Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Strange Conversations

On the weekend I went to a party for friends who had just completed their second 101 things in 1001 days list. As they were wrapping up this list the plans for the next list were in place. One of the items was to learn about DNA. When asked why, my friend jokingly said "so I can clone Zaria" (her cat). Her dad asked her why she wanted to clone only one of the two cats and she went on to explain that while she loved them both, she thought having the other again just wasn't necessary. (Athena is anxious and has some issues).

This led the Man and I to have a conversation about which pet we would clone if we could. Looking at the six we have had, here are our choices and why:

The Man: Bagheera - Beside from eating the magnet, he was the least troublesome. As he was a cat, he could be left for a weekend. He had longevity.

The Lady: Zaphod - He is my big, sweet, snuggle boy. He has the best temperament of any of the dogs we have had. So far (knock on wood), other than ear infections and a few injuries that could happen to anyone, he has been healthy. It is relaxing to have him around.

Have you ever thought which pet you would have again?

Come back tomorrow for a special day!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mischief Monday - Bed and Sleep Stealer

Emma went home Saturday morning. Uncle Chris was feeling well enough to have her. She was happy to be home.

She caused some mischief the last few nights.

Thursday night, she stole the bed by the fire, forcing Hailey to have to sleep on the floor.

Friday night, she had to pee at 1:30 am. Then she insisted on the Lady holding her in her sleep. This was fine until 3 when the Lady must have rolled over and she was crying and carrying on because the Lady wasn't holding her any more. Lady had to roll back over to hold her as Hailey had decided to sleep between Man and Lady.  Lady was very tired and a bit cranky Saturday morning and had a long day of training at work. (This made the Lady very lazy and not so much fun on Sunday).

The house seems very quiet with Emma. We know she will be back soon!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


The Man has pointed out to Lady that her story had a error in it. The scar on his belly is not from the tub incident. The tub incident caused the foot scar. The scar on his belly was caused when the wild panther used his stomach as a springboard. The wild panther Bagheera caused so many scars, it is hard to keep track of them all. My apologizes for this error.

We will be catching up with everyone tomorrow. I worked 3 long days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so have fallen behind. Hope everyone had a great week.

Friday, March 27, 2015

It is the last Friday in the month, so it is time for FFHT!

Thanks to Murphy and Stanley for organizing this fun event.

Today's story takes place a long time ago, in an apartment high up in the sky (well, not that high, it was the 6th floor).

In this apartment, there lived a wild panther name Bagheera. He was a fierce beast who had slain the curtains and had learned to hunt for bread by opening the freezer. Like all good panthers, Bagheera occasionally liked to play in the water. He would hop up on the counter and play in the sink. He was very curious about the tub.

One day, the Man was having a peaceful bath in the tub. Panther Bagheera was on the edge playing in the water. Then, without warning, our brave panther slipped into the tub. There was screaming. The Lady came running to find a very wet and unhappy cat, and to see the tub water turning red. When the panther had fallen in, he had scratched up the Man. The Lady found this very, very funny, and nearly died laughing. (She is not the kind of person you want around if you want everything to be all serious and quiet. She finds almost everything funny.)

She knew, she and the Man would remember this forever because of the scar left on the Man's belly. After this, the panther Bagheera was more cautious around water, but until he was a very old cat, did occasionally like to play in it. However, he was never invited back to bath time!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

This and That Updates

Project Hailey
Hailey sitting on Man's shoulder
awaiting a belly rub! 

We are on week two of 2 walks per day. We have done really week. So far she has two walks a day except last Sunday, when it was too cold and Monday morning when it was too cold. I hadn't expected it to be so cold on Monday. I got up 5:20 am to get a walk with them all in. I bundled up, and off we went. Half way down the driveway Emma indicated it was too cold for her, so I brought them all back to the house and put her in. Off we went again. By the end of the driveway, Hailey and Zaphod were too cold and wanted to go home. So back to the house we went. If I had known it was going to be so cold, I would have stayed in bed for an extra 30 minutes!

Hailey is understanding the routine of this. Once I have been home for about 10 minutes, she starts getting antsy to go. Phod is not enjoying the routine of it. When we first leave, he throws himself at the door and whines. He whines a bit after we leave. The Man is afraid to take him out while we were out, in case he goes looking for us. When I return, I put Hailey in the house and get Phod for chuck. That he loves.

My legs are aching. I am hoping once I get use to walking about 4 km/almost 3 miles in a day (and I am trying to stand more at work too), my legs will adjust.

We are also working on some training, thanks to Lauren from http://zoephee.blogspot.ca. We have just started so will report on this later.


Hailey and Emma on the couch
Uncle Chris is feeling a bit better is has gone back to work 2 half days per week. Depending on how

this goes will depend on when Emma goes home. She has been very good. We have only had 2 accidents. The habit we don't love is her need to go outside for a pee every few nights in the middle of the night. Hailey has figured out how to play with her and every night around dinner the three of them run around like crazy dogs. It is nice to see.

(Sorry about the poor pictures, they are from my iPhone and the lighting wasn't great).

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blogville Girls Day in the Bush

Welcome to Girlz day. We were so excited when Dory organized this day. We wanted to show the boys we can out camp, out hike, out swim and out hunt them.  Thanks to everyone who is joining me, you host Hailey, and my cousin Emma today. 

To get ready, I got my new hat from BowserBox.


Welcome to our woods. 

There is a lot of wildlife around. Deer are one of my favourites. 

 My very favourite are squirrels. Let's see if I can get one.


I need some help from Molly the Wally's to get this squirrel. 

Ruby has come to help too. You are in big trouble squirrel! The girls are after you!

Thanks for the help Molly and Ruby. That  squirrel was delicious! 

I am very, very confident that Stanzie will be bringing a deer to dinner tonight, as long as she doesn't meet a rascally rabbit!

Here exploring the woods is Cousin Emma.  She may be little but she is fast!

Joining the hikel is Princess Leah. We will have puppicinos by the fire tonight.

Tuiren is also ready to hike. She looks as excited as I feel! 

Another hiker is ready to go. It's Macy Blue!

It sure is nice out. After a long hike Mika and her little person are taking a dip in the pool.  

Down on the beach Madi has set herself up for some sunbathing.  Hope you remembered your sunscreen Madi.

I can't believe it! Phoenix caught her own fish. Zoe is thinking about how to cook it. 

We will eat like queens tonight. Scylla is about to catch us another fish. Great going!

Dory has joined the crew by the fishing hole. Hope she as as good luck as the others!

Also by the  lake is Millie. Hope someone brought some sushi sauce. 

I am ready for hot chocolate and marshmallows by the fire. Squirrel and marshmallows is an excellent combination!

Need a drink opened? Hazel has it covered with her pop-a-top dog tag bottle opener. It is important to be prepared!

Stella Rose, Maggie and Maggie's BFF have got the tent area all set up. There is lots of room for everyone.

What a great day girls! I think we showed those boys who the better hunters and fishers are!

Thanks for coming!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Blogville Guys Day in the Bush

Thanks to our pals Frankie and Ernie for organizing this guys day.

We welcome you all to our place in the hills for a day of hunting, fishing, hiking and camping. We hope everyone has fun!

You can see I am all ready for a day of hunting thanks to this cool hate BowzerBox sent me!


This way to the woods for  some hunting and hiking.

 Keep an eye out for the wild turkeys that frequent our bush.

Our police commissioner, Sarge, is ready for some hunting. Let's hope he gets a turkey we can roast on the fire.

Bentley is ready to be the scout while we are hiking and hunting. We will follow your nose Bentley!

Our Mayors, Murphy and Stanley and their trusty slingshot are going to try and get us a deer for dinner.  

For those of you interested in fishing or who need to cool down after all the hiking and hunting we can go down to the lake.


Koda (ignore his shadow) looks like he is enjoying a walk by the water. 

Waiting for a big catch is Sully. If you don't catch dinner, don't worry, we have burgers and wieners. 

Walter is about to land a big one. Hold on tight and reel it in! 

We end our great day outside with a campfire and camping. 


Easy Rider has multi-tasking down! Got the fire ready to throw his fish right on. Nice catch Easy!

Enjoying the bush and ready to cook their fish we have Murphy and Stanley. Looks like they missed that deer, oh well, we have plenty to eat. 

Wyatt is cooking up a storm at his camper. Smells great buddy.

Mr. Bailey is chip-axing after a nice day outside. Dinner will be ready soon.

It is nice that Speedy has hopped on over to join us. Join him at his fire for marshmallows later. 

Angus McConnell Long was a little nervous to be joining us. He was worried there may be monsters around. Gussie, we assure you our hills are monster free. Nothing to worry about!

He may be the youngest here but Dui is well prepared for a night of camping. Drop by his tend for a midnight snack. 

After a full day of outdoor guys friend, our pals, Arty, Jakey and Bilbo are ready to call it a night. Sleep well guys!

Who could be sleeping in this "poop" tent?

None other than the organizers of guys day Frankie and Ernie. Thanks so much for suggesting this guys, it has been a blast!

Thank you for everyone for participating. Sleep well. I hope all the ghost stories don't keep you up!