Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A new cousin for Christmas

My Lady is all excited. My Uncle Chris is adopting a puppy. She will be part of our family before Christmas (she actually joins the pack today if Uncle Chris passes the housing inspection). I am not sure I am excited about this. I am not sure I will love my new cousin. I have one cousin, a cat Lemew, and while I really want to love him, he doesn't really let me love him.

This is what I know about my new cousin. She is from Westies in Need. She is almost 8 weeks old. Her mom Muffin was rescued from a bad puppy place in Quebec that was recently busted and people went to court and lost. She got to be the first generation born out of puppy hell. They think she is a Westie/Boston Terrier Mix. (Her mom is a Westie)  My Lady says she is a very lucky puppy to have been rescued (just like me) and to be part of our pack. I am not so sure I will like her (although Boston Terrier's are all one of my favourites).  I don't know when I get to meet her. I promise I will be nice. I promise I won't be jealous if my Lady shares stores of her here. I hope she does bad things that make me look like a good girl.

Her foster mom called her Meaghan, but Uncle Chris is going to call her Emma. My Lady is calling her Emmie. She likes pet names that end with "e" (Loki, Gemi, Baggy, Ninny, LeeLee).

So far my IQ test from Aunt C is the best gift, I don't think a cousin is a great one.

Here is the picture from her the Westie site:

Will keep you all posted on if she is a more fun cousin then Lemew. 


  1. Eeeeee!!! Emma you are absolutely adorable and I can't wait to hear all of the stories about you ...and even the bad stories that make Lee look like an angel!! ;)

    Lee I'm excited to hear your side of the stories. Looking forward to it.


    Lee, let's be honest -- cats aren't that great -- even if they're cousins. I promise you're going to love your doggie cousin!

  3. Meet her last night, will blog about it later this week. She is cute and sweet and already in love with Chris. It is so cute!


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