Monday, November 30, 2020

Mischief Monday - Must Have Been Sleepwalking - by Lee

Saturday morning I got off the bed, went downstairs, peed on the bed that had been in front of the fire, and then went back to bed. I never even asked to go out. Man was not happy with me for not asking. I maintain I was sleepwalking because I would never go and pee on the blanket by the fire.  (If the peeps try and tell you peeing on this is a habit if they don't pick it up, ignore them.)

Friday, November 27, 2020

FFF Nature Friday - A Mystery

Today is the last Friday of the month so we  Aunty-Yam for Final Fiction Friday and we join Rosy for Nature Friday. 

The camera didn't see
Who was digging up the bin
The jay won't tell us

The mystery of the bin digger will remain until the spring, as a few days after these were taken, the snow came and I think it is here to stay. In our municipality there is a bylaw that requires composting.  There are fines for not using your bin. We are primarily a rural municipality, there are no high rises, but there are rentals, mainly houses or duplexes, so this is possible. The green bags you see in the picture are compatible bags that we use to line the bin that sits on our counter. We have set the composter bin up in a spot that is easily accessible to us all year and  it is ok if there is a bit of a mess around it.  I was happy to see birds eating our food remains as well. Fun compost fact, the Granny Smith apple is a hybrid that was discovered in a compost heap!

Did you spot the jay in every picture (there are 2 in the second picture).


Thursday, November 26, 2020

A Lesson By Professor Lee - The Feed Me Eyes

 Dear pals,

While I am a very talented dog, one of my greatest talents is being able to use my eyes and my focus to get the Lady to give me some of her food. It is like I am hypnotizing her. As many of my readers are celebrating Thanksgiving today, I thought this was the perfect time for the lesson.

Let me show you.

First, stare intently at whatever she is eating. This is easiest if you can be on the couch beside her, but can also work from the floor.

Then, with the same intensity, look at your person. Stomping your feet to ensure attention is also helpful.

Let me show you the correct posture when you are sitting on the floor and your person is in a chair.

Phod clearly needs some more work, he is looking not interested and not staring directly at the person. I will keep trying to teach him. He may be hopeless, but my stare gets him treats because the Lady feels bad he doesn't get as many treats. So I guess I am hypnotizing her for the both of us. 

Give this a try with your person and let me know if you get extra treats! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Monday, November 23, 2020

Mischief Monday - A Minor Escape - by Lee

 One day last week Callie came over for a lunch time playdate. The Man thought I might enjoy playing with her more if I was off leash. I did, but after a few minutes I decided to use the opportunity to explore the neighbours yard. The trail cam, which was pointed at the composter to see what was digging it up, caught the escape.

Callie was a little nervous and didn't follow me all the way back to her home.  Lady says I was not being a good role model. 

I only went over to the neighbour's garage (something I have never tried before but now that I have seen Callie come over, I know it is a thing). Man put me back on leash and I spent the rest of the playdate on leash.

The taste of freedom was totally worth it! 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Nature Friday - Night Visitor

Thanks to Rosy for hosting Nature Friday.

First, when Lady was going through the trail cam pictures, there was this neat one of the moon. No idea what set it off, but thought it was cool!

While there were many pictures, this was our only wildlife shot. Taken just a few hours before Lady brought the camera in to check and put new batteries in. 

There was suppose to be a video here, but it appears it didn't play. Lady will have to figure this out and try another week!


Thursday, November 19, 2020

In Loving Memory of Tendra

 On Monday, surrounded by love, our Lady's parents dog Tendra, went peacefully to the bridge. She lived 12 years as the boss of the house. Her presence will be greatly missed. We will miss getting to play with her and getting dinner really early when she was around. Run free dear girl.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

My Kids - By Phod

Yesterday we introduced the pup from next door. Those pictures were taken when the kids from next door were at school. Over the pandemic, the kids and I have become good friends. Tere is 10 year old J, 8 year old M, and my special boy, who is not pictured, almost 5 year old D. D and I are very good friends, but I love the girls too. Sometimes I see the girls at the bus stop in the morning and often they stop by on their walk home if we are out. 

My girls, stopping to play on the way home

D loves me sooooo much that when his family was starting to look for a new dog,  their 13 year old Diesel, who we never met as he did not like other dogs, unfortunately went to the bridge earlier this year. D told his parents he wanted a big orange dog like me! So while the rest of the family may have wanted a blue coloured dog, he is very excited that Callie is orange. 

I am very lucky to have kids who love me. Hailey is doing ok with them too. She always has to bark when she first sees them, but the kids are use to it and aren't scared. Then she lets them pet her. She just doesn't love them like I do but she does like them.

We are lucky to have neighbourhood kids!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Mischief Monday - The Puppy From Next Door

Last week, we eluded to the fact our neighbours had gotten a new puppy. We met her very briefly one day, but last Tuesday, at lunch while we were outside, we heard a rustling in the bush. Hailey, went on high alert at the intruders. 

Phod came running across the yard. 

Out of the bush came the pup with one of her adult people.

Meet Callie! When we met her, she was almost 8 weeks old. She is a blue heeler, with the red colouring. At the time of our meeting she was about 8lbs, but will grow up to be around 50 likely. 

Lady would like to say how proud she was with us when we met her and when we have seen her since. We do a good job with the sniffing and letting her sniff us. 

Phod is always happy to see her, but not sure how to play with her. 

Hailey is always excited and always tries and play, but having to be on leash and having a puppy who doesn't know how to play make it hard. We are sure the girls will figure it out!

During her first visit, Callie kept eating the rocks in the driveway. She has a lot to learn! She also didn't stay still very long! 

Welcome to the 'hood Callie! We look forward to causing mischief with you (and hearing about the mischief you create!)

Ps. Blogger is causing Lady grief and everyday won't let her comment on some other blogger blogs. It let's her comment on others so we are sorry if we couldn't comment on yours! We have no idea what is going on lol.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Nature Friday - Dinner?

 American friends, if you need a turkey for thanksgiving, we can help you out! 

Thanks to Rosy for hosting Nature Friday. 


Thursday, November 12, 2020

This And That - by Lee


Afirst, yesterday's past was Lady's grandfather in WWII, and her great grandfathers in WWI. These men are all from her dad's side.  Her mom's family was just a bit younger so did not have the same experience.

We had a heat wave recently. The normal average is about 5C/41F but we had daytime highs around 18C/64F for like 5 days. Last week Lady drove home in the first snow of the year (we got a couple inches) on Monday and Friday she could have been wearing shorts. It was a wacky week and went with what was happening in the world.

Like the rest of the world, we were pretty glued to our devices last week. As some of you may recall, I am a Canadian immigrant, having been born in Ohio and moving to Canada with a rescue when I was a pup. I don't want to turn this into a whole political post because we are all divided enough. However, I will say I am hopefully this change may bring some peace and improvements of rights for all. I am also excited to see the first rescue dog calling the White House home!

Most importantly, I have been enjoying not being the pup who is causing the most trouble in the house for once. I have had more than my fair share of that over the years, Phod can have a turn.

That is about all that is new. I better rest up so I am ready to play with the neighbours pup.

Your pal Lee

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Trouble on a Tuesday - The Trash Bandit Strike Again -by Phpd

Let me tell you a story.

Last Saturday, we were out playing in the yard when we got talking to the neighbours (they were passing by because their almost 5 year old was running away from home again). They mentioned they had picked up a puppy that morning. We were unceremoniously dumbed back in the house so the peeps could go over and meet Callie. They were gone for an hour 87 million days and came back smelling like puppy. They told us once the puppy adjusts a little, we are going to help socialize her.

The people quickly jumped into their car and were off to get groceries.

They came back to this.

Now, they say I should feel shame for getting into the garbage again (they still have no proof it was me). I think they should feel shame because both times the mystery trash bandit has stopped by, what he can reach is their takeout garbage. They are adding to climate change and not taking their health as seriously as they should.

I have no idea what happened

We know people had suggested a can under the sink. The problem with that is mice.  Next time they have to leave us, the garbage is going to be out out of reach. 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Mischief Monday - The Dreaded V-E-T - by Phod

 Dear pals,

Last week, I had a terrible, horrible day, that I think was uncalled for. Apparently I was due for a check up in July but because of the pandemic I could only go now. 

I knew as soon as Lady took me to the garage alone and told me I was to get in the car, no good would come of this.  I tried to hide but Lady made me get out and try again.

I got my revenge by throwing up in the car.  When we arrived I knew exactly where I was and I gave Lady the stink eye. 

Lady had told me I was going to have to be brave and go in alone. However, when she called for check in, she was happily surprised to learn that one person per pet could come in. I was very happy to hear this. Lady completed her screening and we met the tech at the door. I was escorted to the scale where I was most uncooperative but they finally got my weight. I am 80lbs, up 3lbs from last year (perhaps the extra treat or it is past swimming season and I no longer have my beach body). At any rate, it was never brought up as a problem so it doesn't matter.

After the horror of the scale I was escorted to my room. I was not seeing my regular vet, but he popped in to yell at Lady for not calling him and he would have worked us in say hi. The new vet came in. She was nice, but I didn't like her treats. She did say I was good and handsome and she really liked my name, even if she kept saying it wrong.  She said I was healthy. She she squirted stuff in my mouth and stuck a needle near my hip, so I don't know if we really are friends, even if she let me be right next to my Lady so they weren't 6 feet apart (but they had PPE and Lady turned her head when the vet had to be close because I was almost trying to get on Lady's lap). She gave me some pain meds for days I feel stiff. Then it was over and I had to wait in my room forever for the paperwork and meds. 

Finally Lady paid (all in the room to reduce contact with other) and we came home.

Overall, I would say it was terrible and I was a little mad at Lady, but after about 10 minutes of being home, I curled up beside her and forgave her. 

So that was my horrible day and I hope I don't have to go back for a year. 

Friday, November 6, 2020

Nature Friday - The Bucks Stop Here

Thanks to dearest Rosy for hosting Nature Friday. When Lady was uploading our Halloween pictures from her much neglected actual camera, she came across these pictures of the bucks she had taken in September.  This is in our yard beside the house in our second acre. Enjoy! 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Fall Fever

This is one of the times of year where Hailey has the most energy and wants to play. Normally she is very reserved and doesn't respond well to Phod's play initiations. However, the other night she started it. I was able to catch a few pictures on my iPad. I am sure if asked she would deny enjoying this. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Halloween Outtakes

Looking at the Halloween pictures and the outtakes from the recent fall photos, it is clear that one of the two is more cooperative.

First we have the Man is standing to the side with the treats so we can't look at the camera. 

Next we have the complaining pose.

Finally we have I am so bored please save me (for something that lasted less than 3 minutes).