Friday, July 29, 2022

Nature Friday - Thief On Tape - Sort Of

Thanks to Rosy for hosting this event.

We spoke last weekend about Lady moving her trail cam so she could see who was taking the feeder.

Last Friday, Man noted the feeder was on the ground at lunch time, so Lady brought the camera in.

This is what it captured (along with 3500 other pictures she needs to go through!)

Here you see a black squirrel on the big feeder, and you can make out the small feeder on the right - it is at the very edge. That is the feeder that was removed.

Next, we get this series of pictures of the red squirrel. Note - this not the only time a squirrel was captured literally on the camera. If you note, the camera has been moved, so you can't see the small feeder to the right. 

The camera has been moved so you can't see the small feeder. 

There are a few glances of it in shots like this! As you can see the red squirrel is on it.

This is the very last shot of the feeder, you can just make out the bottom of it if you look carefully. 

Our best guess is that pesky red squirrel somehow managed to knock it off! It is just super funny that before this happened the squirrel went on the camera. However, the mystery is not completely solved. Maybe, once I have gone through all of these pictures, we will try again. 

The squirrels aren't the only ones hamming it up for the camera!

Stay tuned for more trail cam feeder pictures!

Note: Lady highly recommends this as a hobby item. She did not get one of the fancy that sends the picture to your phone (internet is too bad out here). She got an inexpensive one and is very happy with it!

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Thankful Thursday - Those Perfectly Imperfect Moments

I call myself a realistic, although most would say I am a pessimist. Life is hard and unfair and there is so much ugly.  While overall I lean toward cynicism, I can still see the perfection in imperfect moments. 

The best example of these types of moments is walking in the field. It is beautiful and relaxing on one hand, and on the other it is hard work.  The dogs don't listen and wander, they find deer poop to eat, you swear you spent the whole walk "Hailey, come." "Phod stop eating poop." "Guys, over here!" However, when we are walking in the field, I have gratitude for much of the life I have created, while having some frustration.

Here are a few perfect moments caught over a few walks.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Trouble Tuesday - Kept From My Prince - By Lee

 Dear pals,

You won't believe it. 

The other night we went out to do our business and the Man escorted me in and out keeping me very close at the bottom of the stairs.

Why such a short leash so to speak? Turns out he was keeping me from my potential prince. I wasn't allowed to lick the toad!

Monday, July 25, 2022

Mischief Monday - How The Food Keeps Getting All Over The Floor

Lady's theory: Some older lady dog, who shall not be named, who use to eat so quickly she needed a slow bowl has become very picky. She will pick out the pieces she doesn't like (we have been mixing 2 different foods) and leave them on the floor. She will sometimes go back and eat them later or maybe the other dog eats them.

The dog's theory: He is a very messy eater!

(Note: One day Lady came into the kitchen and this was the set up)

Which theory do you believe?

Friday, July 22, 2022

Nature Friday - New Trail Cam

Thanks to Rosy for hosting this event!

Lady's trail cam died and when she found out she was not going to Africa, she used her birthday money to buy a new one.

Here are some of the things she captured:

Man and Machine - Man didn't turn off the camera when he mowed, we had like 60 pictures of him

Crow flies by

Go your own way - Lady and Phod

Deery Night


Hailey in the mist

Early morning visitor

Thanksgiving dinner

Something stole Lady's bird feeder (likely a raccoon, but maybe a bear) and knocked the second down. Lady is going to put the camera there to see if it is back. 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Physio Help

 Dear pals,

Lady has started physio for what her therapist (who is French, so there may be some translation issues here) calls a 'weak left butt'. In other words the muscles in her left glute are weak and causing her some issues. Currently every day, 2 times a day, she does her exercises. We are very helpful during them.

Wake me if something interesting is happening

Why are you doing that weird stuff on the floor?

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Trouble on a Tuesday - Storm Life by Lee

 Dear pals,

You know I don't like storms. While I am better in them (i.e. not going through the wall), I often spend my time looking for things to destroy, or to rub my nose until it bleeds. Lady is trying to minimize the drugs I get, so she has found a solution I don't love.

She puts me on a leash and holds the leash so I am stuck with her. Last week, she had to hold me during an important meeting. She said it was less disruptive to her than me trying to destroy the house. This week has a lot of storms in the forecast, so I think I am going to be stuck with her! Sigh

Monday, July 18, 2022

Mischief Monday - Mouse Problem - by Phod

 Lady, you are not going to believe what happened while you were out and the Man was downstairs.

A whole pack of mice came and moved the oven mitts from the counter to the floor. They licked them a lot. I was worried about rabies so I stayed far away.

That is the only way the gloves would have made it to the ground!


Editor's note: We have had mice the past week and at the time of writing this 2 have entered the live trap and gone in the mouse Uber far from our house - it is an odd time of year for them.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Nature Friday - Wild Flowers and a Garden Update

 Thanks to Rosy for hosting Nature Friday.

We will start with Lady's side garden update. This is the place in the yard she cares the most about.

Checking around the zucchini 

It sure is getting big

She is going to at least get a few zucchinis! 

Sunflowers, many of which the boy from next door helped with, are getting tall!

Now some of the wildflowers in our yard, that the only credit Lady gets is she didn't chop them down!

Hope you enjoyed a little nature from our yard!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Thankful Thursday - My Lake - By Phod

 Dear pals,

You know I love the lake and I love to swim, even if I choose to only swim for like 10 minutes at time now. I am happy to report I will be getting extra swimming time this summer. You see, the people who cottage beside our lake access, are being difficult.  In short, they would prefer we don't use it when they are here (which is for all of July and August).  It has been stressful and is likely to get messy. Anyway, Lady is implementing a passive protest and using the dock and access way more than she might otherwise. While some may think this is spiteful, I think it is splendid as it means lots of swimming!

Last Friday, Lady took me down alone while Lee and Man went into the field. 

Testing the water temperature on my belly

Bouncing in

Hurry up and throw it!

More bouncing

Usie one

Usie 2

I always get it!

So much fun, but I might need shades!

In spite of the trouble this is causing, we remain grateful for this lovely lake and all our wonderful, fun neighbours who share this access and lake with us!

Monday, July 11, 2022

Mischief Monday - Monopoly Problems

Lady says this week's mischief award goes to Rogers Telecommunication, one of only 2 real providers in Canada, who had a huge outage on Friday and into the weekend. When we say huge issues we mean cell, internet, home phone, paying at the store, access to emergency services like 911 etc. Lady and Man's phones are with them, so they had no phone but our 2 internets are with other people (that is right they pay for 2 different internet providers, a satellite and crappy as usually one works - Fibe is expected to be here in the fall). Man's work phone is also on the other monopoly Bell, so if there had been a true emergency they could have called for help.

Wake me when something interesting happens

The cause was some maintenance update or something. Seems like they have something to fix so this doesn't happen in the future!

Lady also  says, it is further proof that a monopoly is only a good thing in a board game, but she isn't sure how we go and change this. She also said, she is done being part of the headlines!

Impact to the dog lives - 0 - causes of mischief by dogs 0 - so we say it was a good week!