Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Tick

Note: there are no graphic pictures for this one!

On Wednesday I happened to be home when the dog walker came by. While giving Lee her happy to see you pet, she found this thing on the back of her neck. We both stopped and looked and thought it must be a tick. So while Lee was on her walk, I did some Google research and determined yes it was a tick. I found some great sites that told me how to remove the tick. They also said scary things like how to keep the tick alive so that I could take it for tests and all the crazy tests Lee should have, so I called my vet and he basically said that he didn't want to see my tick, Lee did not need meds, and the only way he needed to see her would be if I didn't get the whole tick out at once.

By the time I had done all of this, Lee and Stephanie were back and it was show time. Stephanie helped me by feeding Lee cookies while I did tick removal. It took a few attempts to get a good grip and get it out, but I am very happy to report that I clearly got all the tick out at once! The spot where it was appears to be healing well and so far in my daily tick check no more.  I think she got it at the beach, because we couldn't have a trip without something! 

Overall the tick removal was very easy and I didn't find it that gross. 

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