Saturday, August 4, 2012

Turkeys and horses and toads, oh my

We are now country people! This has meant a lot of new wildlife for Hailey. Within 30 minutes of being at the new house, a flock of turkeys walked by the window. I wish I had the camera handy at the time, the look on her face at the size of the birds was priceless!

During our walk to the lake, we encountered the evil horses. Currently 5 horses live in the field across the road from us. Hailey does not like them. If she can see them she barks and barks and barks. Last evening the horses were in the field directly across from our house. She could see them from the front door . . .  her barking drove me crazy and I eventually dragged huge boxes in front of the door so she couldn't see them.

Other wildlife adventures have included: Encounters with a toad one night, which resulted in the licking of the toad. Chasing a bazillion crickets (Lee can bounce about 3 feet straight up in the air if she wants to). Tracking goodness knows what (this mornings walk it was clearly deer we were following). A wade in the lake (I think because it was so calm she just walked in, we will see if we can get her to swim!)

Who knows what today's adventures will bring!

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