Saturday, August 18, 2012


Last evening, being that it was the end of my first full week back to work and the fact that I am an Ultimate Frisbee widow Friday nights, I decided I would spend some time soaking in my tub.

Here is the tub:

While I admit  originally this style of tub was not my dream tub, it is very comfortable! (Which is great because it will be years before I can afford to replace it).

I settle into the tub. Hailey takes her place on the bathmat. (FYI I wonder why I spend money on nice dog beds when Hailey is happiest curled up on an $8 bathmat.) Zaphod is laying on the bathroom floor. It is rather peaceful.

Part way through my soak, I realize Z is standing over me. He is licking the water and trying to find a way to get in. (He didn't get his nightly swim. I decided taking them to the beach alone would be challenging and I am not ready for that yet). I give him a pet and tell him to go lay down. He leaves the bathroom and returns with this:

He wants to play fetch. After he tries to persist to get me to play for a few minutes, dejected he goes and sits and gives me the saddest eyes ever! (Clearly I do neglect my pets).  It was very hard to enjoy my bath with Mr. Sad Eyes staring at me. 

Next time I will close the bathroom door (because the dogs scratching at and whining at the door will clearly be more relaxing!)

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  1. We are laughing at the thought of Mr.Sad Eyes ............! Have a wonderful Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly


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