Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Trouble On A Tuesday - Trash Pandas? A Great Mystery

On Saturday, Lady and Man left the house around 9:30 am. They were going out to visit Grammie and the Big Guy's new house. They finally got possession and will be moving in shortly after Easter. Lady and Man also picked up groceries on the way home (because they literally drive by the grocery store).  They arrive home about 3:10 pm. 

As they were pulling into the driveway, Lady said out loud "I bet we should have moved the garbage."

Those may have been famous last words, because they walked into this:

Please note that the container behind the tipped over garbage pail (an old milk container) hold the dog food.

The dogs were asked what happened and they had no idea.

I have no idea Lady, I have been just sleeping here

Witnesses were questions - they saw nothing.

While the mess was a lot (and the second in a few days), Lady's biggest concern was the fact that 20 chicken wing bones were missing. A Google search said to monitor the suspects for 72 hours to make sure there was no blockage. 

While both dogs maintain their innocents in this mess, their poop has oddly have tinfoil and chicken bones. 

Oh the adventures of being a pet owner!
(The garbage will be emptied or removed when people go out next time, which won't likely be for some time because we are in the 3rd wave of pandemic). 


Update: The Phod was out repeatedly on Sunday night with an upset tummy. The people were thrilled. A rice breakfast was served and he is being closely monitored. Paws crossed he will be fine! By the end of the day his tummy seemed to settle and his behaviour all day was normal. 

Note: Yesterday people mentioned we should take Lee out when she asks. We generally do, and when she is scared she asks to go out and rarely does business because as soon as she is out, she wants back in. It is likely the ac idents would have happened if we had gone out. 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Mischief Monday - Grab Your Coffee It Is A Long Story

Lady has been working in overdrive to help cover for some colleagues who have gone on medical leave. She has been working 12 hour days. What gets her through said days is a good night sleep. At approximately 12:40 am Thursday morning, the rain distressed Lee. Being the dutiful owner, after the pleas to just go back to sleep, Lady got out of bed. She moved downstairs to the couch. She turned on all the lights and music so the rain could not be heard. She stopped Lee from destroying 4 rolls of toilet paper, but let her rip up a comforter (as destroying something helps).

She dozed on the couch until her alarm went off at 5. She dragged her butt off the couch to step on a dog bed that had been peed on. She picked it up, walked it to the laundry and threw it in. Then she proceeded to the powder room, where she notes the comforter was done. After using the toilet Lady stood up and stepped in poop she has not seen under the remains of the blanket. 

After washing her feet, she returned with a garbage bag and started cleaning up the fluffy, poopy mess (much of the poop had been stepped on and was well in the ceramic). Lady soon noticed blood on the blanket too - and blood and poop up the wall. Really it was like cleaning up a murder scene. 

(Re the blood - it appears while digging Miss Lee cut her nose).

After 15 minutes the mess was removed and the morning proceeded without incident. We had a walk, Lady worked out, she showered, she unloaded the dishwasher and was about to sit down with her breakfast when she noticed what her best guess was vomit (it appears someone ate some of their poop) all over the dining room floor. So Lady cleaned that up, scrubbed her hands, and settled down with her very soggy cereal thinking, maybe when we were asking to go out at 12:45 am she should have just opened the door. But then she realized it was Thursday and no good ever came from one so what should she expect. 

Lady had an extra long work day (thankful it was at home) and two dogs spent the day napping.

No pictures were taken of the mess. 

Be sure to come by tomorrow to find out what happened next. 

Friday, March 26, 2021

A Purple Nature Friday - Contest Update

First we join Blogville in Purple Day. We are thinking of all of those effected by Epilepsy. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Now onto the contest. We are so excited to have so many participants and sip in close dates! Who will be the winner? 

LLB Gang – April 3

Gemma’s person – April 4

Cecilia – April 8

Susan – April 10

Marv et al. – April 19

Bertie – April 20

Molly  - April 21

Matilda – April 22

Island Cats – April 24

Tails From Around the Ranch – April 25

Yamini – April 26

The OP Pack – April 28 

KB – April 29

Liz – April 30

Phenny and Nelly – May 1

Fay – May 2

Millie and Walter – May 3


Now for the yard update. It has apparently been rather warm, Lady wouldn't know as she has been chained to her desk. It has also been a bit rainy and do we have a story about that for another day. These pictures were taken through the windows last night around 6 pm. 

Out the back

In the front - you can clearly see where the snow blowing occurred!

And out the side.

So lots of snow left. Here is the forecast for the next few days (in C not F).

So it is still anyone's guess to when will it be gone! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Wordless Wednesday - Snooze


It is the last day to enter our When Will the Snow Be Gone contest. Click HERE for more details!


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

My Birthday Came Early - by Phod

Dear Pals,

We don't know when my birthday is, but we celebrate it on April 1. Recently, my peeps went to the Costco, and while they were   3 new babies fell in the cart. Instead of waiting  until the first, they gave them to us as soon as they came home.

Lady called me over.

She told me to pick a baby.

Hailey came in a took one. 

Don't worry, not pictured here, I later put them all in my bed!

Thanks Lady and Man for getting me these toys (and for the new box of Greenies).

Tomorrow is the last day to enter our When Will the Snow Be Gone Contest. Click HERE for details!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Mischief Monday - Helping

We are such big helps. When Lady is trying to meditate we play in her office. She finds it very helpful.

It is our annual When Will the Snow Be Gone Contest!
You have until 11:59 on Wednesday to join.
Click HERE to join.

So far this is what we have:

LLB Gang – April 3

Cecilia – April 8

Marv et al. – April 19

Bertie – April 20

Molly  - April 21

Island Cats – April 24

Yamini – April 26

Liz - April 30

Phenny and Nelly – May 1

Fay – May 2

Millie and Walter – May 3


Friday, March 19, 2021

Nature Friday- CONTEST - When Will The Snow Be Gone?

Happy last day of winter! In celebration we bring you the annual when will the snow be gone contest.

Rules: Leave a comment before 11:59pm EST March 24 guessing what day, without going over you think the last of our snow will melt. We our counting the snow in the grassy part of the yard, not the bush.

The person or pet with the closest date will get a prize! Lady will mail it anywhere in the world.

Dates will be assigned first come first serve, so look to see if the date you want has been taken.

Lady will update the melting at least once per week.

To help with your guess here are some yard shots from 6pm last night.

For more help here is the forecast for next week. 

Temperatures are in C! 

Good luck and happy guessing.

Soon there will be no more snow angels😭

Thursday, March 18, 2021

My New Tag - by Phod

 Dear Pals,

Sometime in February I lost my name tag. While I had my my municipality tag I didn't have my name and phone number. Since I am allowed to be off leash, Lady thought this was important to replace. She ordered me a new one from Island Engravers in B.C.

Here in the front (my name and number are on the back).

Lady says it is perfect.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Trouble On A Tuesday - Weather - by Lee

Last week is was so warm the melting snow from our roof sounded like rain. Then it was windy. I took precautions.

Make sure to come by Friday so you can enter the when will the snow be gone contest. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

Mischief Monday - This And That

First mischief goes to blogger who is causing all sorts of issues when Lady tries to comment. She has been doing all the tricks but then Blogger will freeze her out of her own blog. There have been a lot of HBO words. Lady has often read but not commented.

Second mischief goes to the member of the squirrel United Nations who clearly broke in, moved and licked the oven a mitts. What a terrible crime!

Third mischief goes to the past year. We can't believe it has been a year since the pandemic has impacted our daily lives. This time last year we were in full lockdown. Lady didn't work for 3 months. Then she worked part time. Those were the best days. Now a year later she works more than full time, out of the house 2 days a week. Man has always worked full time, but at home. Things are still restricted here. We still have a curfew. We still have to wear masks and distance. Vaccines are slowly being rolled out. Don't get Lady started in this mess. About 5% of the population has received at least 1 shot. In our region they are currently vaccinating people 70 and older. While the past 12 months have sucked for many reasons, our peeps know they have been incredibly fortunate to really be ok. We send our love to those who have had a much harder year. 

The best thing about this year has been the extra snuggles.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Nature Friday - Winter

Thanks to dearest Rosy for hosting Nature Friday. Today we have a few videos and pictures of winter, as captured on the trail camera. It didn't capture wildlife (unless you count Lady and the neighbours on their snowmobile) but it did capture winter. 

First up, we have some night-time snow! (Click Here if the video won't play - there were a LOT of HBO words while trying to get these videos from YouTube to the blog . . . . . .).

Next we have Lady out by herself, trying to snowshoe through our yard to the trail. It was very deep and hard work.  Click HERE if the video won't play.

In this series of pictures, you can see the wind blowing if you look closely. Lady is reminded of a book title "Who Has Seen the Wind" a Canadian classic by W.O. Mitchell that she had to read in high school and all she remembers is she didn't enjoy it. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Assistant Professor Phod and The Art of Snow Angels

 Good morning,

I am taking over the class today because I do something Hailey will not - make snow angels.

It is actually one of my favourite things about winter and snow. The colder it is, the more fun angels are. For those without snow the same can be done on grass or sand, but be careful with the sand as it may result in a B-A-T-H.

Start on one side. Really rub that side in and feel the cold snow.

Next get that back, rub it like a bear may rub its back on a tree. 

Then back to the side and use your paws to make sure your face is snowy enough. 

Repeat as many times as you like.

And if your person is disturbing your angels, make a face at them. 

Hope you found this lesson helpful.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Eleven and Still Got It - by Lee

 I may not run for as long or as often as I move up in years, but when I do run, I am still the same sleek gal with the same joy. The years have been good to me! 

Monday, March 8, 2021

No Mischief Monday - by Lee

 It's been too cold for mischief. Just enjoying extra snuggles with my Lady. It can be hard to see where my head ends and her leg begins, and that is the way it should be - us as one. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Nature Friday - Sunrise and Snow

 Thanks to our dear friend Rosy for hosting Nature Friday.

One of Lady's goals for 2021 is to use her real camera at least once a month. The other morning she thought the sunset was particularly pretty (in spite the frost). Here are some pictures for that.

The second thing we want to share is how much snow we had as of February 26. We got more snow on the 27th and then rain, so this may not be reflective of the amount we have at this moment, but on February 26 when Lady took the camera out to measure, this is what we had (be glad she picked that moment because if she hadn't we wouldn't have all the fun pictures with Callie!).

It is as tall as me. It is hard to walk in, you have to swim!

Hailey height!

We have been asked if we will be playing, when will the snow be gone this year! Yes we will! Details will be announced later this month!