Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hailey meets cousin Emma - in pictures

"Who is in there?"
We had a very quiet Christmas at our house, Lady, Man, Lee, the cats, Uncle Chris and Emma. It was nice and I am very, very proud of how great Hailey was with Emma. While we have had a family meeting and decided we do NOT want a puppy we enjoyed our time with Emma. Here are some pictures from today. Tune in tomorrow for videos!

Hailey and Emma meet

One of Emma's first Christmas pictures:)

Another Emma Christmas shot

"Hailey what is the lady doing?"
"Shhh, stay still and it will be over soon,"

"Emma, I said smile and look at Lady."

"How come she got a cookie?"

Two beautiful girls

One very tired puppy, tune in tomorrow to see video on why!

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