Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Cookie Run

Gemi and Hailey would like to report that they were expecting something else when they were told, “It’s time to go to the cookie run.” They thought they would be running and getting lots of cookies. Instead, they were forced to wear sweaters (there is some snow in the air this morning) and stand and watch other people run. They did get some cookies but not as many as they had hoped for.  They also didn’t get to play with the kids and dogs, and all the people didn’t come over to them. They both had to pull and bark a lot.
They did get to see their Aunt C and Auntie Kaitlyn finish their first 5 km run! YAY! They did get to jump on them and give them kisses. Both dogs are now exhausted and hopefully will be quiet for the rest of the day.

It is apparently a family day of racing. Besides C and Kaitlyn’s 5 km, we have cousins participating in an ironman. We are watching their progress on line and thinking of them. Go Matt!  Go Greg!
And they are off!
Crossing the finish line

The runners and the cheerleaders!

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