Thursday, August 30, 2012

The miracle pill that wasn't

After very careful consideration and consultation with our vet we decided to try Miss Hailey Bug on a medication to help with her anxiety. While I really didn't want to get to this point the stress of worrying about what she might do while we were out and the reality that we could not stay home all the time pushed me to try it.

Modelling the new thunder shirt
After a funny trip to the pharmacy to fill the prescription (I love that is says for Vet use only on the bottle, yet the fact sheet about the drug tells you not to drink while on it - Lee says it will be hard, but she will try not to drink), we gave it a try. Woody had suggested trying it for 10 days to break the cycle of anxiety. With a heavy heart (because I truly feel we have failed her given how anxious she is) we gave her the first pill at a time where we could watch her. If anything, she was more crazy, more fearless, doing more crazy play stuff. The second one didn't seem to have any noticeable effect either.

She has now been receiving this pill 2 times a day since Saturday night with no obvious change. In fact, she actually scratched the wall which we had almost finishing repairing on Tuesday (no thunderstorms came through).

One of the challenges with her anxiety is it is not consistent. It is not every day that she destroy things. You never know.

Yesterday we tried to keep the dogs in the basement (away from the wall to destroy). Hailey was in her new thunder shirt. They got out of the basement and were sitting waiting by the door when I returned, but no damage.

Not sure what we will do next. Sigh!


  1. We feel for you as it is a difficult situation. As always keep us posted. Have a terrific Thursday if possible.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks, she is a challenge, but we love her so! She will be worth the hard work!

  2. ugh....that is just hard. I did laugh at the pharmacy comment - I have had to fill a couple before and it is fun when they announce "Butterscotch K____ your prescription is ready". :) We hope things settle in - even if the meds are necessary, that doesn't mean you failed, that means her chemistry needs to be evened out.....

  3. I'm sorry to hear you're having a tough time - sounds like they've been watching the Great Houdini?

    I hope you're able to find a way to ease the anxiety for all of you….

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    1. Hey Snoopy, my brother from my litter's name was Houdini, my lady often says I should have been named that. I think if my people just stayed home and rubbed my belly all day, things would be great!

  4. Maybe she SHOULD be drinking. I kid. I kid. I'm assuming you've looked at herbal stuff for dogs? Have you tried dog massage? I'm new here, but I'll be back. Your story is interesting.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! My Lady says I drive her to drink!

      We haven't explored the herbal stuff. My lady doesn't know a good resource for this, but is always open to suggestions. We haven't tried formal massage either. People have suggested it, so we may have to try this too.

      Will keep you posted on how I am doing!


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