About Emma

Since she is visiting us a lot lately, I thought Emma should get her own page.

Emma is my brother-in-law Chris' dog. He is in the Canadian military so is away from time to time, leaving us as the dog sitter.

Emma is a freedom dog. In 2011 there was a huge puppy mill bust in Quebec. Over 500 dogs were rescued. Emma's mom Muffin was one of them. She was pregnant and was transferred to Westies in Need. There Emma and her 4 siblings were born free. While these puppies were being born, Chris was finishing a tour in Afghanistan. He had told me he wanted me to find him a Westie puppy while he was away. So I started the search and didn't find a full Westie, but found Emma whose's mom was a Westie.

When he came back he contacted them and was approved to adopt her and she has been part of our pack since December 2012.

Emma is a completely spoiled little dog. She is the apple of Chris' eye. She loves to cuddle and box. She loves to be carried around. She loves to play with Zaphod. She can be a very sweet dog!


  1. Thank you and your brother-in-law for giving her a loving family. And you all for severing in the military God bless you all.

  2. Thanks for telling us about Emma. We think it is wonderful he was able to adopt her and that you dogsit for him when he is away.


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