Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tasty Tuesday - Sunday Morning Treats

First, happy first day of spring! It sure hasn't felt like spring here. We got 20 cm/8 inches of snow last week and the temperature was very cold on the weekend (-15C/5F - Ottawas was the coldest capital in the world for 2 days at least). We look forward spring coming.

In the mean time, this is what Sunday mornings look like in our house (Lady took this picture on her phone sitting at the island).

Why are we sitting so intently? Sunday morning is pancake morning in our house, and we have Man well trained. He makes us a pancake to share, and puts it in our bowl. We wait patiently.

Can you blame us?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Fried Day!

For those not on Facebook, Phod has been suffering an ear infection this week.  Phod is happy to report that his ear has cleared up, he is not itching it, and the cone of shame is now a thing of the past . . . for now! He loves to make snow angels in the snow, so we are wondering if that is what caused it or if it is a new treat. He is back on his Reactine and we will monitor him more closely.

This is the sad picture of him I posted on Facebook. I had to leave him in the cone Monday and he cried when I left. It broke my heart a little. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

At An Emergency Vet Clinic

The clinic we use (because I am friend's with one of the vets) is a 24 hour emergency clinic. It is one of those things I like about it. There is a vet there 24 hours per day. So if your pet stays overnight they are not alone.

Over the years, I have seen/heard some interesting things. One time when our angel Loki was dying and we were at the clinic about every 2 weeks for 11 months, they were coordinating the airlift of a dog from Northern Ontario who had accidentally been shot. There was a very funny time I was there with angel Bagheera and two young men had brought their 21 year old cat, who died peacefully in her sleep, for cremation. When asked if she was long or shorted haired, the pair burst out laughing that she had been long haired but they had shaved her because she could no longer groom herself.

On my visit with Lee last week, here are some of the things we saw/heard.

-There was one 4 month old puppy there for a normal check up.
-A Lady came in to get the cremated remains of her pet and was presented with a lovely box, she slipped into her purse and left quickly.
-Two young guys, who had fairly severe developmental disabilities, were sorting out the pick up of eye drops for a pet.
-There was a Lab who could not stop barking, that it sounded like had some sort of seizure.
-There was the crying lady, with an animal in a crate, Bailey, they didn't even wait for a tech to come for triage, they ran it to the back and whisked the lady (and shortly after a man) to the back room.
-There was the family (girls aged about 6 and 8)  with a small dog, who had cut his lip in the morning on a toy and they thought it looked bigger and swollen. They were not impressed they were told the wait would be up to 3 hours. The tech had suggested, as the dog was eating and did not seem like he was in pain, to make an appointment for tomorrow and go home.
-There was someone who refused more treatment for their pet, wanted the bill and wanted to go home.

Who knows what else happened, that we didn't even know about. I have spent hours over the years in this waiting room and must say, it has never been boring.

Veterinarians and vet techs have one of the highest suicide rates. I recently listened to a podcast by Death, Sex and Money, on this problem. They see and deal with death more than any other profession, including hospice workers. You can check out this podcast HERE.

As a crazy dog owner, I know they also have to deal with us when it is not life and death. If I had been in the place of the family I described above, I likely would not have gone to the vet that night for a small cut. I likely would have waited and watched. However, I don't judge them for making that choice. They were clearly distressed. While I am confident that there story likely has a happy ending (unlike maybe the crying lady's), it was stressful, emotionally and maybe financially challenging.  My guess is if they waited another 3 hours, they may have been even less happy. The vet they saw may have just had to tell a family to say goodbye to a beloved animal, and now has to deal with a person who is angry. I don't envy their job.

Today, I solute all the men and women out there who dedicate their lives to helping ensure our furry family members receive the best care possible.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Annual Checkup - by Lee

Dear friends,

In the exam room
Last Thursday was the worst day ever.  Lady always says no good comes from a Thursday and she is right! It started off fine, with a nice walk and a good breakfast. Then Lady made me get out of bed, left Emma and Phod to sleep with the Man and put me in the car. I was a bit nervous, but I wasn't scared until I realized I was at day camp.

I was terrified going into day camp. I put on a real show as they dragged me to the back. I refuse to agree with their observations that I was great with the staff and had a wonderful time in the small dog room with Valentino and Buddy. I refuse to say I wrestled and ran and had a great time. 

After 87 million years, Lady picked me up and we drove to the vet. Lady's plan was to get there early and go for a little walk, but there was no parking due to some construction, so she had to park in another business' spots (although it looked closed) so she had us stay in the car until it was time to go in. 

I was terrified in the waiting room. There was a very upset Lab, who kind of scared me. I was happy to sit on the scale. I am 16.4 kg or about 36 lbs. Once I was in the exam room I started to relax a little. It wasn't long before my vet, Woody, came. Lady and Woody have been friends for 24 years. This is why she drives so far to see a vet. Woody sat on the floor and checked me from head to tail. He gave me lots of cookies and I hardly noticed the shots. While he and Lady were chatting I kept looking at the cookie container and at him, but he wasn't getting the message so I barked at him. He then gave me all the cookies that were left in the container. It was a lot. I even got to lick the crumbs out of it. 

Then we had to leave. We waited 87 million years for our bill (likely due to some emergencies Lady will blog about later). We came home. Phod and Emma were very excited to see me. Even though Woody said I didn't need dinner, my peeps gave me a little.

Lady said I did a good job and she was proud of me.

I was angry with her and refused to go for a walk with her on Friday. She says she doesn't think it is because I was mad, but more because I was tired from my adventures. I told her Lee's don't get tired. I am young and full of energy.

I am happy I don't have to do that again for a year.

your pal, Lee