Sunday, November 28, 2010

Agility 3

Thank goodness this isn’t a competition because if it were Miss Hailey Bug would be the loser! Things started off great. She remembered the obstacles and confidently did them.  She took on a new obstacle, the A frame without hesitation. She learned how to do a u-turn well too! She was doing great and then what will be forever know as the Great Cookie Spill of November 2010 occurred.

The teacher spilt her bag of cookies all over the A-frame and the floor in the middle of the room. Miss Bug apparently has an amazing memory for where cookies are (she always checks out where they were last class) and for the next few courses she would do an obstacle go for the cookies, do an obstacle, go for the cookies. She was by far the worst in the class (and yes we feed her well!). This made it impossible to do a nice run.

As we were working to overcome this true obstacle and then something equally as bad happened - a new dog enters the premises while she is in the middle of her run. These people were 25 minutes for class and were not following the do no bringing your dogs in early rule. All the dogs were very distracted by this at least. The lady was asked to leave, which was good, but kept walking by the glass doors so Miss Bug would keep running to see her.

Between the cookie mess and new dog, as well as her excitement to be there (and she actually bit me when I was giving her a cookie one time), it was not the most fun.

There was one really cute moment. The teacher brought out a toy on a stick and Lee was chasing it and catching it. Another dog who she is sort of afraid of because the other dog isn’t friendly came over and was playing and then Lee grabbed it and took off through the tunnel with it, came around, jumped on the tunnel and was trying to get this dog to play. I guess making friends with AJ over comes some of the other issues of the day.

There is always next week, and perhaps if her owner loosened up and just had fun instead of trying to be a perfectionist, things might go better!

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