We are so honoured that others enjoyed our blogs enough to give us awards. To honour them, honouring us, we have created this page.

Given to us by Misaki.  Thanks, you rock!

From Mollie and Alfie. Thanks so much!

A very special thanks to Positively Pets for this one!

Thanks to for this sweet award!

Here is a fun one, for all our great acting!

from our friends Mollie and Alfie.

This was a hard one, but we thank our friends at Pawsitively Pets for sharing it with us!

This next one is from our friend Misaki and Nola, thanks so much:

From our new friend Badger Boo:

We are thrilled Kirby thought of us and gave us:

Special thanks to Murray for this one:

Thanks for all those who voted for Hailey to help us win this one from Sammy:

A special thanks to Stella Rose, Maggie and Gus at for this one:

A big thanks for our fellow Canadian Kat at

It was so sweet of the gang at to pass these 2 awards on to us!

Thrilled to have been award the "bronze":

Thanks so much to Life with dogs and cats and Catflap Cavalier for:

Big hug to Hawk for brightening our day with this:

We are honoured when Nerissa and Millie and Walter gave us this new award:

Special thanks to Hawk for this:

From our favourite week on Blogville yet, we were thrilled when Reilly and Denny's Mom created this:

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