Monday, August 6, 2012

Days without Destruction - 0

Wow, it has been a very long time since I wrote about destruction. This is because Ms. Bug has been a pretty good girl.

Yesterday, we decided it was in our best interest to go to town and get a few things. Going to Gatineau is now a big deal (it is about 30 minutes to the Gatineau shopping district of Maloney). Off we went. While we were gone a storm rolled in. (I got drenched in town, like ring your undies out drenched but there was no thunder etc). We are not sure how it was at our place in the mountains, but the power had been out, so we think there was either thunder or strong winds. Ms. Bug does not like the thunder. So this is what she did:

Door to garage

While we appreciate she suffers from anxiety, this really ticked us off. Here we are in our new house and she is wrecking the place. We are going to take a few days and figure out what we can do for her. It is possible a friend will calm her down. Our vet has been suggesting drugs for her for months, we may explore this. We are also wondering if going back to crating her would be helpful. We have a HUGE garage we could set the crate up in (so if she did get out, she couldn't destroy anything).  Time will tell.

Other updates: She is on a regular poop schedule and even pooped on leash this morning. However, yesterday when I was putting some empty boxes in the garage she went in and peed there. What a girl!


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