Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Let me explain, I have tried very hard to be a good girl but it is challenging when the world is full of things I need to explore and do and when my people abandon me and leave me to my own devices. I don't think they always appreciate my creativity and adventurous spirit. Santa I know you are a smart and reasonable man and will see how wonderful I really am and reward me for trying so hard to be good.

In no order here is what I want:

My people to win the lottery so they are home with me all the time. They are mean and abandon me all the time.
My walker Stephanie to keep coming and taking me out more. I love her.
Belly rubs (but no offence Santa not from you, you kind of scare me)
Treats. Pretty much any kind will do! My favourites this week are Masters and Dog Peanut Butter ones and Greenies and Zukes and antlers (I am sure with all the reindeer you have a couple extra kicking around).
More babies: I only have 10. And lady often takes them away from me when they are fun and I get the stuffing out.
A squirrel: I promise to love it and play with it before I eat it.
Ninny to stay still so I can hump him better.
Baggy to not be so scary, I really want to be his friend.
It would be helpful if you could use your magic and make the nail clippers and bath tub to disappear. I am not interested in any of that.
For my best friend Jake to be at the dog park everything I go because he is the best dog I have ever played with.
All the Doberman's to move away. Santa they really scare me and I think they would be happier living somewhere like Toronto or Montreal.
Orange balls. I don't like regular tennis balls but I am in love with this orange one my Lady and I found on a walk once. I could use more of those.
A new kong. I am close to having chewed through one. I like to have 2, just in case!

Thank you Santa. I am sure whatever you give me will be great.

Love your Hailey Bug
Will you reward me just for being so cute and tolerant of the hat?


  1. I'm surprised Lee didn't have anything to say about her new cousin.. :]

  2. Lee hasn't met the new cousin so is holding judgment until she does. They will likely meet on Christmas day. She may be sending a please return to sender letter on boxing day:)


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