Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Containing the Beast

Containing the beast is our biggest challenge. This week she has done an amazing job at bending her crate. It is almost unusable. I am confident that if she had another day in it she would totally get out. Monday, she did this damage.
Note the damage to the top and bottom

Close up of the damage at the bottom

The carpet damage
The mystery to me is the hole in the carpet. 
Did she reach her paw threw and dig it or did Miss Cricket try and help her escape (as we had left the door to her room open to see if this helped)? I am wondering if you can get a crate that would be strong enough for a werewolf or a polar bear. Maybe that would contain her!

Upon realizing that she was just going to get out of the crate, we tried her in the kitchen.
Try one – she got out no damage
Try two – she got out no damage
Try three (with swinging doors closed, chairs to block her way) – she got out no damage but one huge mess.

Poor Drew came home today to a huge mess.

Hailey got out of the kitchen, went to the basement (the gate that usually blocks her access was trying to keep her in the kitchen) and found this cat nip toy.

The grey on the couch is nip

Close up of the nip

Nip on the floor

While Drew was cleaning up the nippy mess, the dogs were outside. Not to be left out Gemini came in with poop all over her head. We have reason to suspect her head may have been under Hailey’s bum while she was pooping. So then he had to give her a bath, she was not happy.

All in all a quiet day at the zoo!

We had no idea how much cat nip was in one of those things until she pulled it apart today.

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