Lady is away. We really like pizza. He also doesn't get up as early, so that is great. 

While Lady was away, finally after 7 months the deck was 99% finished. It needs the railing for the stairs. If the temperatures were not around freezing, it would be safe for us to sit on.  Lady looks forward to spending a lot of time on it in 2024. Man does not look forward to having to keep it shovelled off. 

Phod didn't want to climb up with Lady

Lady was at a conference. She wasn't as cautious with her food, and must have picked up some gluten and she is not feeling 100%. Fortunately she didn't get sick with anything else. Some of you had been kind and told her to be careful with Covid. Well she is 99% sure she had it for the 3rd time at the end of September so is hopeful she doesn't get it or anything again.

Her big accomplishment while away was winning her first ever election. She wants you to all know, she is not cut out in any way for politics. Fortunately, she didn't have to campaign but sitting through the 2 hour meeting that ended with the results was torture. When her name was called, there was cheering in the room. Later when she was first publicly introduced in her new role, there was cheering.  Lady thinks everyone but her is cheering. She is now the secretary for the board of directors for a professional organization. It is a 2 year term.  She has told everyone to call her Madame Secretary. It is a volunteer position and likely going to take a lot of time, but she thinks once things get going, it will be fine. We are all very proud of her, even if she is not being overly proud of herself.

Lady's first order of business was to get herself the Board of Directors sticker for her name tag@

That is the big updates here.  We hope Lady's 10th work related title (it is something crazy like that) will not have a negative impact on our ability to be here with you all. 

Looking forward to catching up with all of you.

Lee and Phod - Dogs of the Board

Monday, November 6, 2023

Mischief Monday - Weather and Break

Dear pals,

Look what happened not once but twice last week!

Snow! Don't worry, it didn't stay! The weather is now below freezing at night. Winter is coming.

Lady has started her prep. Her tires have been changed (oh and great news she will be getting new brakes soon) and Man's will be done soon. We are still waiting for our wood to be delivered. Callie's Man is stressing us out. The deck is still not finished. Apparently it will be this week. Lady feels like she has so much going on. She is ok. we are ok. 

Lady is traveling for work this week and is completely disorganized in life - something about being out all day Saturday . . . we have no sympathy for her because she made that choice and we were here alone. At any rate, we will be taking a short brake and hope to be back sometime next week.

Stay well dear friends!

Lee and Phod who are doing great! 

Friday, November 3, 2023

Nature Friday - More Dogs, Less Nature

 We have been very dissatisfied by the lack of our presence on Friday's post. We get that autumn is pretty and it goes quickly (the trees are bare now), but really - weeks and weeks with leaves as the stars?

So today, we are making us the stars. We will call this - dogs with leaves?

Now isn't that nicer?

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Favourite Place To Sleep - by Phod

Dear pals,

You use to find me sleeping by the front door, or on a bed near my people. I especially liked a bed in Lady's office. However, over the spring and summer I found the perfect place to sleep, day or night. In my people's closet. Specifically, at the back under Man's sweaters. 

Because I was getting so much hair on Man's sweaters and clean ones were having to be re-washed, Lady moved the good ones up top and put some old clothes at the bottom.  Lady and Man have accepted this is my nap spot, as you can see, they have put a blanket in there for me to sleep on. 

It is dark and cosy, and very quiet. Lady and Man miss me because I am in the closet a lot, but I am happy there, so they leave me be.

Question: Do you have a favourite nap place?

Your friend, Handsome Phod