Monday, June 30, 2014

Mischief Monday - A hunting we will go

Since we had to say goodbye to Junior, we have been more cautious with Hailey in the yard. She is always tied up or on leash (ok, except when the 4 year old let her out on the weekend, but the Man was able to catch her before she did any damage).

This does not stop our girl from trying to hunt.

You see, we are aware of at least 3 groundhogs living within view of the house. Goldbie, who has been around since we moved in and may be the mom. Lazarus, who we talked about last week, and one who is bigger than Lazarus and smaller than Goldbie, we call Slinky.

One of them or another groundhog has a hole in the front yard in the bush.

When Hailey is on her tie out, she can reach the bush but not the hole. In her attempts to get to the hole (which is behind the tree), here is some of what she has done:

Stripped the bark off this dead tree and dug an anger hole in front of it!

She is very proud of her work!

If this keeps her busy and the wildlife safe, let her dig!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

How Hailey Made Friends with a 4 year old

Hailey doesn't like little kids. When they come to her (we all know it is hers not our) house, she barks and barks and barks. For kids who aren't use to dogs, this can be scary. My BFF has pretty dog savy kids (they live with 2 themselves) who were able to be coached (for the most part) on acting in a less stressful way around Hailey. She wasn't bothered much by the 10 and 7 year old, it was the 4 year old who freaked her out the most. His mom called him the squeaky toy, as his normal mode is to run and squeak!

As the afternoon went on, Hailey learned 4 year olds aren't too bad - they will generously share their chips!

After this, she was much better with him!

In the evening, when the fireworks were going off, she even turned to the 10 year old for comfort!

Lessons she learned:
Kids with food are good
Kids are better than fireworks

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Snicker Saturday

Hailey received this via email from the big guy this week:

We are looking forward to catching up with everyone. As always, Lady's work has been crazy but she isn't complaining that business is good (although we miss you all when she has limited blog time). 

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Circle of Life

I am sad to report that Junior the Groundhog died Wednesday morning.

This is what happened:

Lady, without thinking about Junior, took the pups out to play on Wednesday morning. She had Lee on her tie out (meaning she wasn't attached to anything) let her have some free time and the ball for Phod. It was only the second day since Phod cut his foot that he has been able to play ball.

Lady opened the front door.

In the time it took Lady to walk down the step and take the 20 steps around the house, Hailey had caught and killed Junior. Junior didn't make a sound, so she did it quickly.

Lady then took Zaphod back into the house and told Man.

Lady was able to get Lee to drop it by the time Man came up. When Man went over she picked it up again but dropped it.

Lady took Lee into the house while Man took Junior to his final resting place.

The Man was very upset at Lady for not having Lee on leash and Lee for hunting.

I, the Lady, see it as the circle of life. It is unfortunate and if I could go back, I would put her on leash. Although given her strength and determination this may not have helped and I think she would have eventually caught him (the incident with the Man as well as him right up by the patio door repeatedly suggest to me that he was going to meet an untimely end).

Fast forward a few hours and imagine Man's surprise when he got home from work and Hailey was freaking out because there was another little Groundhog teasing her through the window. We have named this one Lazarus. Let's see how long he lasts (to help I will always take Hailey out on leash!).

Lazarus - teasing the dogs

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Imagine taken Oz's site without permission - we hope it is ok!

Today we are participating in Zuke's #FuelTheCure a contest and fundraiser in support of canine and feline cancer fund.  We know that every pet owner's number one concern is always the health of their pet. We can work together to help keep our pets health and playing for many years to come!

Join the Hop!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My dog is too smart

In yesterday's post I talked about why LeeLee the leash killer had to strike again. I didn't talk about one thing, how she chewed the pink leash.

She got Phod's blue leash because the drawer int he bench where the leashes are kept was open.

The bench where the leashes use to live

When Man took her our after the groundhog affair, the pink leash was in one piece. He put it in the drawer. Later, when Lady went to take her out, she opened the drawer and the leash was in 2 pieces. The Man and Lady couldn't figure out how that happened. 

Then yesterday, they went to the city to celebrate Lady's birthday. When they came back. The drawers were closed but Phod's Lupine harness was out (it had not been out) and was chewed.

The chewed harness

It appears Hailey has learned how to open the drawers, take things out to chew and close the drawers. [We purposely had not taught her to open and close drawers for this reason, guess she figured it out all on her own!]

The leashes now have a new home in the closet (until she figures out how to get those).

Lady gets to figure out how Lupine's return policy for products work to replace Phod's harness he has used like 3 times. 

She had asked at the store when she went to replace the chewed leashes (we need to have leashes)  if they carried Lupine, which they didn't, but they carry RC Pet Products, which also offer replacement for chewing, so she got some of those. Let's see how long before she has to go and replace them . . . . . .

Has your dog ever done something you were both really proud of and frustrated by?????

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mischief Monday - These things always happen to the Man

This is the story the Man told the Lady - FYI she laughed so hard, feel free to laugh as well. If only there was a video . . . .

Friday pm:
Man comes home from work first. The pups seem a little agitated but the ravens (we call Ed, Al and Poe) often hop around the front yard stressing everyone out. He lets the pups out. Hailey runs down the step and is sniffing under the deck. Phod trots off to the side of the house (as usual). Phod comes back with a groundhog in his mouth.

Hailey goes crazy because Phod has the groundhog and she does not. Man goes crazy not knowing if the groundhog is alive or dead and yelling at Phod to drop it.

Phod drops it. Now a very angry groundhog is between Phod and Lee. Man is able to call Phod to him, grabs him by the collar and drags the pups inside. [Another example of what a gentle sweet boy our Phod can be].

Now you would think the groundhog would use this opportunity to run away, but he did not. He sat there protesting his treatment. The Man approached and he didn't run away. He yells at Man and lunges. Man grabs some water and throws it on the groundhog. This just seems to make him madder. Man gets the shovel and tries to push the groundhog away. The mad groundhog ends up on his back. More pushing, more water, more yelling by the groundhog and 5 minutes later the Man has moved the groundhog from the middle of the yard to the side of the yard.

He decides he really needs to get the dogs out as they haven't done a thing since he got home. He puts them on leash and "snap" Phod's leash breaks. While outside dealing with the mad groundhog, Lee has chewed it. It is discovered later she chewed hers too.

That is why LeeLee the leash killer was forced to strike and kill the leashes.

FYI: We don't know what happened to the groundhog, he has not been seen since. We really hope he is ok. Also Lady says she would have left the groundhog in the front and taken the dogs out the back (both on leash of course).

Come back tomorrow for "My dog is too smart".


The card from Auntie K to the Lady:

"He slept. He ate. Ye barked at stuff.
He went for a walk. He pooped . . .
Geez, it's like he's living my life!"

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Black and White Sunday - Usie and a Contest

I thought this was a great idea, a selfie is a picture with only one person and an usie was a picture with 2 or more people, so here is an usie I love of Lee because it shows her smile. She has not been having the best life lately (lots of fireworks in the evenings which cause so much anxiety and the event that lead to the leash chewing which we will share tomorrow!)

Now for the contest. We saw over at Oz's that Zuke's is holding a contest for all US, UK, and Canadian Dogs from Tuesday June 24 to Sunday June 28th. You can go to Oz's page to learn all the details (he explains it well)  but basically if you join a blog hop to help #FueltheCure, Zuke's will donate $5 to help fight canine cancer for every participant. You also have the chance to win some Zuke's treats. While we love Zuke's, we will be entering to help raise $ to fight cancer.  Hope you can join in!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

I really should buy stock in . . . .

Leash companies as the Leelee the leash killer has struck again, not once but twice, in one day!

We will tell you all what happened on Monday to make the leash killer strike!  But for fun, let's see if you can guess!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Birthday Celebrating and Note from Nomad

Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes. I truly had the perfect day. On my birthday, my ideal is sitting at home and doing whatever I want. I live a very busy life and look forward to one day that is just about me! Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to attending a charity event with friends on Saturday as my party, but yesterday was a great day.

Baggy and Phod enjoying the yard

Baggy had a great day too. While the dogs and I were sitting outside enjoying the sun, Baggy sat at the door and cried so he joined us outside for some time.

As you may remember, earlier this month I reviewed a Nomad product. You can click here for the original post.

Nomad has asked me to tell you that as part of their product launch you can save 25% off your order if you use the code "LIVESIMPLE".

Here are some things to know about the Nomad Products:

  • NomadClip (shaped like a carabiner), NomadKey (shaped like a house key) and NomadCard (which is what I use) are the world's most portable cables.
  • The cables are MFi certified by Apple and fit all cases including LifeProof.
  • They have updated the design using more durable materials.
  • To pre-order your cable (for the awesome price of $29 - free shipping to the US, CA, UK, AUS and a flat rate of $5 everywhere else) or to learn more go to:

Disclaimer: I was provided with a product sample in exchange for an honest review. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Very Special Day

Today is a very special day because the Lady is off and is going to spend the day (expect the time she needs to go to the farm to pick up her veggies).

Today is a special day because it is 19 years since Baggy, the first pack member came home. 

Today is a special day cause our Lady turns one year older. We aren't allowed to say how old she is (she says that is rude), but let's just say middle age is closing in!

Lady says we will spend the day loving. She may do some baking (the Man is a wonderful cook, but doesn't bake so if she wants a cake, she has got to make it). We will catch up with all of you and just chip-ax (cause Phod is still on limited exercise but his paw appears to be healing nicely. Thank you for all the POTP!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Aid for Phod

Sunday was a beautiful day so after the house was cleaned, we head to the beach. Phod was having a great time with his new water toy (more about that later this week) and even more fun when we realized his old water toy had been found and was waiting for him on the beach!
Phod's old water toy - found! 
I threw his old water toy and on the way back he stopped and lifted one of his paws up. I could tell instantly it hurt. He started to limp on it as the Man and I went to check it out. We quickly realized it was bleeding.

I will be the first to admit I don't do well with blood. I do better when I am alone and have to, but if someone else is there, I can't handle it, so Man had to be in charge . The Man did a quick check of it and nothing major appeared to be in it. While trying to decide what to do next (we were at the beach about 5 minute walk from home), Phod started walking well enough that we decided we could walk home. At one point on the way home Phod threw up a little, not sure if shock or if he had played too much fetch. 

The Man putting pressure on the pay
After leaving a trail of bloody prints from the beach to the house, the Man put Lee on her tie out on the tree, while I came in to get the first aid supplies.  We decided we would treat it outside. The Man did a great job (with a very resistant Phod) cleaning it out (so what the water at one point went everywhere). He applied pressure and we both worked to try and get Phod to relax (keeping pressure on a paw of a stressed dog is challenging). 

Paw with cream on it

As Phod was starting to relax, Lee got herself so tangled in the bush I had to go and get her out. She went in the house. (We needed to only be worrying about one dog at a time!)

Two tired pups! 
By this time Phod's paw had stopped bleeding, so we put some of the K9 Kelp moisturizing cream (which is good for cuts too!) on it. Then we let him in the house and after about 10 minutes, he curled up and went to sleep.

Then every time he got up it kept bleeding. We decided to wait until the morning to go to the vet. The Man took him to a new vet (one closer to us as Phod gets so car sick). The clinic may not have been thrilled that he showed up without an appointment but too bad! Overall, Man said this clinic was fine (and it saved us hours of driving so for minor things this is good)

Because of where it is, they can't really do stitches. They cleaned it out, gave him antibiotics because we don't what he stepped on. There is a spray to help it too. He needs to wear a sock when he goes outside to keep stuff out of it.

My poor boy! He should be back to his normal self in a few days. POTP that it doesn't get infected!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mischief Monday - Life with 4 dogs

The team (aka Tendra and Barley) left Saturday morning. This means for a whole week, 4 big dogs lived in our house. It went really well, with only a little mischief (besides the Lady not taking enough pictures lol!)

Mischief 1:

Grammie trusted Lee outside on her tie up, not tied to anything. Lee was very good fro the first bit and then she ran over to the neighbours and tried to hide beside their garage. Apparently she can't hear her Grammie calling her name, even when Grammie is 1 foot away from her!

Mischief 2:

Barley's history with cats is unknown. He is very interested in the cats but in a gentle way. This would be fine except once he gets interested, the 2 female dogs get interested and the energy became a little aggressive and the pups start getting a little rough. Given that the cats are 19 and not as fast as they use to, we decide to keep the cats locked up in the laundry room. The cats were fine (although when the team left Saturday did walk around and meow for an hour, and joined us in bed the first night).

Mischief 3:

When Grammie came back from spending a couple days with Aunt C and Maggie, Hailey became very possessive of her. She didn't want Tendra or Barley to go near her. Of course, they were over the moon to see her and very excited. This led to a not very relaxing Friday evening:)

Why did 4 big dogs do so well?

1) We have a lot of space (about 4200 square feet) so everyone has space.

2) Exercise - Lee and Phod got their daily walks and outings, plus, the Big Guy (aka my dad) was home most of the days and took the pups out (Lee on leash or tied up) to play ball 3-5 times a day. Therefore they were always tired.

It is a good thing that it went so well, because I think now that Maggie is around, we are going to see a lot more of the team! And I will try and take more pictures next time!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Black and White Sunday - the Team

Barley and Tendra play a fun game of fetch. They both go after the ball. Barley generally is the one who first gets the ball. He brings it part way back, then Tendra takes it back to the thrower.

A great team!

The answer to yesterday's question, which is harder to photograph, the 4 dogs or the baby - well the answer is:

Maggie. She hasn't learned that Aunt K will always have a camera in your face. Perhaps modelling is not in her future! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

See Beautiful and Dui Advice

Today is a busy day in Blogville.

First we will See Beautiful.

Here Barley is taking the time to see the beauty in what the humans would take to see as weeds.
It is reminder that everything is beautiful if you take the time to look at it.

Today is also advice for Dui the puppy.

We never lived with our current people as puppies, so this is more general dog behaviour advise:

1. Master the art of sad eyes. Sad eyes opens the world to possibilities beyond your knowing.

2. Take time to stop and pee on everything. The more things you pee on the better.

3. Only do the tricks they are asking you to do if they pay well enough (aka the cookies are awesome). 
If they aren't, strike, refuse to do it.

4. Make sure to check out how much stuffing is in each and every toy. There is scientific merit to this.

5. The best big holes are dug in the middle of the yard.

Welcome to Blogville Dui! We wish you a life of great adventure!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Guest Post - Boost Your Dog's Immune System

I was contacted and asked if I would host a guest post and I said yes! (Turns out for me it was the perfect week to have someone else write the blog lol!). Enjoy

Your pets are surely what you consider a part of the family, right? Well, this only means you will give your best to take great care of them. Still, just like anything in life, your dog’s health can rapidly change even with your best care for him. You will notice these changes by their behavior – changing of eating habits, peculiar poops, etc. If this happens, take them to the vet. An important thing: always consult with the vet before you give your pet any vitamins, change their diet, give homeopathic remedies and similar because different breeds need different treatments.
Here are some great tips for you to add to your fluffy friend’s diet to help them regain their good appetite, vigor,  as well as lead a healthy life overall.
Instead of keeping your dog on a regimen, why not go with healthy, organic diet? You already know that dogs are carnivores, therefore their meals should contain meat as primary ingredient. To keep your dog healthy you should give him food without harmful GMOs, hence organic is the best option. Naturally, artificial colors and preservatives are something you also want to steer clear of. Another option is to go with homemade diet that consists of fresh meat and just a little rice. As for treats, we strongly recommend you go with organic also or homemade.
In order to keep your dog’s immune system strong, you need to have him exercising regularly. Walks, playing fetch, or any other game that will make your dog’s heart pump stronger is a good option! When your dog is on proper weight, it stimulates his lymph system and keeps him healthy overall.
Never forget to fill the bowl with water for your dog. It is crucial for the dog to stay hydrated, especially in the hotter months. Water helps out flush toxins (just like with humans). If you are worried your dog might ‘have an accident’ during the night, take the bowl away couple of hours before your doggy’s bed time.
Coconut Oil
What piece of fruit has more anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral properties but coconut? None!
Triglycerides in the coconut oil promote energy for lethargic pups. They are also good for weight loss. It speeds up metabolism and is a great preventive from illnesses. Coconut oil will give your dog shiny and healthy coat as well as help dog’s digestive tract work properly.
Staying clean
In order to maintain your dog’s immune system healthy you need to worry about him staying clean at all times. Its bed needs to be clean, as well as pillows and blankets – wash them and keep them germ free. It is always an option to add 4-5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the wash, just to make sure you disinfect good.
Also, when you are leaving for vacation, you need to leave your fluffy friend with someone you trust will take good care of him. Everyone’s home has different types of germs, so it would be smart to have that person dog-sit at your house, just to save your dog from exposure to the new environment, stress of a new routine, potential disease and so on.
SCOBY stands for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast, also called a Mother or Mushroom. If you’re an avid Kombucha drinker, you probably have cultures coming out your ears—I have 6 extras in my fridge as we speak! These are packed with probiotics that can help replenish the healthy flora in your pups’ gut. You can dehydrate them, or cut them up and give them as raw treats. Nimbus loves them! There’s not too much of a flavor, and I personally like the rubbery texture (yes, you can eat them too). A little goes a long way, so start the servings small, a few bites a day, and see how your dogs react. You can also give them very small amounts (a teaspoon to start) of kombucha tea, if they will take it (Nimbus will not).
Snuggles, cuddles, love and affection
You have heard of oxytocin, the hormone released when both people and dogs snuggle is what lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. So, make sure you love your pet and show that love through snuggling, cuddling and other means so that your dog feels your affection. This will contribute to your dog’s health and happiness.
Diana Smith is a great dog lover and a proud owner of german sheppard Billy and a poodle Sam. She is interested in topics related to dog’s health and alternative medicine for animals. Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by Stefmar.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Introducing our Human Cousin

Aunt C gave us the go ahead so we are pleased to introduce the cousin!

On Sunday, June 8, 2014 at 12:24 pm, 12 days early arrived . . . . . . . .

She loves being dressed up as much as we do! 

Margaret "Maggie" Marie

She weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz. Aunt C was very glad she was early given how big she was. She got to leave the hospital last night as everything is going well. We hope they had a good night's sleep.

Lady with the baby - she is about 4 hours old in this picture

We look forward to meeting her!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mischief Monday - Baby and Baby

First, while we aren't allowed to share all the details yet (Aunt C and Uncle D want to make sure they have told all their friends and family first), we are happy to report that Baby M made her appearance yesterday. Baby and Mom are doing great and we will share details when we get the go head (later this week).

Second, Phod would like to report that he lost his lake baby last weekend. You see, there is a new dock at the lake (neighbours got a boat). He was playing with it by the dock and it disappeared. The people even tried lifting the dog to find it. Lady looked at ordering him a new one, but since it is going to take 4-7 weeks to arrive, she is just going to look next time she needs to get food and the like.

Sorry no pictures our internet is misbehaving! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Excitement and Best Friends

We interrupt our regular post to say that the world has gone crazy in our house today.

You see, our Aunt C and Uncle D are expecting their first baby, our human cousin and Aunt C went into labour in the wee hours of the morning. So now we are all waiting for this baby girl to arrive. We fear it will be a very long day for us!

Our house is in extra chaos because the Big Guy (Lady's dad who refuses to be called a grandpa to dogs) our Grammie and their 2 labs (Tendra and Barley) are currently packing up and driving to stay with us. They live 650 km away or about 400 miles, so it is a big drive. They will be arriving later today.

Life will be chaos, and hopefully all good chaos and we will do our best to stay up to date. At least if we are gone for few days, we will have lots of adventures to share. 4 dogs in the house, now that could be fun (Lady is hoping Man will see that 3 could be do-able).

Please send all your good thoughts to our Aunt C and soon to be human cousin for an easy and safe delivery! Please send good thoughts to Uncle D. He is gonna have to deal with a cranky Aunt C (whom we love very much, but when she is cranky, look out!)

Today Ranger has organized Best Friend's Day.

The best friend's (besides the cats and in my semi-chaotic state this morning I can't find a picture of them together) in our house were Loki and Gemini. While Loki disliked Gemini the first few weeks she was with us, they grew to be the best of friends and they were always snuggled together. As I have said before, Gemi was so connected to Loki that when he got sick, she got sick too. It was just the anxiety of knowing he was sick (we had everything and then some tested). That was her love and she mourned for his loss greatly (she would sit and cry).

Gemi and Loki - 2009

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Digging for Dinosaurs

Today we are participating in Blogville's (we thought it was Frankie and Ernie's but it may be Murphy and Stanley's Lady clearly hasn't been following along correctly) Dinosaur Dig Fest.

Hailey has her hole in the backyard where she is sure she is going to find a new species of dino in the Gatineau Hills. She will name it Hailey-Gatineau-sauros rex.

To help it go faster, even her shadow is digging!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Feline Friday - Old New Habits

For years, Nin spent his days on our bed. After we moved, he didn't venture into the bedroom much. However, recently he has decided the bed is the best place to sleep all day.

We are happy to let him when the weather seems great, we don't want to leave the door to our bedroom open during storms as it increases the chances Lee will pee the bed.

Balancing the needs of the old and dying, with the young and anxious can be hard!

A cuddle Nin

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nomad Review

About a month or so ago Nomad contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in trying their product for an honest review on my blog. I said yes.

Nomad is a chargecard for your portable devices. If you are like me, your phone is practically glued to your hand. It needs to be in arms reach, not just for the texting and email and twitter etc, etc, but in case my dogs do something too cute I need to photograph. I wouldn't want to miss a moment like this because my phone is dead:

I am also on the road a lot. Sometimes I feel like a nomad traveling for work. Remembering to pack a charger, that then ends up in knots in my purse is annoying! Having something that fits into my wallet and stays there when not in use is perfect. I always have it. They also have key change chargers if you prefer (not my choice as I have way to many keys to start with).

Here is the chargecard:

To show the size of it

The pros:
-They are relevantly inexpensive (especially when you look at other portable chargers)
-Compact and fits perfectly in my wallet
-Light weight
-There isn't that tangled mess of cords (which is one of my pet peeves)
-Charges quickly

The cons:
-You need to have access to something with a USB device (I usually have my computer so this isn't a problem for me but for others it could be)
-Because it is short/small, it is difficult to use your phone when it is charging.

I have not had it long enough or used it enough to assess the longevity of this product.

I would recommend it. Go over to Nomad to check it out!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Black Flies and K9 Kelp

Well, since spring is finally here, so are the stupid black flies. This is an annoying time for all of us, but a particularly annoying time for the pups as they can't put on layers or get sprayed with the stuff we have.

Early this spring I won a K9 Kelp ( prize package from One of the products we won was the conditioning kelp spray. It says on the bottle it is a repellant, so Saturday night we gave it a try.

The results:

The areas that the dogs were covered (it is still really hard to spray it on them, they act as if we are beating them) the bugs didn't land. I then watched where the bugs were landing, sprayed more on those spots, the bugs stayed off. It was excellent!

I can't say how long the effects last as the dogs were only out for about 45 minutes but it was 45 minutes of comfort. 

I give it 4 paws up and plan on keeping some around for a safe bug repellant! 

A mad Hailey refusing to look because she is either mad I sprayed her in the first place or mad it actually worked!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mischief Monday - Yard Patrol

Before we get to our mischief post, we want everyone to know about a special event going on over at Mollie and Alfie's. Mollie and Alfie are trying to put together an auction to help Angel Mabel Lou's people over at pay for her medical and funeral costs. If you can help in any small way, go over to Mollie and Alfie's for all the information.


Today's mischief comes from the paws of Zaphod. It is unusual for him to be our mischief maker, but occasionally he causes a little bit of mischief.

On Saturday night we decide to have a bonfire. While in general the dogs don't enjoy being outside with us at the fire, they don't enjoy being inside alone either, so we usually bring them out for a bit and then take them in. Hailey is on leash or tie out during these, but since our Phod is usually a rock star, he gets to be free.

As dusk was falling, Phod heard something in the bush and off he ran!  Fortunately, because he is a pretty good boy, he was only gone for a few minutes and I could hear the dingle of his collar most of the time (when Hailey wasn't screaming, "Why does he get to run free and I have to be tied up?"  so loudly I couldn't hear anything else). We have no idea what he was chasing, but a very happy boy returned! At least we know we were safe!

Happy returning Phod

It is peak black fly season here now. To find out if our K9 Kelp spritz helped, come back tomorrow!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Selfie - by Hailey

Since Lady has been doing such a horrible job at blogging since she got back, I have had to take matters into my own hands and take a selfie! She promises we will be back to our normal blogging schedule tomorrow, but I will believe her when . . . . .

While we haven't been blogging as she has been crazy busy trying to catch up from being away (and she was behind from the start of the month when the Man was ill), she has been doing an ok job at my care. We have had some nice snuggles and walks. She has even been letting me off leash (with my stupid tie out). So it isn't all bad.

Today she did ruin me by putting my Revolution on. She said I had to had it as it is June 1st and I need flea, mite, tick and heart worm protection. I think she is just torturing me.

Looking forward to catching up with all of you this afternoon. I have really missed you all!