Friday, August 10, 2012

More about Zaphod

Nightly visit to the lake

Well Phod (pronounced Fod) as I call him, has been a pack member for 4 short days and it sort of feels like he has always been with us. Overall he is an easy dog.  Here are some things we have learned about him this week.

It is hard to get a good picture of him because he is always moving!

He loves to play. He loves fetch (LOVES it) and wrestling and defacing toys. He plays a lot, which makes us think he is closer to one than 2 as he still acts like a puppy.

He knows a few commands: sit, drop it, come, no.

Given how he responds better to the Man, we assume he had a male owner.

He pretty much ignores the cats now (they are hissing less), however to be sure, we keep him in a crate when we are out.

He is a dainty eater. He eats slowly and takes his time. All our other dogs have eaten like they are starving!

He is a drinker! The water dish is always empty and I am keeping the toilet seat down so I don't get a wet bum!

His recall rocks. Not that we would leave him outside alone or have him off leash on the road, but it is much easier to have him off leash during "bathroom breaks" and to have Miss Bug on leash than to try and have the 2 on leash. He has never tried to leave the property and if he gets close and you call him he immediately comes back.

How does Lee feel about him? She is at that stage which we have seen before, when you bring a second dog in, "the you tire me out and I am grumpy so I don't like you phase, however, I do want to play with you when I want to so you aren't so bad". I can see a nice relationship developing between the 2 of them.

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  1. They will get there, then the party will begin. It took three months before Ma & Bites got along, now I chase him everywhere, then he chases ME!!!!!

    Susie & bites

    Pees, you need to get rid of the word verification thinky, lots of us have so much trouble getting that lots of blogville is stopping leaving comments to sites with it.



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