Monday, January 30, 2012

So True!

I am sorry I can't say the source of this quote, my mom sent it to me, my guess is it is from Pinterest:) 

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dreams and Nightmares?

Hailey is a dreamer. Our dog Loki was too, Gemini never really was. When Lee dreams her legs twitch and she makes little noises.

The other night she woke me up at 3 am she was laying on my legs shaking very badly. As always I said "It's ok LeeLee" and she moved positions but kept shaking and whimpering. I reached down and talked to her and petted her and she stopped. Actually she got up went to the other side of the bed (the way I was facing) and demanded I rub her belly. Was she actually having a bad dream and needed comfort?

As a very vivid dreamer who remembers her dreams most of the time, I really want to know what she is dreaming of, but I guess I will never know!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

When did I become the crazy dog lady?

It occurred to me the other day that I have become "that" person, the crazy dog lady. I always aspired to becoming the crazy cat lady in my old age. My sister and I have a plan when we are old and widowed (in general our family has been blessed with longevity)  we would move into a house (not just any house, our parents lovely beach front house) and have like 15 cats. This should be at least 40 years away.

However, at some point I became the crazy dog lady. Not crazy in numbers, but crazy about my dog. I think it started happening when Loki was dying. The extra care he required put more emphasis on the dog ownership part of my life. From there I became more dog centred, and I think the tipping point was Gemi's death. Having lost 2 dogs much too early (age 8 and 6 respectively) I realized my time with any pet was too short, so better get everything I can out of it.

You know you are a crazy dog person when:

1) You write a blog about your dog daily.
2) Most of your free time is spent reading other blogs.
3) You don't want to go on holidays/away because you might have to board your dog. So you only go to dog friendly places or just stay home.
4) You spend more money on the dog's coat and boots then on your own.
5) You take a day off to play with your dog.
6) You schedule your work day to minimize the time the dog might spend alone.
7) You take great pleasure in dressing your dog up, taking pictures and showing everyone.
8) You enter your dog in every dog contest you can find.
9) People at work roll their eyes when you mention your dog.
10) All your YouTube searches are to look for new tricks to teach your dog.
11) Your grocery list has items like "Peanut Butter for the dog" on it.
12) Your weekend plans centre around dog parks, pet stores, play dates and other dog friendly activity.
13) Instead of joining a gym or signing up for a human activity, you put your resources into your dog's class.
14) You look longingly at the pets on and local rescues and pray they find homes soon and imagining a time in your life when they could all live with you.
15) You spend more time analyzing the nutritional content of the dog's food then you ever have on anything you have eaten.
16) You have never had a professional picture of yourself taken, but have several of the dog.
17) Your mantle holds the remains of previous pack members, you dress the urns up and talk to them.
18) The first person you greet when you walk in the door is the dog. After maybe 5 minutes you acknowledge your partner.
19) You have given up worrying about having nice furniture, a clean house etc and only care if the dog is happy and healthy.
20) You have a crazy plan on how to get extra cash if you are ever faced with crazy vet bill.
21) Your pets are mentioned in your will.
22) Your vet is on speed dial, just in case!
23) Your vet rolls his eyes when you share some of your dog stories.
24) For Christmas your human pack members get a calendar of pictures of your dog.
25) You throw a birthday party for your dog.
26) Dog hair is your favourite accessory.
27) Your dog has a twitter account.
28) You only learned to sew to fix favourite toys.
29) You have taken your dog to be blessed (despite the fact you have no religious affiliations).
30) When you talk to your dog, you are sure she is talking back.

Is there anything else that should be on my checklist?

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Feline Friday - Baggy loves LeeLee

As I have mentioned many times, historically Bagheera has not been a dog fan. When our previous pack members were alive, Baggy basically lived in the basement. He did not like small white dogs who chased him. He has mellowed with Lee, and spends most of his life in the living room. We joke it is because she is black and he doesn't mind black, but I think it is because she doesn't chase him.

One of Baggy's endearing qualities is that if he loves you, he will lick your nose and bit it very, very hard. It is very unpleasant. We have only ever seen him do this with humans, but last week, he decided to try with Lee. See below.

Our Baggy has lost his mind!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vote for Lee!

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Emma came for a play date

Emma came for a play date last night and this is what we learned:

1) She can climb up a person to chew their hair.

2) Emma is at the chewy phase and her bites hurt (Lee yelped a couple of times).

3) The bitey face phase is very annoying to Lee, but for the most part she handled it very well. A few times she got a little aggressive and we took a time out.

4) Emma's head fits in Lee's mouth - fortunately Lee was very gentle.

5) For the most part the dogs were calmer together (it wasn't as crazy as previous dates).

6) There are some games they can play. They include the following:

7) Lee was exhausted after she left!

This play date wasn't as great as our last one, but I am confident that it was due to the puppy phase and this will pass!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Destruction Update

Lee's destruction has really, really reduced. However, we have noticed a pattern of when it is going to occur.

A typical morning in our house looks like:
Lady getting up, feeding everyone, reading the paper as she drinks her tea and has breakfast, getting dressed, taking Lee for her walk, and goest to work.  (sometime in that, Man gets up and goes to work too).

So if for some reason Lady and Man are to go out (to work or other) before Lee has had her walk, she will destroy something.

2 weekends ago she got the basket that has been by the door for at least 9 months and ate the finger out of my glove when we went out for 45 minutes to get groceries on a morning that was too cold for her walk.

Yesterday, she took the phone book off the shelf and ripped it up when her people didn't take her out before they left because it was a dog walker morning (FYI, she would have been alone for probably about an hour before her beloved Stephanie came to play with her).

Because of this pattern, I got to get up before 5 this morning. I have a couple morning meetings but will be home around lunch (and am working from home all afternoon). If she wasn't destructo-dog, I would have scheduled our walk for when I get home (and it is light and probably warmer). However, if I do that she will destroy something, so here we are up at an ungodly hour. The only good thing is I could sneak a nap this afternoon if I wanted (oh the benefits of working from home!).

Monday, January 23, 2012

Helping around the house

Lee has given herself a chore to do around the house. She does it most days.

It is unmaking the bed. It is very helpful to be in the bathroom brushing your teeth and come out and the bed is striped.

Thanks Lee!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Working on a new trick

I have been a neglectful dog owner and have not been working on teaching Lee a new trick for too long.
So here is the one we are working on. This was on the second day of doing it. She still needed some help. Her preference is to do it on the bed or the carpet upstairs,  I did get her to do it once on the hardwood floor.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feline Friday - About Nin by Lee

My Lady says that while most of her life is about me, that I should share some about my cats too. I thought I would write about Nin cause he is my favourite.

My Lady tells me that my Man picked Nin out. He was a skinny rat faced kitten. Lady wanted the orange one so she could have Bagheera and Shere Khan or thought at least Mowgli to go with her Jungle Book theme but the Man said he was naming this one. He picked Cinder. My Lady says she had a hard time remember this name because Cinder had been her grandparents dog and in the first week called him everything but Cinder. She laughs remembering calling him Mint and Clyde. Somehow she started calling him Skinny Ninny, and Nin became his name. Also, the Man never got to name another pet.

Nin isn't as skinny as he was. He likes to meow a lot. They think there is some siamese in him. Sometimes when I am in bed with My Lady, I can hear him calling and yelling downstairs. I want to get him but I am not allowed. He wakes everyone up. Cinder also has some bad litter habits. My lady is often scolding him for peeing outside the box as he balances on it so he doesn't get his paws dirty. He is also a puker. This is one of the things I love about him because my people have put the cat food so I can't get it. At least I can have a taste when Nin throws it up once or twice a week. Nin is also a lap cat and is constantly walking on sitting people looking for a pet or a place to sleep. He is the cat that gets into everything and likes to drink out of water cups left on tables.

Why I love Nin:
I love Nin because he will play with me. He calls and meows so I know he wants to play. He lets me hump him. Sometimes he gets a little mad and may run to where I can't reach him, but he is not mean and scary like Baggy. I love that I can help clean up his puke and that sometimes he is into things and getting scolded, so I know I am not the only "troublesome" one.

My Lady tells me to be gentle with my Nin. I am because I will be lonely when I don't have him for a playmate. I am lucky to have a Ninny.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday Present Review - by Lee

I am finally recovered from my birthday party and weekend. My lady says I need to take the time and thank everyone for my presents. My lady says I am a very spoiled girl and very lucky to have such a loving pack. I think I deserve it!

As my regular readers know, my Aunt C made a donation to Hopeful Hearts for my birthday, so my birthday helped another dog.

My Auntie Kaitlyn brought me my new favourite treats. I was really excited about this because I ran out of the other treats she got me for Christmas. She knows I love peanut butter.

My new Buddy Biscuits. I love them.
My lady loves the shape, it makes her laugh. 
Here I am practicing my wait. It is hard, they
are so good!

My Uncle Chris and Emma brought me a new tug toy and a gift card so I can pick a special treat. 
Is this how it works?

Not sure what I should do with this. Lady never plays tug with me. 

The biggest birthday surprise was from my dog walker Stephanie. She brought me one of my favourites, greenies!

I am a very lucky girl. Thank you everyone!

(oh and my people got me nothing but belly rubs, so I am still neglected!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cookie Hangover

Hi people. My lady asked me to write a review of all the presents I got for my birthday. However, after all the treats, first from Nosey Dog Scent class and then from playing with Emma, yesterday I was not feeling myself.  My dog walker Stephanie told my lady that I threw up once in the morning. I didn't want to play or do anything but sleep yesterday. Lady is teasing me by saying I had a cookie hangover. I am still recovering from turning 2 so I will write about all my great gifts later this week. (Some of them are food and I am not up to talking about food yet!).

Love Hailey Bug

Monday, January 16, 2012

Lee and Emma play at Lee's party

Yesterday we celebrated Lee's 2nd birthday with a few members of Lee's human extended pack and her cousin Emma. I took a lot of pictures, here are just a few highlights!
Neither pup was thrilled with the mani and pedi part of the party!

The girls figure out how to play!
See we can calm down and be friends!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dress your pet up day

According a post on twitter, yesterday was  Dress Your Pet up day. I couldn't resist. Here are my favourites (Lee is sporting pieces of a costume I wore to a Mardi Gras themed party).
I am not batman. Masks weren't meant for dogs. 

If you see this, please help me. My lady is too mean. 

Are we done yet?
Lady: "Now we are even for this." (in this mess Lee had ripped up a towel to wipe her feet and chewed the finger out of a glove). 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Post 500 is about cake

I realize, this post will mean I have actually posted 500 hundred times. WOW!

Yesterday was a snow storm, so we decided not to have our guests come for dinner on Lee's birthday, they are now coming on Sunday.

But this didn't mean the celebrations stopped.

"Hailey I have a special treat for you."
"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

"I made you a birthday cake."

"Mmmm, it smells so good, look how I am waiting for it."

"I am waiting nicely, you can stop your stupid singing and just give it to me."

"This is delicious. I am glad Emma isn't here and I don't have to share. Maybe Birthdays are an ok thing!"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lee is 2!

Today, on this Friday the 13th, we celebrate Hailey Bug's 2nd birthday. 
Her exact birthday is not known but it is estimated she was born between the 8th and 16th. We picked the 13th because on of our favourite people has this birthday. We also know 2 other people with it. It seemed like a good day.

Hopefully this dreadful weather will stop and we will have a small party to celebrate her tonight. As an added bonus, her Lady is off all day to bug her! (Currently Lee is hiding upstairs, mad that her day started with this pictures below). 

Happy Birthday Hailey
 (and Missy G, and Jody and Wyatt!)

Today's a special day,
A special day for LeeLee.
So LeeLee dance and LeeLee sing,
a birthday is a special thing,
happy birthday, happy birthday,
happy birthday LeeLee!

Princess Lee's official birthday portraits!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last Day of 1!

Tomorrow Lee turns 2! I can't believe it.

Today she got a great early birthday gift from Aunt C's cat, Lemew.

While it is not something she can eat or play with, Lee is very happy with this gift.

To Hailey,

For your birthday, a donation has been made to Hopeful Hearts Rescue to help other dogs find their forever homes.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm taking the Pet Blogger Challenge - 2012

I saw this was happening on another blog last week. Right now I can't even remember to give that blog credit! It had been my dream to put the button about it on my blog, however, I have been unusually busy the past few days and didn't get to it.

1. When did you begin your blog?
 September 2010
2. What was your original purpose for starting a blog?

To let the people who rescued Lee know where she was and to share my puppy stories with my family and friends. 
3. Is your current purpose the same?

Sort of. 
If not, what’s different?

I now use it to connect with the dog community locally and across North America. Sharing stories helps me survive life with dog(s). There is comfort in knowing you are not alone and there is a lot of knowledge you can tap into for free!
If so, how do you feel you’ve met your goals?
I think I have created something that at least my family and friends find amusing so they check in. They don't comment on the blog much, but they do comment to me a lot. 
4. Do you blog on a schedule or as the spirit moves you?

If the former, how often — and what techniques do you use to stick to it?

I suffer mild OCD, so not posting for a day is stressful for me, so I try and avoid this.
 I often write things in advance when the mood strikes and post them later when I don't have time to write or it has been a quiet day. 
If the latter, do you worry about… well, whatever you might worry about (e.g. losing traffic, losing momentum)?
My goal was never traffic, so I don't worry about it. Don't get me wrong, I am always excited to see that more people have visited, but if they don't, I don't stress about it. I view the blog as my journal that I have left on the table that people can read or not. 
5. Are you generating income from your blog?

Nope. This is purely my hobby. 
If not currently, do you hope to in the future — and how?

 I think making my hobby a business, when I have enough business to deal with, may take the fun out of it. 
6. What do you like most about blogging in general and your blog in particular (bragging is good!)?

I love to write so that is what I love in general. It allows me to be creative about something I love. I do love my job, but it can be very high stress, so this gives me an outlet not related to work to have fun in!

My blog - I think it is stories of an average Jane living with pets. I think it is a rather honest look into the pet ownership side of my life. I try and tell it like it is, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I think my blog is funny (I am often laughing as I read it). In general I am the type of person who finds humour in 99% of things. I believe what doesn't kill you, you can laugh about later. I bring this to everything I do and try to bring it to my life with my dog (and this has probably saved her more times then she could count!)

That being said, being a pet owner isn't all fun and games. Life's a bitch and then you die, a fairly wise guy has told me repeatedly.  I have  been sharing is my struggle with grief after the tragic death of Gemini, which to date has not brought my humour to my life (although we do joke that our dogs don't live to double digits, and that white or light coloured animals have short life spans in our home). I do add moments of this, because that is the real world. One moment I may be laughing at something crazy Hailey has done, and the next my heart is aching over loss.

7. What do you like least?

I am a horrible speller, so I hate dealing with that.
If I disliked doing it, I would stop. Life is to short to have hobbies you don't love!

8. How do you see your blog changing/growing in 2012?

I have no specific plans for it. I didn't expect it to last this long and lead me to this large pet blog community to begin with. So we will just see where it goes. My biggest concern is that as my pup settles, I will run out of things to write about. Maybe if that happens I can convince hubby it is time for another furry pack member:)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Nosey Dog Scent Class 1

Yesterday was Lee's first Nosey Dog class at Ottawa Canine School. As some of you may remember we did a drop in several months ago to try it out. I thought this class, while not as instructive of others, would be a great winter afternoon thing to do.

As always Hailey had a really hard time waiting her turn. She did settle as time went by. And as you will hear in the video, she is not the only one having trouble waiting (the whining is another dog in the class).

It is interesting to watch Lee because she is using her sight and memory more than her nose in this class. I am sure over time she will sniff more! (She tells me it is more effective to use all your senses for hunting).

Here she is on one of her runs.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - by Lee

Yesterday was a good day, bad day. It started off very bad because my people went out in the morning without me. Usually I am good with my people going, but yesterday I was very upset. I tried to run out the door as they left. I was so mad that I refused to eat my greenie while they were gone. Once they were home, I ate it all up. 

Probably the only minute Lee was standing still the whole time at the Pit
Picture of Emma with a toy

After what felt like forever they came back and we went out again. I was so excited in the car that was I shaking and telling the world. I knew where we were going. We were going to Conroy Pit. I love Conroy Pit. It was a very nice afternoon, the rain had stopped (so I was glad my people waited until the afternoon to take me). I ran at full tilt for about 40 minutes. My favourite part was when 4 dogs were chasing me. I love to be chased. It was so much fun I was sad to leave.

Emma with the bunny Lee gave her for Christmas
Then we went in the car to some place I really didn't know. My Uncle Chris'. I had a play date with Emma. I must say that as of now I don't really know if I like my cousin. I know that is bad to say, but I don't know what to do with her. She was a lot bigger now. She is about 6 pounds at nearly 10 weeks. She looks different, she is taking on a brindle colouring. She is very feisty and wants to play bitey-face. I don't do bitey-face. I tried to play with her, but mostly I found being at Uncle Chris' stressful. I was happy to leave, although I didn't like having to sit in the car with Lady for 10 minutes while my Man ran into a store. I was very happy to be home and I slept the entire evening.

So while the Pit was great and perfect, the rest of my day sucked. Lady is saying something about school today, I don't know if I will like that or not. I will tell you tomorrow.

Worst part of the day, when I was leaving, Emma grabbed my leash and was trying to walk me. How humiliating. 

Here are some videos of us trying to play.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tasty Treat????

"What is that?" you may be asking yourself. This is a piece of raw hide that Miss Bug buried in the backyard several months ago. Last week she dug it up and was having a great time playing with it and eating it in the backyard until her Man took it away. He didn't think it was good for her. What do you think?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Feline Friday - Picky Baggy

At Baggy's last vet visit, the vet confirmed that Bags was suffering from some arthritis in his hind quarters. This was no surprise to us because he is 16 (almost 17) and he had not been jumping up to sleep on his favourite place, the bathroom counter. (He loved the counter so much we kept a towel on it as a bed for him). 

The vet suggested giving him glucosamine. He said to break the pill up in some soft food. This sounded like an easy thing to do, however, my Gheera is being very picky with soft food. We have never given the cats soft food because Mr. Nin has a sensitive stomach and it has always just thrown it up. So we have bought an assortment of soft food to put this pill in. My silly Bags won't eat them. 

However, we found something he will eat -  Lee's soft food. Yes, the former dog hater not only will let Lee sleep with him, but he is now eating her food. This is what we are mixing it in now. 
Lee has enjoyed eating the cat food he wouldn't!  Are we going to create species confusion in our house???????

Baggy with one of Lee's toys tied around his
head. Further proof he is losing his mind!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Unsolicited Review of Lee's new coat by Lady and Lee

Lady: As part of Lee's Christmas gift I got her a new coat. She has sweaters that have been lovingly made by her Grammie. However these sweaters are not designed for the bitter cold and sometimes wet of an Ottawa winter. To keep her warm, because no matter how cold, she does need to get out some, I thought it would be a good idea to get her something warmer. After looking around, I ended picking a FouFou Dog coat. 

 Lee: Worst gift I have ever been given.

Lady: It seems very well made. Time will tell how it wears.

Lee: Can you forget to put it up high so I can chew it up and then you can see how well made it is.

Lady: I like that it is easy to put on you, even when you are standing stiff like a board.

Lee: Note to self, don't let rage of being dressed
 up paralyze me, so I can fight being dressed up.

Lady: The elastic thingy
(sorry don't know the term for it)
near your bum makes it easy to wrap around you, makes sure the coat covers your back end, and doesn't interfere with your walking. (Note she wouldn't sit when I had it done up, but in her rage it is hard to tell why that was).

Lee: I will chew that off first.

 Lady: It appears to keep you warm. It has been very cold the past few mornings and you have been able to go for nice walks with Stephanie.

Lee: I notice you dress me up and then send me out with others. That is how stupid I look, too stupid to be seen with.

Lady: I like that it is reversible. You can be pretty in pink one day and perfectly plummy another.

Lee: I hate both colours equally.

Lady: I am sure once you get use to it
you will love it. For now, it allows you to go
out, and you look so cute!

Lee: I think we should move somewhere
where you don't have to wear stupid
coats.  Mumble, mumble, mumble.
Stop telling me I look nice and give me
a cookie.

Lady: Lee it could be worse, I could have gotten one with a hood. Now smile, and let me take your picture.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The start of a New Year

Need to sleep
Lee spent the whole day on the first sleeping. It was sort of like she had a hangover, she wanted to do nothing the whole day on the 1st. I guess that is what happens when you party too much on New Year's Eve and don't sleep because you are not in your house.
She made up for it on the 2nd by being her crazy, lovely, drive me insane self:)
Here she is at the dog park. We are happy to report that with an orange ball she will play fetch. She will not with a tennis ball. (My girl has expensive tastes!)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Grief at month 5

I am posting this a day after the 5th month anniversary of Gemi's death because I made a very conscious effort to be positive over the holidays and not to get swallowed up by my grief.

Overall, December has been a significantly better month then November. There were a few days early December that were very challenging and I felt the weight of the loss crushing on me. I think this was the residual effects of visiting the accident scene and confronting it for the first time.

I am consciously working to make sure my "worried brain" (borrowing for the language of cognitive behaviour therapy) doesn't convince my "smart brain" that the accident was my fault. Some days it takes more effort than others to be positive, but hopefully using this approach will help. I have also found patterns in my grief. If I am tired or stressed about other things, my ability to cope is lessened. So I am working hard to prevent myself from being stressed or overtired.

I know dealing with this will be a life long process but I am finding the days when the grief and pain crash against me like huge waves on a stormy day are further apart and most days are "calm seas". I hope the worst of the storm is behind me and look forward to more heart recovery in 2012.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! by Lee

Wearing my stupid New Year's Hat

Yesterday we packed up and went in the car. I was so excited to get to go. We got to Aunt C and Dustin's. I was very excited to be there. I ran and sniffed. I found cousin Lemew but he wouldn't play with me. He hissed. I didn't understand why, I am so cute and nice. I liked that I got a lot of treats there but there were many things I didn't like. I didn't like that I had to go outside on leash and actually refused to poo until we got home this morning. I didn't like that my people went downstairs and wanted me to go with them. Usually I get in trouble for being downstairs at Aunt C's. I don't like the slippery floor and have to jump from chair to chair. I did not like that my people were drinking funny smelling stuff, standing and making a lot of noise (editor's note: The people were playing RockBand).  I hated wearing my hat. I didn't like sleeping in a strange bed. I tried to tell my people by scratching at the door for half an hour, but they were stupid and not listening. Finally I curled up and went to sleep. I did get even by demanding belly rubs in the middle of the night.

All of this makes me think I hate New Year's. It is a stupid holiday. My people say I have to go to Aunt C's more often to get use to it.

Can I escape this way?

It is now a New Year and I have made some resolutions:
1. I will hump Nin more often.
2. Now that Baggy doesn't hate me, I will try and hump him.
3. I will try and destroy a baby once a day.
4. I will only do my commands when I feel like it (and I think the treat is good enough).
5. I will do everything possible to get out of wearing any form of clothing.

Happy New Year. Thank you for reading my blog. Wishing you all a year of endless treats and belly rubs.

Ok, I'm out.