Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Emma's new trick

Emma has been with us for 8 weeks now. We have about one more week before Chris is back from the military exercises he is on.  She has been a much better girl. She has the occasional accident, but 50% of the time it is likely our fault. While she likes to be near us, she can better entertain herself and we don't need to held all the time. She is doing better at sleeping in (although today she wanted to go out at 5:45 am - ugh)

I have taught her one new trick, which is cute. Here is a little video of it. Pardon my outfit, this is post my Saturday of yard work! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Mischief Monday - In the yard

How can you leave me inside all day?
Phody is calling mischief on the people for their behaviour on Saturday. They were very mean. They went outside in the yard where we could see them all day, and made us stay inside. They did occasionally come and take us out for some business, but then they abandoned us. We barked and whined but that didn't help. They were very bad people.

Piece of the deck, before and after wash

From The Lady:
While I would have liked to be playing with the dogs all day on Saturday, we had some work to do that was not safe for the dogs to be around. First, I had to mow the lawn. This is a big job. Then we were power washing the deck, getting it ready to be stained. While I am sorry they were sad to be inside, it is the way it had to be!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Post 1000!

Through all the good and the bad,
All the great times and the sad,
All the times they listened or did not,
Writing this blog has been a wonderful spot
To share the crazy life we live
and to gather great advice others give.
While at times we may complain
Life without the pack would be mundane.
There would be less hair on clothes and less fun
Going for long walks would never get done.
Can't wait to see what is next in store,
All I can say for sure it won't be a bore!
Thank you all for all the support you show,
on this journey we will continue to go!

To 1000th more posts! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Party Cause it's post 999

In preparation for post 1000 - I have a few thank yous to give.

First, I want to say 1000 thank yous to Catahoula Rescue for saving the lives of Hailey and Zaphod even though they are not Catahoulas, and trusting us with their lives. To find out more about this great organization, visit their blog here.

Second, I would to say 1000 thank yous to everyone who visits this blog when they can. I hope you all enjoy it. I started this blog for 2 reasons: one, so the people who saved Hailey's life could see where she was now and two, to help me cope with my crazy dog. While I write it for me first, I am so pleased you are all sharing this journey with me. For my fellow dog bloggers, thank you for sharing your experiences too. It is a great community to be part of. 

Third, I want to say 1000 thank yous to the Man, for not saying no and allowing me to keep getting dogs. 

Next, I want to give 1000 pets to Baggy and Ninny for tolerating 10+ years of having dogs rule their house. They are sadly second class citizens, but I love them very much.

This blog would not be possible without Hailey and Zaphod. They bring life, love, and joy to our home. Without them, we would be really, really boring instead of just really boring.  Lee and Phod - Thank you both for being yourselves with such passion. 

If you have a favourite post or memory, please write about it in the comment section!

This is post 999

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Worst Day of My New Life - as told by Zaphod

Dear Blogville,

You all know that I try really, really hard to be a good boy and make my people happy. They have been very good people and have loved me and taken good care of me - until yesterday.

Yesterday we got up early and Lady took us out and feed us. Then she gave me a pill. I didn't want it, but she made me take it. Then after a few more going outs and her doing something in the garage (Editor's note: Lady was covering the car with covers in case Phod was sick), she took just me out. At first I was very excited to be going, but as we started going I got really sick. I threw up a lot. My no sickness pill did not help. Finally after an hour we arrived at the vet and I was so excited to get out of the car. Lady had towels and garbage bags and other covers so she cleaned up the car and me and then we went in.

Showing off my bandage from where the
vampire got me. At least it wasn't pink!
checking it out.
I was so happy to be out of the car at first, I forgot I don't like the vet. Then the receptionist asked me to get on the scale. I was terrified. I tried to spread my legs out flat and push myself away so I didn't have to go on it, but my Lady pushed and pulled me until I got on. I weigh about 63 lbs. This is a good weight for me.

Next it was waiting in the waiting room. I was nervous and sat glued to my Lady. She talked to me and petted me and I shed a lot of hair. Then I got called in to a room. I sniffed around the room but then became glued to my Lady. Finally, Woody came. He didn't make me go on the table or even leave my Lady. He just sat on the floor beside me and gave me pets and checked me out. He said he wouldn't give me treats cause I had been so sick. The exam wasn't too bad, until I heard my Lady and Woody talking about my leg. See, if I run too much, my limp comes back. Woody said I likely have a soft tissue injury and need to rest for another 4-6 weeks. If it is not better at that time, I will need X-rays and will need to sleep through those. That is another month without ball. This is when life got really bad.

Phody looking sad after his visit

Suddenly the worst thing happen, Woody took my leash and started taking me out the back door. Lady went out the other door. I was so scared, Woody had to pull me. At the back they took my blood [Editor's Note: Vet and Lady decided he should be tested for heartworm as we don't know his history]. They gave me needles and then they took me back to my Lady.

By now I was just trying to leave. I sniffed and stood up at the door, but Lady said she had to pay.

The vet was so horrible (even though the people are very nice and love me, I don't want to see them there), I forgot I didn't like the car and just jumped in. I was sick on the way home again and so glad to be home. Lady let me run around the front yard before I came in.

Lady says I only have to go to the vet one time a year. I think that is one time too many.

From the Lady:
While Phod was really sick and nervous, he did a great job at the vet. He did stick close to me, but he was quiet and fairly easily redirected. He gave blood like a champ. It is very different taking a nervous Zaphod vs a nervous Hailey to the vet. He is much quieter in his nervousness. He got a clean bill of health and we will watch his leg.

PS: Yes, our well is on a pump so when there is no electricity there is no water. The generator is now sitting in the garage. Just need to connect with the electrician to get it installed.

This is post 998 . . . . .

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordy Wednesday . . . . Catch Up after the Storm

Last Friday we had 2 huge storms. One happened around 4 am. There was so much lightening it was like a strobe light. Hailey hid in the closet, and Zaphod and Emma were a little nervous and wanted snuggles.  Friday morning we woke up to the first tree down, across the road. After a delayed start, I did get to my last day of work before holidays.
Our lost tree - blocking the road out

The afternoon another huge storm ripped through. We weren't home, but it must have been bad. We lost at least 6 more trees. The power lines were taken out. It took about 95 hours for us to get our power back.

We camped in the house for the 95 or so hours. We got lake water to flush the toilet. Our diet was not great, but we ate. We caught up on sleep (as we went to sleep as soon as it got dark). We learned a lot about generators and are waiting for an electrician to get back to us as we want one installed sooner rather then later. We were lucky that it was cooler (in fact, I needed to wear my flannel pjs one night), so we didn't get too hot.
One of our trees ripped up by the roots

Besides having to empty the fridge and freezer, and not getting the yard work we had planned done (this is why we were both on holidays), our dogs developed a few new issues. Hailey is now scared of wind. It was mildly windy one day and she freaked out. Last night it was fairly windy around 3 and she was up pacing. At one point she wanted love, which is really unusual, but no amount of love could help relax her. Finally the Man put her back in the closet. Also, Zaphod is now a little nervous during a storm. He is not as bad as Lee, but he wants to be snuggled with you. I don't think Emma notices anything different.

It is going to take us a few days to catch up and clean up. We have piles of trees to cut up and move. We have lots of cleaning to do inside the house. We have to refill the fridge and freezer. But we survived it, no one was hurt  and have a greater appreciation for running water. Also,  luckily I have 2 1/2 more weeks of vacation!

Some of the trees our neigbour took off the road that await us to cut up.

PS: Today Phod goes for his annual check up. 3 posts to 1000 stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 5 in the dark

Just a quick note to say we are surviving. Hydro -Quebec says we should have it back by 11 pm tomorrow. Until then we wait!

Miss you all and can't wait to catch up!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still no power

Am at Aunt C's to have a shower and charge devices so thought I would do a quick update.
We are still without power. It is likely going to be another couple days. The power lines around us are all down.

Having been without power for 4 days in December and now, we can say it is easier to be without power this time of year. Fortunately the weather is cooler, so being without fans is ok. It is nicer to be outside then in December. We can go get lake water to flush the toilet . . . . it is like camping in your house.

Miss you all and can't wait to catch up!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

No Power

A series of powerful storms ripped through our area yesterday. We are still without power. We are safe. We lost a number of trees. It is not how I wanted to start vacation . . . And I am mad we didn't get a generator in the spring. Anyway, we will be back when the lights return.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Roll-it - a review

When I was in Calgary last month, at Winners I found this toy for Phod. We didn't get to start playing with it until recently because it was too rainy and then he had hurt his leg.

Here is Phod playing with it:

He loves it and now if he sees us taking it out, he knows this means we are going to the beach!

  • It was inexpensive (I think I paid $5 for it)
  • It floats, which makes it a great water toy.
  • Phod loved the squeaker.
  • It is small and light and easy to carry.
  • We have only used it a few times, but his strong jaws have not chewed through or damaged the rubber.
  • The bright orange colour is easy to see in the lake (it can be hard to see sticks). I don't know if this makes a difference for him, but it does for the humans! 

  • The squeaker, which he loved has died already.
  • It skips when you throw it, so you have to be careful you don't throw it too far.

Overall, we would give this toy 3.5/4 paws.

Asides: 2 very long crazy days at work until vacation! I had a 12 hour day yesterday and will have the same today. Can't wait to catch up with everyone! Also, we are 8 posts from 1000 . . . . stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Bake a Bone - a review

Aunt C gave the Lady "Bake a Bone" for her birthday. Aunt C and the Lady couldn't wait to try it out on Saturday. Here is how it went:

Here is the recipe they picked:

Aunt C adding the flour:

Mashed Banana . . . . mmmmmm

Ready to roll the peanuts:

The mix:

Hailey supervising:

Getting ready to cook it.

They are all done:

Cooling . . . . . .


The Pros:
  • Recipes are easy to follow and most use ingredients you likely have in the house. 
  • There are 30 recipes.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • There are mixes you could purchase for people who don't want to do the effort (the store didn't have any when Aunt C bought it - so we can't say if they are any good).
  • Lady likes that she knows exactly what is going into our treats.
  • They are soft and chewy (at first Phod didn't see them as food, but once he realized they were, he loved them).
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The dogs really loved them.
  • The humans found them bland (likely because there is no sugar) so they won't be eating them!

The Cons:
  • You only cook 4 cookies at a time (and our batch made 28 cookies).
  • It takes about 8 minutes to cook four, so cooking time is long.
  • It can be hard to get the exact amount of batter into the spots so not all the cookies turned out as perfect bones (I did get better at this as I went).
  • You have to be sure there are no air bubbles in the batter or it will collapse!

Overall, we give this product 3/4 paws. The only real draw back is the cooking time (the dogs don't care if the cookies aren't perfect looking!)

Thanks Aunt C for such a great gift for Lady!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mischief Monday - A lot of mischief last week!

More about the tunnel:  I went and read the tag. It is made by a company called Pets at Home. They appear to be a UK based company. That may not help all our American friends, but may help our UK ones! [Living in a Commonwealth country, has its advantages].

Now the Mischief:
I just want to say, Emma wins pup of the week award, she was not really involved in all our shenanigans! (she had a few accidents but most were our fault!)

Tuesday: Hailey gets into the bush during a groundhog chasing event. She gets so tangled around the bush, she is choking herself. To get her untangled, I have to undo the tie out. She gets loose and gets under the logs. I am just wearing shorts and flip flops, so as I am trying to get her out of the deep bush and out from under a wood pile, I was getting cut. Finally I took the other 2 inside and put on long pants and real shoes and climbed up the wood pile (which wasn't safe) and got her. I admit during this 30 minutes, I lost my cool and cried. Hailey came out, happy as a pig in poop, covered in dirt. I brought her in, put her in the bathroom alone for a few minutes to regain my composure and then threw her in the bath! She did not like that.

This picture was taken after I had caught her on the logs. Look at the dirt in her fur! 

Saturday: First they took all the Tupperware  that was sitting by the counter and chewed some of it up and put it by the front door, while we were out. That evening Aunt C and Uncle D were over. We had a fire. The dogs were inside. There were some fireworks, which stressed Lee out. When we came in there were 4 HUGE pee spots in the basement. Basically Hailey and Zaphod had peed everywhere! We were not happy. This is the second time recently that Hailey has had an accident due to fireworks. It may have been so bad because access was blocked to her favourite rooms (our bedroom door was closed as we had the patio door open trying to cool the house down and the guest room was closed as it was made up for Aunt C and Uncle D).

Sunday: Phody ran out onto the road when a car was coming. Scared the poop out of the Man. He knew he was in trouble.
I caused mischief when I was trying to create a new header for the blog and when I removed the old one, I forgot I didn't have the old one saved as someone had made it for me. I will have to get a new one made this week. [I am having trouble with sizing it].

It was a busy week!  Mischief Maker of the week goes to Hailey!

PS: We just got a TJ Maxx in Ottawa, and it doesn't have a home decor section, so I didn't know they had those in the US!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Black and White Sunday - Brave Hailey

About the tunnel: It was purchased at a store called Winners. I don't think they have them in the US. Winners is kind of like a TJ Maxx, brand name things at discount prices. It also has a large home goods section, which includes a pet section. We get lots of neat things there. It is one of those places you have to watch for things. I just happened to be there looking for a new lunch bag, and walked down the pet aisle and there it was.

Black and White Sunday:

Lee has sort of overcome her fear of the crate. She will now at least go in it if the door is open. Some may remember how she destroyed 2 crates when we first got her.

Hailey has had some not very brave moments this week - come back tomorrow to mischief Monday and we will tell you about them!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A new toy

First: In case you missed it in the comments yesterday, a note from Aunt C regarding cousin Panda:

Thanks for the well wishes for Panda! She did great at the vet. It's not a tumour or cancer. Most likely it's a cyst or an old wound healing (she was a stray so we don't know her history). She may need surgery to remove it but that will be a breeze!

Panda's mom

We are so happy that it is nothing serious!

On Thursday, because I am feeling slightly guilty about the time I have put in at work the past 2 weeks and the time I have not been spending with my dogs (somehow I don't feel guilty for not getting the housework done), and because I saw it - I brought the dogs home this new toy . . . . . .

A tunnel!

Phod coming out. he is great at the tunnel and likes it. He loves to go around the bend in it. 

Lee taking it our for a spin. It took her a couple minutes to warm up to it, even though she liked it at agility.

Phod thinking about having a tunnel nap. 

Emma is unsure of it. With cookies and blocking she will go through it.

So far everyone seems to be enjoying it. 
The test will be, how long will it last!

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Thank you (and Lady says I have to put something for Feline Friday)

I am excited to have a chance to write an acceptance speech.

I would like to begin by thanking Murray from http://murraysmouth.blogspot.ca for being so brilliant and sharing the Versatile Blogger award with me. I accept this award and am not allowing Phod, Nin or Baggy to speak because in case you didn't notice this blog is mine. It is not the Phody Chronicles or the Ninny Chronicles or Life with an old grumpy Baggy cat. It is the Hailey Chronicles. It is my blog that I sometimes share (when Lady makes me).

Clearly I am a very deserving girl for the following seven reasons:

1) I am very smart and have a great memory. I am good with my tricks.
2) I am a very good girl. Any reports of mischief are exaggerations or from the imagination of a certain slightly delusional Lady.
3) I am beautiful and unique looking.
4) I willingly share my blog, toys and attention with the other creatures in my house.
5) I never try to hurt innocent animals (groundhogs and squirrels are evil).
6) I always have my listening ears on. Just because some people can't talk loud enough for others to hear is not my fault.
7) I am very patient with Nin and Baggy and Phody and Emma. And most importantly my people. They need a lot of work, but have come a long way in the 2 years 10 months I have been training them.

Thank you again Murray. I am honoured to be recognized by my peers.

I pass this award to anyone who has been unfairly blamed for mischief!

Lady says that since it is Friday, I HAVE to put a silly cat post on. I can have most of today's post but I must do this. Sigh!

Here is Baggy enjoying a bag.  Happy Friday!

PS: Please cross your paws for our cousin Panda today. Aunt C found a lump on her and she is visiting the vet to get it checked out. We hope it is nothing serious.