Saturday, November 6, 2010

Invasion to cat territory begins

For 2 months Miss Bug followed the rules and stayed in the dog territory and didn’t venture into the cat territory (aka the basement).

Last week while the patio furniture was being taken to the basement, Miss Bug followed the Lady down several times. She was fined for this behaviour. The punishment seemed to work for a few days. Then a few times she followed her people down and was fined after each incident. What the law enforcement didn’t understand was now she knew where the cats kept their food.

Last evening when dinner was delayed, she went down for appetizers. She tried repeatedly and the wall to the other side had to be put up. She spent time in jail for this behaviour. This punishment does not seem to have worked.

This morning as Miss Bug was freed from her night time enclosure, instead of running to the back door, she invaded the territory in spite of the cat screaming. The wall was returned. She moved it once. It was adjusted to keep her out. Then she played her Houdini card, somehow got to the other side and was stuck. People from the dog world had to rescue her.

Alternative measures are being discussed to determine how to permanently keep Miss Bug from violating this treaty.

The cats are planning to stage a protest asking for protection from these invasions and compensation for the food she ate.

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