Friday, July 10, 2020

Nature Friday - Beauty and Pain

Thanks to Rosy for hosting this hop. 

Finally, the only flowers the Lady purposely grows (and does this as they require 0 work from her) have bloomed!


Now onto the pain. Last weekend Lady was already really grumpy when she went outside to pressure  wash the front deck to get it ready to stain. She was just minding her own business, spraying away while listening to a podcast when suddenly there was an intense burning pain near her right elbow. She looked and saw the yellow jacket stinging her. Not sure what to do, she screamed bloody murder (Man, who came running was sure she must have amputated a toe). After what felt like forever, the wasp was gone and Lady was left with a very sore arm. 

The sting

First aid was applied and after a few hours, the pain was gone. The next day there was a mild rash.
While Lady was being very brave inside, the Man finished the deck and then found the nest the wasp had been defending. The nest has since been destroyed. 

The nest

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Brothers Can Be Trouble - by Lee

Last week, I was sitting ready to have my great Canada Day picture taken.

Let's get this show on the road

While I was waiting, my brother was not being cooperative. 

I don't want to have my picture taken!

Man - I don't want to play

After a few minutes, Phod reluctantly joined me and we got the instagram worthy picture.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

New Toy - by Phod

Dear Pals,

As Hailey told you, my Lady had to leave for 87 million years. I was a good boy, but I was sad. I was so happy when Lady came back. 

As mentioned, Lady and Aunt C inherited the contents of a dear friend's home. Missy G was like a bonus grandma and their childhood neighbour. Missy G became very much your stereotypical cat lady, with 4 or 5 house cats and goodness knows how many outdoor ones. It was a surprise to Lady and Aunt C when they found 1 dog toy in the house. Lady brought it home for us. I love it!

While I love my new toy, I love having my Lady home more. 

Your pal Phod

Monday, July 6, 2020

Mischief Monday - Catching Up - by Lee

Dear Pals,

We are back again after a brief break. As we mentioned, Lady had to abandon us because she doesn't love us.  Lady and Aunt C had to go visit Grammie and the Big Guy and deal with a house they inherited the contents of. Lady returned over a week ago, but she was exhausted from the long trip, exhausted from in 15 hours having to decide the fate of thousands of household items, exhausted as she prepared to go back to the office (which she will refer to as hell - all the damn cleaning). So while she got the Canada Day post up, she didn't get much else done on the blog front.

Taken during some off leash training. I am rocking this!

Now we are back to the real phase 2 of the new world. Lady leaves 1 day per week and to make up for this, is taking Fridays off for the month!

When Lady returned, my first order of business was to punish her for being out. This sort of backfired on me, because it pointed out I needed my dew claws clipped and I was subjected to that. But perhaps a small price to pay to show Lady my displeasure.

The claw mark on Lady's leg. I hope it scars

During the past few weeks we have had some thunder and more fireworks then we should (thanks to July 1 and apparently July 4 - any excuse to blow things up). The Man gave me a dose of the Valium while Lady was away because of all the storms, but other than that I am drug free. I have found ways to keep myself calm enough.  I have decided the kitchen in front of the stove is a safe place and spend a lot of time there. Man finds it annoying if it is time to cook because I just don't move. 

Holding a baby can keep me calmer

Also, Man and Lady have just allowed me to continue to rip up a blanket in my fortress of solitude downstairs. They say if that keeps me from destroying the house and helps me stay calm and let's them sleep, they will buy me as many blankets as I need.  It is a fair compromise. 

So that is life here in paradise. I hope you are all well.

Your pal Lee

Monday, June 22, 2020

Back Soon!

As you read this, our Lady has left us for 87 million years. 

You see our Big Guy is medically fragile so Lady went to see him and Grammie and deal with a house she and Aunt C inherited the contents of right before the pandemic before she goes back to the office (she works with disabled kids so social distancing will not always be possible). Lady will be going back to the office 1 day a week starting next week. 

She has left us alone for a week with the Man. We love our Man but he doesn't do the walks and stuff like we are use to. It is different and maybe not always in a good way. Lady says if we have learned anything in 2020 it is how to be flexible. 

Lady says we will be trying to visit but not posting. We will have a lot to talk about next week!

Stay safe dear friends!