Friday, November 26, 2010

Steps to taking Nin to the vet

1)      Curse while you are scraping the ice off the car
2)      Bring the crate upstairs while Lee is outside so when she comes in she can bark at it
3)      Scoop Nin up and put him in the crate
4)      Try and get Nin out while keeping Lee in and not closing the door on Lee’s head
5)      Realize you forgot to block upstairs to have to go back in and repeat step 4
6)      Listen to Nin cry for the 25 minute drive to the vet. Turn the music up loud!
7)      Take Nin out and try to keep him still on the scale (he weighs 5.5kg)
8)      Have to catch Nin as he is now free in the clinic and is running around
9)      Snuggle Nin in the waiting room
10)  Remove Nin hair from up your nose because he is majorly shedding because he is scared
11)  Allow Nin to wander around the waiting area a bit because there are no other animals there.
12)  Be totally surprised when you call him back and he comes back
13)  Go into the room to wait for the vet
14)  Be embarrassed when you take him out of the crate and he has a big cut on his ear from where Gemi attacked him earlier in the day
15)  Help the vet hold him still while she examine his teeth (as he is purring while she is examining him)
16)  Wait for 10 minutes for an estimate for dental work
17)  While waiting watch Nin jump off and on the examining table and laugh at him trying to figure out how to get on the counter
18)  Try really hard not to laugh out loud when the vet says it will be $2000 to have the tooth removed
19)  Put Nin in the car
20)  Pay and pick up cat food for sister’s cat
21)  Listen to Nin cry the 25 minute drive home
22)  Arrive home and let him be free.

Nin was very good but is happy to be home!

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