Friday, November 23, 2012

She's leavin' on a jet plane . . .

Love me not the work!
Special thanks to Molly who told our Lady about upgrading to Google+ so we can now put pictures up. Here is the picture we wanted to put up yesterday. This is Lee sitting on the Lady's work trying to get love.      

Our Lady has been trying to trust us more when she is out cause we had a couple good days. So on Wednesday she left us out and we were angels and didn't do anything bad. Then on Thursday she tried the same thing and we chewed the baskets and someone pooped and peed all over the floor. 

We were really excited when our Lady came home with Grammie. Of course we are sad that Lady is going away and we won't have her or get to blog until December, we love having our Grammie here. She gives us lots of love and tells us how good we are, even if we pee on the floor. 

We will miss you all this next week or so and look forward to catching up on all your adventures when our Lady returns.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Preparing to be abandoned by Lee

Our Lady does not love us. This past week she has been working 12 and 13 hour days to get ready to abandon us. Can you believe it? She, Grammie and Aunt C are going on something called a cruise. I think this sounds horrible. We are going to be stuck at home with the Man from Friday night on the 23rd until December 3rd. That is forever!

Our Lady has not been so busy she has not been letting us read other blogs. She hardly lets us write ours. In the the little bit of spare time we have together she is making us make (that is right, with our little paws make) and write and address Christmas cards. She has made us do like 60 so far. She says we have only about 20 left.   She said she wants to mail the US ones when she is in the States as it will be cheaper. I think it is just another form of torture and we hope those getting the cards appreciated the slave labour!

Here is another example of how bad it has gotten:  The other evening the Lady was reading a report in the bath. She said this was a way to relax and work at the same time. Poor Phody was so desperate for love and attention that he brought one of his toys for her to play fetch with. He almost had to drop it in the bath. She did play with him  with one hand while holding the report in the other.

I have been so upset about all of this I haven't even had a chance to be destructive. That just isn't me!

Tomorrow is gonna be our last blog post until she is back. She says the Man doesn't have to blog while she is away. More meanness, no blogging, no checking blogs for a whole 9 days.

My Lady is telling me I should say that she has been taking us for long walks, playing ball outside with Phod and working on my off leash training where I get lots of cookies, doing tricks with us and still having cuddly time. She also says I should say I get my Grammie for one day and when she gets back Grammie will be here and the Big Guy will come with one of this dogs and it will be fun. I say none of this is enough!

Ok, now that I have pouted, I would like to take the time to wish all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving. I was born in the US but now have Canadian citizenship. I hope you all have a lot to be thankful for. My Lady says I do, but I don't believe her. How do you believe someone who is abandoning you forever? Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: About yesterday it was me who won King of the Castle, I always win!

PPS: I can't add a picture because apparently I am out of space and we have to buy some more or something and Lady doesn't have time this morning:( This is how horrible it is to be me!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Don't Yell at Her!

Phod has developed an interesting habit. It seems to only be with me. If I am scolding Lee for some reason (perhaps for her trying to pull me over or telling her to get off the counter or out of the cat food), this is what happens.

Phod comes running to me.
I just want you to be happy Lady. Do I make you happy?
He jumps up (which he doesn't normally do).
He will wrap his paws around my arm and try and pull me down so he can kiss my face.

I end up comforting him instead of scolding Lee.

Of course, when I am scolding Lee, she is not paying any attention to me. The scolding is really to make me feel better, not to change her behaviour!

I hate to stress my poor boy out, so will work on scolding Lee less!

One of our friends from twitter finally joined the blog-osphere. Please pop over and say hi to Loki the DoberDog All Loki dogs will always have a special place in my heart because my first dog as an adult was a Loki!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mischief Monday - But Lady we want to chase too!

Saturday morning I had to go to work (the price I must pay to have this upcoming vacation, but more about that later this week). As the Man was being a saint and taking my car to get winter tires I wanted to make sure the dogs were good and tired before they were left alone.

Around 7 am we went out. It was frosty but only just below freezing in Celsius (high 20s in F I think) and sunny, so a nice morning for a walk. We just head out and across the field we see some deer running. I stop and let the pups watch, mainly because I want to watch too! The deer then turn, come up the field and are running toward the road we are standing on. The pups start to go crazy! The deer cross our path about 50 metres (160 feet) from where we are standing. It was a buck chasing a doe! It was very amazing!

By this point pup 1 and pup 2 are going crazy and I am being dragged up the road. . It takes all my strength to stay semi-incontrol. Finally I am able to get us turned around and I hope by walking the other way they will settle. I am totally mistaken about this, in fact they were just trying to figure out how to get us through the bush  to get back to where the deer were.

It becomes apparent that this walk was not going to happen in a safe fashion, so again I turn them around and head home. We were out for about 10 minutes - went at best like 300 meters in total (about 1000 feet) and I was all sweaty and tired. It was short but it was a good workout!

Sorry no pictures, but it is hard to get pictures when you are holding on for dear life!

That was the mischief! (and no destruction, so maybe they were tired, or thought they had enough mischief!)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Black and White Sunday

This is our first one! We hope to do this more often!
Have a great day!

PS: Our Lady says she is sorry she is behind on her blog reading etc. She hopes to have time to catch up and let us visit all our friends later today.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hi, I'm Zaphod and . . . .

I have a problem.
I am addicted to playing fetch. 
I will play fetch with any toy, no matter how small I have chewed the piece.

*****Thank you everyone who went to watch and like Spectrum's video yesterday. It was much appreciated!****

Friday, November 16, 2012

Feline Friday - Helping with Chores

Baggy making sure the clean laundry has just the right amount of cat hair!

Nin checking to see if the towels are folded right while supervising the making of dinner!

It is really nice to have such great household supervisors!

A non-pet related favour - The Lady. A charity I know very well (maybe because I work there:), Spectrum Intervention Group, has entered a contest late. The contest (and I am not sure the prize - but anything is good for a charity) is to get the most likes for your video by mid-night tonight. So if you could find the time today (Friday the 16th) to go and like this video (you don't have to watch it) - that would be amazing! I think the leading video has like 100 likes and while this video is coming late to the party, I am sure we can get 100+ likes in a day!  Thanks! Spectrum Video

About Spectrum Intervention Group, they are a not for profit organization that provides treatment to individuals with autism using the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Autism is a disorder that effects about 1:88 children in North America (with similar numbers world wide - some experts say as many as 1 in 55 boys!). There is no known cause or cure. The only proven treatment is education using ABA. In Ontario Canada, there is very little government funding for this service. It is very expensive and parents need to pay out of pocket. Spectrum works really hard to find grants etc that allow for high quality services at an affordable rate. Thanks again for listening to me blab about my second love! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Operation - No where to sit - by Lee

As our people caught on to the counter game and started doing a darn good job at not leaving things for us to surf, we had to try something different. So, we launched operation no where to sit. Our goal being to destroy the bench that isn't even 2 months old so they would have no place to sit and put on their shoes. No shoes = no going out. 

The man came home to this. 

When the Lady came home (she had been gone forever. She said it was only 36 hours, but we said it felt like forever), she interrogated us again. We missed her so much and we did feel a little bad that she was unhappy. 

We have heard that our Lady is going to find a steal cage and we will be crated when they go out. We think this is all talk, but she seems a little frustrated with us. She said something about wanting nice things. We thought we were nice things! She also said that we had been doing such a good job about being trustworthy, she doesn't know what got into us. I told her to read the blog. She sighed and went and unpacked and did dishes. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nap Time

A couple weeks ago (we have been busy), our Lady was home from work sick. we amused her with our sleeping positions!

Nin, hugging Phod with his tail!

Nin and Lee spooning
Lee using Nin as a foot rest

We are so thrilled to win another award. Our Lady won't let us to acceptance speeches again, but she will let us give a heartfelt thanks! Thanks to Pawsitively Pets for awarding us this award. It is for having many different species of babies. 

We pass it on to 2 Punk Dogs.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mischief Monday - No drinking while you drive by Lee

 For those who missed it, last week we started a campaign of punishment for the Lady for leaving us. You can read about it here. On Friday we thought we would continue our crusade to never be left alone with "Operation no drinking while you are driving." We imagined our Lady would miss her tea or hot lemon water on the go.

Travel mug lid found in our bed

 Our Lady was surprised because she thought she had pushed everything back far enough. It was sitting about here on the counter.
Far back on counter

Our Lady did this thing where she took us to the counter and made us stand up to see who would reach it. Turns out it was too far back for me (the one who counter surfs all the time in front of the people), but not too far back for Phod, who has never been seen to counter surf.  Our Lady tried to get to the bottom of this by interrogating us.

As you can see we plead the 5th!

Our Lady is probably going to get really creative with where things are kept now and we are going to have to come up with new mischief.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

We remember

Today we pause to remember the men, women and animals who have given their lives so we can be free. Words do not express our gratitude for the sacrifices of past and present military personal and their families. We hope our moment of silence will.

On November 3, 2012 a new monument to Animals at War was unveiled in Ottawa. We have yet to visit it, but look forward to seeing it soon. For more information about it it visit