Thursday, July 19, 2018

This and That


Our attendance on our blog has been very poor the past few weeks. Let us fill you all in on some of the goings on in our lives.

First, Lady worked out of town last week and it was an insanely busy week for her. We missed her so much we acted like crazy dogs when she got home.

On the weekend, Phod went for his regular check up. He saw a new vet who lives closer as we couldn't get in to see our regular vet. She said he was sweet and handsome. He weighs 78 lbs. He is in good health other than needing a teeth cleaning and having a chipped tooth. He will need to have this all fixed in August or early September.

Last, and the worst news for us, Lady and Man are starting to prepare us for camp. In one week from today, we have to go to the stupid camp, where they do nothing but mistreat us. We have to go in and out as we like and eat 3 times the treats we get at home. It is terrible. Lady and Man are off to travel the world. One of the things they are doing on their adventures is to visit  Yamini.  They are spending like a week with her!  There are also rumours they are meeting THE Bertie while visiting the Bonny Land of Scotland.

Because of all of this, we will be off the grid for a bit, like a month. We hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and we will be back in time to celebrate 8 years of Lee and therefore 8 years of Blogging! (Who would have thought this hobby would have us make friends to visit in Scotland!)

Monday, July 9, 2018

Mischief Monday - Constance 4 - Nature 1 - People Zero

In the ongoing saga of becoming people who compost, Constance continues to be winning the battle. She has gotten into the bin 2 more times. She has tried others, but some of the crazy things the Lady and Man are doing are slowing her down. She is still trying and we are confident her numbers will continue to climb. 

Last Thursday, we all set off for our morning walk. Lee was unusually terrified (she is usually only terrified at night due to the fireworks) and would not go. Lady took her back to the house (the Man coaxed her to do her business) and she and Phod continued on their walk. 

When Lady and Phod got back, Phod started rolling in the grass on something. In hindsight, Lady had spotted this spot on the way out, but it hadn't registered in her not awake brain. When she looked at what Phod was rolling in, she realized it was something dead . . .  She calmly got Phod off it and went to the house. She called the Man. She said she needed him to come here, he said why, she said because there was a dead animal in the yard.

She was very helpful while Man got the shovel and rake and picked up and threw the dead racoon into the bush. She did not scream. She took pictures. 

We know this is not our Constance, because 2 nights later, Constance struck the composter again (for her 4th time). Or maybe it was Constance's ghost!

Looking back, Lady wonders if Lee was so scared to go out because she could smell whatever left the racoon in the yard. We may never know. Lady really needs to get a trail cam!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Fake Flower Friday - Bambi Edition

Many of our wildlife neighbours are whitetail deer. In the past 2 weeks, the mothers have returned to the area with their fawns. As Lady was going to get groceries last week, she stopped the car at the end of the driveway as she spotted one of the babies. She snapped his/her picture hiding in the tall grass and wildflowers. As she was driving away, a second fawn was came bouncing out of the long grass (well into the field, not near her car). It was lovely to see! 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Helping Reunite a Lost Dog

This pup, who would not pose for a picture for Lady (clearly didn't understand she may have cookies) was running around our yard last week. Her face (when Lady could see it) looked like a Shar Pei mix. This pup was clearly scared and Lady couldn't get close. So Lady got that not great picture and went to the municipality Facebook group and posted where it had been seen and the direction it was going. 

In less than an hour there was a note on the group to Lady that mystery dog and her sibling dog, who had somehow escaped and been on the run for about 1.5 hours, were both safe at home. The people were very grateful for the Lady's help in locating them. Lady said she was glad to help because we may have both escaped before, and it is very scary for peeps.

We are so happy the pups went home (but do hope they had a little fun while on the run!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I Was So Good!

Aunt C said I was so good this weekend, the Lady should blog about it. Saturday morning, Aunt C and our human cousins (M aged 4 and T aged 2) arrived for a sleepover. When they first got here, I barked a lot. I mainly barked because I was so excited to see my Aunt C. I love my Aunt C. 

Then I was good and only barked a little when other people came and when Uncle Chris got home (he is back and Emma is gone), and when things like ravens were on my yard.  The kids were good and didn't upset me. 

I was a little nervous at night because of Canada Day there were SOOOOOOOOO many fireworks. I mostly just refused to go out and hid (we won't say anything about the accident I may have had cause I was too scared to go out, I blame Emma, she was still here at the time).

How I spent most of the weekend

Anyway, the kids did good and I did good and we had a fun time, in spite of it being hot, and the fact that the people went to the beach and we had to stay in the house . . . . 

I didn't even chew on any of the toys that were all over the floor! 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Mischief Monday - Too Hot

We will catch you all up on the many fun adventures we had on the weekend. Lady had a whole Canada Day photoshoot planned, but it was just too hot. We spent a lot of the weekend like this . . . . .

We don't have air conditioning and it is going to continue to be hot. Tomorrow, we will tell you about what good dogs we are in spite the heat!

To all our friend's suffer with this wave, stay cool! 

For our American friends this is 90F feels like 113F  - that is very hot of us Canadian dogs! (It is actually record breaking hot. Climate change is happening!