Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tasty Tuesday - Waiting is the Hardest Part - by Zaphod

Ummm, people. There are a lot of yummy pancakes sitting up there. I am sure there is one for me. 

See, there they are. I am pretty sure that one on the green plate is for me. 

I hope I don't have to wait much longer, I am feeling faint . . . .

Monday, March 30, 2020

Final Call - When Will The Snow Be Gone Contest

A reminder the contest closes tomorrow at 11:59 pm. For details click HERE.

Here is who we have and their dates. 

12-AprRosy, Arty and Jakey
15-AprMaggie and Cammie
27-AprAngel Madi
05-MayIsland Cats
09-MayPhenny and Nelly
12-MayKB Bear
18-MayMolly the Airdale
19-MayMillie and Walter
22-MayRoxy, Bella and Dui
29-MaySandra and Big Boy

Friday we will do our first update!  Good luck everyone!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Nature Friday - Our Favourite Neigbhour

At least nature doesn't have to social distance!

Thanks to Rosy and the Boyz for hosting Nature Friday! We are so enjoying seeing spring in other people's parts of the world.

This is a reminder that there is still time to enter our When will the snow be gone contest.
Details can be found HERE.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thankful Thursday - Thanks Big Guy

Lady's bratty behaviour has been rewarded.
Her dad (aka the Big Guy) said in a group text that the books he ordered for our human cousins were to be delivered that day. The Lady said that there were no presents coming to her. Aunt C pointed out the presents weren't for her, they were for the kids. The Lady said, then Lee and Phod should be getting a package.

3 days later a parcel from Amazon arrived.

We were very excited to find 3 new toys in it.

Thanks Big Guy - Now we have new toys to rip up so Lady has more to clean to help fill her time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

COVID-19 Check In

Hi pals,

Like everyone else in the world, Canada is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. It is a scary time for many people. There is so much uncertainty. We thought we should take the time to write what is up with us.

First, we are fine and healthy. The Man works for the Federal Government making sure people get paid the government retirement pension. So from Monday-Friday, he is working on the couch. 
The Lady works in human services with individuals with autism. She is now unemployed. She has a little bit of work to do that she has been dragging out forever to keep her busy and help her transition. Given that close contact is needed to deliver therapy, it is not safe for her teams to continue at this time. Financially our peeps will be fine. They can live on the Man's pay. Lady will qualify for a special Emergency Fund Benefit in April, so that will help. They also have an emergency fund and other savings if times get tough. Things will be tight, but they know they are better off than many. 

In Canada, in the past week or so we have really gone into isolation. Basically all non-essential services (think grocery stores, pharmacies and liquor stores as essential) are closed. So only take out restaurants, no bars, clubs, casinos, pools, community centres, schools, residences, day cares, libraries etc. etc. Everyone who can work at home (including our Prime Minister who is in quarantine as his wife has COVID) are. Lady says the benefit to everything being closed is there is no place to spend the money they don't have.

Lady estimates this will be our life for at least the next 2-3 months. The Man is our designated errand runner as being at home is harder for him than Lady. Lady said they are suggesting one person in the family be the one to go out to reduce contact.

In many ways, Lady is living her best life now. She has actually noted a huge decrease in her stress. She drinks less and swears less. Yes, our Lady has realized for her, her job is more stressful than a global pandemic . . . .This has her thinking that she needs to use some of this time to figure out how to reduce the stress in her normal life, because normal life is coming back eventually. Her biggest concern is her vanity. Lady would be completely grey if she didn't get her hair done every 6 weeks. She is going to have some terrible roots when this is over (and then she might just continue to isolate herself until she can get into her hair stylist!)

Lady is also very good at amusing herself. She is doing more exercise (she is complaining a little about how she hurts), she is walking us at least 2 times a day (don't worry, we live very remotely, we rarely see anyone and if we were to, it would be very easy to social distance, we could cross the road), she is reading lots, she is working on a puzzle, she has a huge list of cleaning/organizing projects to start once the last of her work is done. What is really exciting, is she is keeping up with all of you more! She is really enjoying having time to sit and enjoy your blogs.

As for us, we are liking having the peeps home all the time. The first few days Phod was clearly creeped out by it all. Lady could tell he was stressed. But now we are in the new routine. The only problem is sometimes, it is hard for Phod to know which person to be monitoring.

So that is how we are doing here. We don't want to make this another source of COVID news, but we thought we should just do one check in now, and perhaps some little updates as time goes by. It is a huge life altering event, and we can't ignore it all.

Stay health and sane friends!

Be kind to each other!

Together (yet apart), we've got this!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Mischief Monday - A Dramatic Recreation

Please forgive the Lady's art skills, she has some extra time on her hands. 

Setting: A day from a couple weeks ago. We know it was that long because the peeps still left the house for work. 

Weather: It was really windy.

What happened: The top of a dead tree in our front yard blew off.

Phod by the front door, looking at the broken tree

Yep, they were so scared they had to pee by the pinball machine

Thank you to all who have entered our when will the snow be gone contest. If you want to enter, you still have time.  Visit our post HERE.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Nature Friday - A Contest - When Will The Snow Be Gone?

Welcome Spring and Welcome to our Annual, "When Will The Snow Be Gone?" Contest

The rules:
  • In the comments or via email (leeandphodATbellDOTnet), by March 30th at 11:59 pm, guess what day the snow will be gone from our yard. 
  • Dates can be between April 1, 2020 and June 20th, 2020.
  • One entry per blog/person.
  • Dates will be claimed on a first come bases. If your date has been taken, you can pick another date. We want everyone to be able to play!
  • A prize will be mailed to the winner (when it is safe for us to go and mail things!)
Who wins?
  • The pal with the date closest to date the last of the snow goes, without going past!
How we are defining snow gone:
  • No snow in the grass or driveway or deck part of our yard. 
  • Snow can still be bush/between trees. It is too depressing to use that as a measure! 

Want some hints:
  • We had less snow this year than previous years.
  • It has been very mild and melting has begun the past few weeks. 
  • We still have snow in the forecast.
  • You can go back through previous spring posts to see when the snow left! (Hint: May!)
In Celcius 

How will you know the progress:
  • Lady will check the yard daily! (She already does). 
  • We will post at least once a week to show you, with pictures how it is going.

Let's get started! 

This is our yard as of about 5:30 last evening, when we went for our walk to check the mail (we live in the country we only see about a dozen people from afar a year, so we are safe!)

The back deck

Looking toward the neighbours at the compost bin - yep we composted all winter

The front yard

Phod we said we weren't counting snow between trees

Coming up the driveway

Looking at the backyard

Please enter and let's all join in wishing the snow a speedy melt so we have yard to play in during social distancing!
Leave a comment or email us! 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Trouble on a Thursday

Dear pals,

The other day my Man threw my disc. I ran to the spot it was. I did my usual snow angels. Then the disc disappeared.

I searched, 

and searched,

and searched,

and searched, while my people called me and were laughing and laughing, 

but I just couldn't find it. 

I didn't want to give up and leave poor disc alone in the cold. 

After this last picture was taken, I did go up to the Man,

and he was holding my disc. I have no idea how he got it. It must be a very magical disc! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Monday, March 16, 2020

Mischief Monday - A Walk in The Woods

The scene: A lovely Wednesday evening at home.

Starring: Hailey and the Lady

Scene opens: Lady opens the door to let Phod out. Lee manages to sneak out and takes off into the woods behind the house. 

I am sure these are all lies

The Lady gets Phod back inside,  grabs her coat and shoes and spends the next 15 minutes, going up and down the hill in the yard, calling Lee, trying to get her to come back.

Both  are sinking. At times, the Lady sinks into snow that is over her knees (about every 4th step). It is a slow chase and they likely both look ridiculous. Lady regrets the decision to not put snowshoes on. This would have made it easier.

Lady is yelling, swearing, asking nicely, pleading with Lee to stop and come back. At times she is considering going home and just waiting for Lee to come home. Then she worries it could be hours. 

Lee is smelling the deer tracks, never once looking back, never once leaves the yard. 

Finally, at the top of the hill, out of breath, while Lee is eating deer poop, Lady reaches her and puts her leash on.

For the first time, Lee acknowledges Lady. She looks surprised to see her.

Tired of sinking, Lady crawls across the yard back to the house. 

Lee spends some time in the crate as Lady needs a few minutes to compose herself.

As there was a layer of ice on the snow, Lady's legs got cut up when she sunk. This was the worst spot.

The joys of owning a Hailey as spring approaches! 

Friday, March 13, 2020

Nature Friday - More Woods

Several weeks ago, Lady convinced the Man that we should go snowshoeing in the woods behind the house.  Here are some pictures from that day!

Thanks to Rosy and the Boyz for hosting Nature Friday! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Lost and Found

When I arrived at the centre I work at out of town (it is a former school) there were 2 big dogs standing in the parking lot.

They were very friendly and clearly well taken care of. They were both wearing shock collars but no tags.

One of my colleagues snapped pictures of them and put them on a lost and found dog Facebook page.
Another got the dogs into the school into an empty classroom. I went and found a big bowl and got them some water. Some staff found some cheese to give them. These dogs found the perfect place to be lost as most of the staff at the centre are dog owners and lovers! 

Within 15 minutes the owners had been found and within 40 the dogs had been picked up. Their owner said they were grounded!

It was a fun start to a Thursday and a reminder to have a phone number on your pups when they are out. 

Monday, March 9, 2020

So Much Mischief on a Monday

There is so much mischief in our lives, we don't know where to start!

First, there were no blogs last week because Lady didn't get her stuff together enough before her 5 night work trip. Then she didn't spend time working on it in her hotel.

Next she was away for 6 whole days and 5 nights. It was terrible.

Then she came home smelling like dog because there are office dogs where she works.

First meet Ellie. 

She is a 10 week old hound mix. Lady says she is very cute, but made it clear she does NOT ever want to live with a puppy again. (Thanks for reminder her of that Ellie). Ellie was only in the office for like an hour and Lady kept having to remove dangerous things from her mouth and she peed on the floor twice. Lady said that made her tired.

Next there is Max. Now Max is over 8 and the perfect gentleman. Lady says he reminders her of a little Phod. 

We were not happy to find this picture of Max sitting on Lady's lap while she was working! 

Lady got home late on Friday. We were so happy to see her. 

On Saturday, Lady had to go to a work function. She came home smelling like other dogs. It was at a house that has one dog and was dog sitting another. Hailey was so mad, she got on the bed and peed. She hasn't done that for a long, long time.

Lady just stripped the bed and put new bedding on. In the morning (cause Lee peed right as Lady was getting into bed) when Lady went to wash the duvet, she took it out of the cover and a million feathers went everywhere. It is an old duvet and it must have ripped in the bag. Now Lady things she needs a new duvet!

Come back tomorrow to find out about more dog adventures the Lady had.

A very angry Hailey and a sad Phod