Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tasty Tuesday - Stay Hydrated

Nothing tastes better on a hot summer day, after assisting with gardening, than a drink from Lady's glass of water. It is important to stay hydrated!

Monday, July 4, 2022

Mischief Monday - Helping Out - by Lee

 Dear Man and Lady.

While you were gone for 87 million years (about an hour) to have breakfast, I thought I would get a jump start on the housework. You know I am a helpful gal like that.

That is the only way to explain how the entire water dish ended up all over the floor.

You are welcome.

your bestest girl LeeLee Bug

Friday, July 1, 2022

Happy Canada Day Nature Friday


We thank Rosy for hosing Nature Friday. 

First up, wild flowers from our yard.

Then, if you look closely, can you see the deer? 

Last some wild flowers from the field! 

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Thankful Thursday - Field Walks Return

The simple things in life are keeping us smiling during these difficult times. Now that the grass is longer and the weather a bit drier we are back to field walks. Don't worry, we have meds to keep us safe from tics and Lady and Man check us for them. In the 10 years out here, we have seen one dead tic in the bathroom.

We had not been for a walk to the back of the field since the derecho. Lady was sad to see her favourite tree, the one with the face, was damaged. As you can see, there was so much damage, followed by not great weather that it isn't all cleaned up yet, in spite the fact, especially on weekends, the hills are alive with the sound of chainsaws.

There were other trees and tree branches down in places too. 

Phod made Lady laugh a lot when instead of going around one tree (there was plenty of room), he walked down the trunk!

Hailey found her inner Tigger and bounced through the field. Thrilled to be in it completely off leash!


We are thankful to our wonderful neighbours the Q's for sharing their field with us!

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lake Life Returns - by Phod

Dear pals,

I kept making sad eyes at the Lady about not being able to go swimming so she texted my vet and asked when I could go swimming again.  For once I am thankful they are friends. He said "Couple of weeks for swimming as long as not itchy." Lady said "Phod says thanks for letting him swim." My vet said "Just trying to keep him happy." 

I did have to wait a few more days after this exchange to get to go (because of the weather and something about not wanting a wet dog in the house before friends came over), but it was worth the wait. Lady and Man quickly noted I could not swim as deep, I seemed to be taking in a lot of water. They aren't sure if it was because I was just toooooooooooooooo excited or if it is because I am a senior. Anyway, they kept me in shallower water and there wasn't much of a problem. I was just happy to get to go!

One happy boy!

It was hot enough that even Lee, who is not a water dog, joined in a bit!

She even got brave enough to go on the dock. Lady wonders if she is going senile because historically she has hated the dock. Mind you, this is the first time she could be off leash on the dock.

It was a great time and totally worth needing ear cleaning later!

Monday, June 27, 2022

Mischief Monday - Where To Even Begin

Well, that was a week! 

Lady doesn't even know how to summarize all the mischief so she will give you the highlights.

We had another storm and power outage on Tuesday. Phod was terrified.  Man had a migraine and Lady had to go fetch the gas for the generator as we were out!

There are no lights, clearly we are going to die.

That night Lady found out that her trip to Africa was cancelled for the second time. The possible travel chaos the reason (so still related to Covid really).

On the plus side, you get to spend the summer with me!

It was not the best first day of summer to say the least.

Work was insane the entire week as the whole world was grumpy. Is it because of the weather? (It was gross and stormy followed by being very hot). It it because of the seemingly never ending chaos and bad news? In a good moment Lady says she can watch the collapse of civilization or the end of the world with curiosity and on a bad one, she wonders how we can just speed it up. 

We have been helpful by providing love and comfort and 

At least we have each other!

by coming back with only a little support after going for a solo walk in the woods.

I came back, I usually do now . . . . 

Maybe this week will be a little gentler!