Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Tasty Tuesday - 2 Dish Monty

 One of the evenings where Man was feeling human again, he made us play 2 dish monty.

The Man was very disappointed that in general we selected where we saw him put the treat and didn't follow where it was. We were not disappointment because we got a lot of cookies. 

Monday, November 28, 2022

Mischief Monday - The Covid = Part 2

Last week we shared the Man brought the Covid home from his adventures. While he was way, way, way sicker, Lady was not immune to the plague. She tested positive Tuesday. Fortunately, her symptoms were much more mild. She would describe it as having a bad head cold. With the right combination of drugs, she was able to work almost full days at home for the week.

We didn't cause too much mischief. Some dog peed on the carpet in the sitting area so much Lady just removed it, in spite of the fact we still got our walks etc. Maybe it is because the people slept in different rooms to try and not disturb each other. 2 mice needed to be ubered. Something left a big hunk of white fur in the front yard that Lady had to remove with a shovel.  Almost every day some dog went to make sure the neighbours were ok, and while trying to avoid people, Lady had to bring said dog home (we never saw the neigbhours but got to roll in some good stuff). 

We are hopeful that this is now behind us and good health will follow us into the hat tax season.

In real mischief, the first tree went up and Lady is off a bit this week (and has training too) and plans to decorate more.  We may wish they were still sick, as I fear the hat tax is going to be steep this year. 

Friday, November 25, 2022

FFF Nature Friday - Wintery Walks

Thanks to Rosy for hosting Nature Friday and Aunty-Yam for hosting Final Fiction Friday.

Calendar says fall

We walk in a winter land

What wonderful smells

Deer and us tracks

cat tracks

Turkey tracks

Monday, November 21, 2022

Mischief Monday - The Covid

After 981 days of avoiding it, Man brought the Covid home. Lady says it is not the best souvenir but sailers use to bring home worse things! 

While Lady is not testing positive she is feeling a bit off (perhaps her body is just fighting it).

We all spent most of Sunday resting.We will have a modified blog schedule this week because Lady was  too lazy resting and isn't prepared. 

The only good thing about the timing of this is our dental work was to happen Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Lady cancelled it this morning, in case she gets really sick and also she thought a sick Man and two recovering pups may just be too much for her, even if she dodges the Covid.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Nature Friday - Close But So Far - by Phod

Dear pals,

Thanks to Rosy for hosting nature Friday. I want you to took at the following pictures and at their time stamps. 

 If only Lady had let me out about 30 seconds earlier!

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Dear Man - Almost The End

Dear Man,

You are hopefully stateside and maybe even home when you get to read this.  We are writing this about 24 hours before you should get home, so we are hoping this means we did it. We survived 13 days without you.

Wednesday - Lady worked at home a lot. She did get a full 30 minutes for lunch. Some of us may have lost our off leash privileges on this day as one of us took off to the neighbours and wouldn't come back and while Lady was getting one, two wandered down to the neighbour's garbage and was eating a lot of cat or turkey poop. Lady said enough was enough at at least the one who starts the running away was on leash with her. 

Lady had a tough and long work day so we let her have a quiet evening.

Wednesday was our last day at camp and the first serious snowfall. Lady made us leave a bit early and it was a slow drive in.  It took us about an extra 30 minutes, so our car ride was 1.75 hours. Everyone was late for work and even people who lived 15 minutes from work took at least 45 minutes to get in. Grammie told us there were 49 accidents. We got about 5 cm/2 inches. It all ended at noon so the drive home was rather nice. 

Ummm - 2 days and no pictures?

Snow Angels

Anyway, we survived camp for now and regardless of what the very nice people said, it was terrible. 


While Lady may have really enjoyed the quiet, only having to hear her music, how much cleaner the house stays and having the whole bed to herself, we missed you. 

Welcome Home!

Please don't leave her in charge again! 

your pups, Lee and Phod

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Dear Man - Days 9 and 10

Dear Man,

Sunday started nice enough. Lee woke Lady up before 7. We hiked the sugar bush. It was a cold morning, around freezing, but we didn't have snow, so that is a win.

We forgot to tell you it rained enough Friday, the creek in the bush had water.

Upon our return, Lady's worst nightmare came true. It seems a little mouse found his/her way into the house. After a huge breath and the realization there was no option but to take her first Mouse Uber trip, Lady grabbed her work gloves (she realizes her anxiety is that the mouse will touch her) and drove to the pond to free it. It happily scampered off into the bush. We wish it the best. 

We are sad to report there were no pancakes for breakfast (really the service here is not the same without you). Lady said we should not complain because we got bacon instead.

Even though we had a nice walk in the bush, later in the morning Lee took herself for a stroll. She would like to point out, at no point did she actually leave the yard. She may have been in the third lot, but she was still in the yard.  Lee later took herself for a stroll to the neighbours. She really wasn't listening. She had been doing so well, but has decided she is done listening to the Lady. We were not thrilled when Lady left in the evening for 87 hours (3) to go to a pop up pickleball training. Pickleball is interfering with her giving us all the attention. 

Monday we were up early in a mouse free house. We were very excited to go to camp. Some of us were so excited we threw up in the car, even though we had only had water. Getting Lady's car detailed might be a great gift idea Man!

We learned something terrible - Did you know that they can make you pay the hat tax at camp? We learned this. Lady apparently was able to purchase a holiday package. Can you believe she paid extra for this humiliation? The guy who works there said we were very cooperative with the picture process.  He was impressed. Lady's coworkers loved the pictures. Here is one of the pictures. 

If this wasn't enough the holiday package just kept giving (some good, some not so good):

We got a new bear toy and 

a new penguin toy, that Lady said we could have right away. 

At camp we got a kong and we got  cookies to bring home. Lady said we can have them tomorrow as our tummies can be a little sensitive after camp. 

We got a spritz of holiday cologne so smell like cookies and new holiday bandanas. 

Phod made his displeasure known by peeing in the store on the way out. Lady asked someone where the cleaning supplies were and they said they would clean it up for her.  We hope Lady is as embarrassed as we are for having to pay the hat tax at camp.

We have one more day of camp before Man is back. Then we can go back to guarding our house all day.

We are not impressed with our Lady. We miss Man a lot. Please never leave her in charge for so long again. She has stupid ideas. 

Your angry pups, Lee and Phod

Monday, November 14, 2022

Dear Man - Days 6, 7, 8

Dear Man,

Lady says you are having a very good time and look very tired. We thought vacations were suppose to make you look rested?

At any rate, on to our adventures. 

Thursday, Lady worked at home.  We had our normal morning walk. She had a stupidly busy day of meetings from 9-3. She did squeeze about 10 minutes in there to get us outside. We were not impressed with this short 'lunch'. She took a big break at 3 where we went out and got the mail. We barked at a neighbour we don't know as well who was at the mailbox. Lady left us that evening for 87 hours (about 2.5) while she went to play pickleball. Phod was kind when she returned and let her just sit upstairs, even if technically this isn't what we are suppose to do in the evening. 

Because we could only get a half day at camp Friday because it was Remembrance Day, Lady worked at home again! She let herself sleep in, so she only got up around 6:30. It was light out so we went for a hike in the sugar bush. Her work day was a little lighter (but more annoying) so we got plenty of breaks. 

On one break, the deer were in the bush behind our house. Maybe it was the one pictured above who had been outside Lady's window int the morning. Hailey thought about chasing them but only barked and they ran away, and she was happy. 

It was fairly warm on Friday about 15C/60F. We ate a lot of grass as we did a sniff of the entire yard. 

It was rainy Friday night, but other than pacing and whining while Lady was in the tub (and someone moved the oven mitt from the counter to the floor), we were good.

Saturday we got yet another hike in the sugar bush. Lady left us for 87 thousand hours (about 3.5) to go play pickleball and get groceries. We supervised her cleaning the house.  We supervised her cooking. We had a nap. Instead of movie night we watched a couple episodes of the Crown.  Lady did make popcorn. 

Really days 6-8 were pretty normal. We do miss you and Phod reluctantly comes to bed every night after Lady has turned all the lights off.

Love your favourite pups, Lee and Phod


Thursday, November 10, 2022

Dear Man - Days 3-5

 Dear Man,

It may be a small miracle that as we write this Wednesday evening, we are all still alive. But perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Monday started like a normal day. Then Lady didn't feed us and took us to camp. While we were less reluctant to go to camp,  however, we didn't love it. 

Lies - they make it sound fun

We showed our displeasure that evening. Phod by having an upset stomach and Lee by eating so fast she vomited.  Phod was so desperate to go out, Lady ended up outside, in below freezing in her pj shorts and winter coat.

I think I need to poop again

Lady says we got it all out of our system before bed, so she was happy. We were very tired and had a good sleep.

Tuesday Lady was at home and after some of us got over being stuck on her like white on rice, we had a usual day.  Lady did not take a picture of the amazing eclipse we enjoyed at 6 am. We were also startled when Callie ran over at 6:45 pm- in the dark.

Meditating with Lady

Wednesday, we had to go back to camp. It took some doing, but we both ended up in the back seat.

Lady, this is not a good picture

The staff at camp completely ratted us out and told Lady that we spent most of the day napping. We would like to say we were so stressed out, all we could do was sleep.

Our true near death experience happened on the way home last night. Just as we turned off the highway, so only like 4 km from home, a deer jumped out and Lady had to hit the breaks. This sent us tumbling, even though we were going slow because Lady had seen the car ahead of her have to stop for a deer so she was going extra slow. Anyway, we saw our lives flash before our eyes and were too distressed to do anything after dinner other than nap.

You should share your dinner because you almost killed me and aren't at the table.

Overall, things are going ok. Lady is doing her best. She says she is working at home tomorrow, but has not left any breaks from 9-3, so will have to work on that. Friday, as it is Remembrance Day and we can't be in camp all day, she is also at home. Her work said we weren't invited! 

We will say we are glad your ship is changing plans and you aren't going to the Bahamas this week. That is probably safer. We hope the weather clears up!

Come back Monday to see how Thursday-Sunday went.

Your favourite pups, Lee and Phod

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Dear Man - Day 2

Dear Man,

Lady says your ship is going backwards because of weather. We have weather here too. It was windy and rainy Saturday night. Phod paced around for like an hour before he could settle. We were pretty good after that and let Lady sleep until 6:30. She can't complain because this is really 7:30 cause we fell back. 

We did another walk in the bush. While it was warm, it wasn't as pretty as Saturday.  Callie's man has carved out another new trail, so that was fun to sniff. 

There was one tree blown over by the sugar shack. 

We helped Lady with her yoga and meditation by trying to rip up the dog bed in her office. In spite of this, she did make us pancakes. We won't say they are not as good as yours, as she may read this.  We then spent much of the rest of the day napping and barking. We barked at the squirrels that were plentiful because Lady filled the feeders and we barked at the wind or nothing. Ok Lee did most of the  barking at nothing. 

We did have one bad moment. During a pee break, Hailey because alerted that her nemesis Charlotte was next door and she had to run over and bark like a crazy, aggressive dog. Poor Charlotte, who was outside alone, huddled up at the back door barking. While all this was happening Phod just wandered around, using the distraction as an opportunity to explore. 

Just wandering around

Lady didn't take as many pictures as she was very busy and not busy. She found a new show to watch so we were happy after dinner that she did the routine right.

We were very tired and went to bed in good time.

Come back on Thursday to read the next 3 days!

Hope you are having fun but are also feeling terrible that you abandoned us.