Friday, April 29, 2022

FFF Nature Friday - Colour by Lee

 We thank Rosy for hosting Nature Friday and Aunty-Yam for hosting Final Fiction Friday.

Colour appears here

The bulbs Lady planted grow

I want to eat dirt

It is true, Hailey's only interest in my garden, where the crocus' are finally making an appearance, is to eat dirt!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thankful Thursday - The New Bed

As mentioned last week, the bed in Lady's office needed to be replaced as someone peed on it and rubbed their nose on it etc. etc. . We are thankful Lady was able to order us a new bed. The new one arrived last week and we have been able to try it out.

First we tried it out upstairs:

Smells different - a lot less like pee

Hmmm, seems ok

I approve this bed.

Then in it's spot beside Lady's desk in her office. 


Look at that smile, I think the bed passes!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Play Time!

If Callie is out in her yard (which she often is, her people spend way more time outside than ours), and we go out, she will come over to say hi! 

We have been staying extra far away from her people - actually avoiding them to the point they messaged us to make sure we were ok. We are doing so because we are being very good neighbours, They had to cancel a trip a few weeks ago due to some of the household members getting Covid, and we don't want them to have to cancel the make up trip next week because they caught Man's bug. 

So while the people are off limits from each other, we can still have some playtime with Callie.

The ladies greeting each other

That's a little personal Hailey!

What should we do?

Let's play!

Monday, April 25, 2022

Winner on Mischief Monday


The last of the snow left our yard on April 23rd. Therefore we proclaim Millie and Walter, holders of April 25th as the winner. Please email our Lady at leeandphodATbellDOTnet to arrange for your prize!

Thanks to everyone for playing along. It helps make the snow melting and slow start to spring a little more fun!

Get well soon Man!

Now on to the mischief. Last week, starting on Tuesday, the Man got really sick. His rapid tests said it wasn't Covid. Then on Thursday, Lady started to show symptoms. Her's were very mild but enough to screen her out of work. As a health care worker she could get a lab test, so Friday afternoon she drove to the city for this. She was very pleasantly surprised to get mouth rinse and gargle test and not the up the nose test. She was grateful she took time to read the website and saw if she hadn't eaten or drank for 15 minutes she could be eligible for a less invasive test. Her results were back less than 12 hours (mind you she was sleeping when they came in) and they were negative. By day 3, her mild symptoms were nearly gone. For whatever reasons, she did not get nearly as sick as the Man, who has been really quite ill. 

Since he got sick, Lady has stayed away from Man as much as possible. They try and maintain 6 feet (easy in our too big house) and he sleeps in the guest room. We hope in the next day or two he feels better because as we prepare this, he has been rather ill for 6 days! We also hope Lady doesn't get any more of it.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Nature Friday - Woods

 Thanks to Rosy for hosting this hop.

First we check in with our snow:

Yesterday was April 21, Susan's guess.

Sadly, there is still one spot of snow in the backyard. Sorry Susan! 

Next guess is Millie and Walter's guess for the 25th. Lady says she thinks it should be gone by then, mind you we got snow this week once so who knows!  We are just grateful that June's July 4th guess looks like it will be very wrong! Stay tuned!


As we mentioned, while Man was away we did a lot of walking. A lot of it was in the woods. Lady hopes she will continue this new habit (although bug season may not be as much fun!)


Here we are coming down a hill. You can still see some snow in the swamp at the bottom

In places the path is still icy and in others it is very muddy.

We saw a lot of fungus! 

Lady just noticed this tree on our property by the entrance to the bush. At the top it is 2 trees,

and at the bottom, the two trunks are one and it looks like there is a heart in the bark. Lady is calling it the love tree!

We hope next week to have some more colour to share. While most of the snow is gone, spring has not fully sprung here!

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Thankful Thursday

 Could you please put the camera down so I could be thankful for a belly rub?

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Tongue Out Tuesday - Enough Of The Smooshing


Lady, while I appreciate a good belly rubbing, this hugging and smoothing is too much! Go play with Phod or read a book or something

Monday, April 18, 2022

Mischief Monday - Last Dear Man Post

Dear Man,

If things went as planned, you arrived home late last night. Welcome home! We can't wait to hear about your trip in detail. You are not the most detailed tester. 

We must take cover

Overall, Lady says she gives us a B for the week. We were good at walking and did no damage when she left the house. We went to camp and were not embarrassing. For the most part, we slept through the night (except the night there was assassins on the deck and we barked a lot - the curtains should arrive tomorrow). We didn't want to eat normally and we wanted to get up too early. We also have been drinking a lot of water.

The most mischief was Friday evening. Lady says it wasn't a Good Friday. In the afternoon, it became super windy. Some trees blew down at Callie's. Then right at the time Lady had a virtual chat with friends scheduled, there was some thunder.

Hold me I am scared

The power flickered 87 million 4 times. We were sure we were going to die. 

Lady put us on leashes and held us while she was chatting. 

This leash is preventing me from destroying the house

Lady made the mistake of being lulled into a false sense of security and letting Lee offleash. In less than 5 minutes, Lee peed on the bed in Lady's office, and rubbed her nose on it so much, it looked like a crime scene. Lee's nose was also a bloody mess. Lady says a new bed with a waterproof cover should be here tomorrow as well. Lee has peed too many times on this bed and it won't survive a washing so it is in the garbage.

I wonder if the Easter Bunny needs a red nosed dog?

The storm didn't last long and we settled for the evening and had a good night. 

Overall, we had a good week, but we did miss you enough to not want to eat right. That is a lot of missing, especially from Lee.

love your B students, Lee and Phod


Friday, April 15, 2022

Nature Friday - Dear Man - Day 6 and Snow Update

 Dear Man,

It has been very rainy the past two days and a bit damp. We have been lucky that it has not been pouring when we need to go outside. Lady said were are lucky we aren't in Winnipeg, where they got a lot of snow. The forecast of 50-80 cm (20-32 inches) was wrong, but they still go at least 25 cm (10 inches) last Lady heard.

Yesterday, we got to go out and pup around the yard.

Let's take a look at how the yard is coming!

Let's look around  quickly so we can get to fetch!

Still a spot in the front

Still a spot by the road

Still some in the backyard

Excuse me, I am hunting a chipmunk!

Lady's bulbs are about to start blooming

Man, it may be gone by the time you get back on Sunday. Even if it is, it won't be as warm as you have gotten use to.

Love your very tired pups, Lee and Phod

Editor's Note: Lady is not going to make the man quarantine when he comes back. Covid is everywhere here and if she is going to get it, she is going to get it. While masking policies are lifting some where she works next week, she will be extra careful to not take it to her clients and will follow a stricter masking rules. We have a cupboard full of rapid tests, and Lady is still eligible for a PCR if she is concerned. Frankly, Lady would rather get it now, then in July when she travels with the Global Autism Project (to destinations unknown yet!). Also, it is Lady's fear of being trapped on a germ boat that had her not go with the Man in the first place. She is not ready to cruise. She hopes to be someday! 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Dear Man - Post 3 Covering Days 3-5

 Some clarifications before we begin. The Man is on a vacation all by himself. He asked Lady to go with him but she wasn't ready to travel, especially on a cruise ship, so she decided to stay home with us. 

Dear Man,

We thought we were being the best puppies and more or less listening to the Lady but the most horrible thing has happened.

Can't we just stay home together forever? 

On Monday, Lady didn't give us breakfast and then made us get in the car. Lee was very enthusiastic, but Phod was suspicious and there was a lot of coaxing and trying to go back in the house. Lady said a video would have been funny.

Then we drove for 87 million years, about an hour and realized we were at camp. We haven't been there forever. We were not happy.

Apparently on Monday, we had a good day at camp. Phod played all day. Lee played a little. We were very snuggly with each other (which we aren't at home). 

We were thrilled to be home but disappointed you weren't. We looked everywhere for you!

Tuesday we were two very, very tired pups. 

Wednesday, Lady was really worried she wasn't going to be able to get us into the car, but we were both excited when she asked if we wanted to go to camp.

We had another good day.

While camp was alright, we would much rather be home with Lady. She says it is our last day for now and we will get to be home alone for a few hours today as she has a dental appointment. We will see how this goes.

Two very tired pups, Lee and Phod

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Dear Man - Day Two

 Dear Man,

You will be happy, and maybe surprised, to hear that on Sunday, as is custom, Lady made pancakes. We refuse to say if they were as good as yours because Lady said you come home late next Sunday and we want to make sure we get some next week. Subpar pancakes are better than no pancakes. Lady did not give us the fancy syrup. 

Lady says they couldn't have been too bad because Lee ate all her breakfast after a day of not really eating. 

Phod spends most of his time at the door, awaiting your return.

Lee was glued to the Lady on  Saturday, but on Sunday is back to her normal routine. 

While there is still some snow, there is more grass and some of us have been rolling a lot.  Lady has been keeping with our regular outings. She says tired pups are good pups. 

Speaking of tired, Lady tricked us this week, and we had to go to camp. We will tell you all about that on Thursday.

Hope you aren't getting burnt.

Your very good pups, Lee and Phod

Monday, April 11, 2022

Dear Man - Day One

We interrupt some of our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a special series, called Dear Man. Our Man is out globe trotting (aka on a cruise ship in the Caribbean) while we are at home with the Lady. We thought we would post a journal for him.

Dear Man,

After you left at 3:30 am Saturday morning, we went back to sleep until after 7. Lady made us wait but then she took us on a hike in the sugar bush (aka woods behind our house). She learned from the neighbours they are likely done boiling and we missed it this year, while we were avoiding people so you wouldn't get the Covid before you went. They said they got about 80 litres and when they are less Covid-y (avoiding them was a good idea), they will bring some maple syrup over.

Still snow in the bush

An Usie!

Checking out an old school bucket

Not much inside

Callie left her ball back here!

Walking by the shack

While Lady was cleaning the house, she found this . . . maybe this is why some puppies looked guilty when you got home the other day.

Callie came over to visit a lot. We think she is bored living with sick people. when the non-sick people were out, we stayed far away.

Overall, we had a good first day without you. It was mostly a typical Saturday.

Love your good pups, Lee and Phod