Monday, November 15, 2010

Agility Results

Hailey trying a jump for the first time. Picture taken during her Basic obedience class in Oct.
Miss Hailey Bug of Ottawa placed second in her first agility class. Miss Bug was able to “complete” 2 jumps and the tunnel in 7.5 seconds. The fasted time was 4 seconds, completed by Bailey, a boarder collie mix, who was completing basic agility for the second time. Other times for the class were 11 seconds, 12.5 seconds, 22 seconds and 45 seconds respectively.

Moments were tense for team Hailey during the event as she did not fully complete the second jump. However, given this being the first competition, the judges allowed her to keep her time.  

Miss Bug was completely exhausted after this. Perhaps jumps and tunnels need to become part of the house.

(Note: This class is not competitive, it is for leisure only. However, it is difficult for some of the participants not to judge the success of their dog).

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