Friday, December 30, 2011

A review of my gifts by Hailey

I must say that I am very glad Christmas is over. I was getting tired of being dressed up and having my picture taken. I do not think that is fun.

I think the best gift was something I didn't get. I think my cousin Emma is ok (she will be more fun when she is a bit bigger, I don't know what to do with something so small) but I am really glad she is not my puppy. She kept taking my stuff and I didn't know how to get it back from her.

I also think it is a Christmas miracle that while my fancy new coat is in Ottawa, for some reason Fed-ex isn't trying to deliver it. I don't want a coat.

I have already mentioned my cool Spot Seek game in the post Opening a present. I love it. I can find 4 cookies in 8 seconds. The only problem with it is that my people don't refill it enough.

Santa brought me this tug toy. It is ok, but I don't want to play tug with it. I only like to tug toys that my Lady doesn't want me to.

A friend gave me this new gator. It has at least 16 squeakers in it. So far I haven't destroyed any, but my plan is to destroy them one at a time.

My Auntie Kaitlyn got me some treats. My review of them: They are wonderful! I have almost eaten them all. I wish the container would magically fill itself!
Peanut butter flavoured - my favourite
Overall I like Christmas and getting good stuff. I hope all your fury friends got lots of toys too!


  1. That Gator looks amazing!!!! Barley would go insane with those squeekers. They are his very favorite thing to rip out of a toy and ruin.

    I bet when you come home one day, Lee with have magically ripped the Gator to shreds and little bits of plastic squeekers will be strewn about the house!

  2. I was playing with it tonight and she has broken a couple of the squeakers inside, but she hasn't figured out how to get it open. I am sure soon there will be a picture of a destroyed gator!


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