Saturday, November 13, 2010

At least my dog doesn't . . . .

Imagine a beautiful fall day. It is a cloudy, but warm. We take the dogs to the park to play. My dogs are not perfect. Gemi jumped up on 2 people and goosed them in the bum. Lee stole a stick from another dog and teased him, but came back every time we called. Their manners in public were pretty good, especially when you compare it to some behaviour we saw today.
  • Dogs not coming when called
  • Dogs who won’t stop barking
  • Dogs who won’t stop humping other dogs
  • Dogs who take other dogs balls and won’t give them back
  • Dogs who got aggressive
  • One dog who found this huge mud puddle and had a great play in it. You couldn’t tell she was blond after she was so muddy.

And my personal favourite:
  • While standing watching our pups, Drew was mistaken as a tree and a little dog came over, lifted his leg and peed on his leg and shoe. The owners were mortified and I thought it was very funny. Drew took it in stride although did avoid Cookie after that. Fortunately none of the other dogs smelt it and peed on him further!

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