Monday, December 19, 2011

Opening a present!

On the weekend, we had people over for the holidays. I loved having all my people together and getting presents.

"For me? What could it be?" 
"Looks like some sort of toy!"

Me solving my Spot Seek A treat shuffle bone IQ test. I am very  smart. Thank you Aunt C. And thank you Auntie Kaitlyn for the yummy treats to put inside!

Here is a clip of me playing with it. I can find the 6 in just over a minute! I think spend a couple minutes checking just to make sure I haven't missed any!


  1. Well done Lee!
    This is a great toy... Barley needs something like this to keep him occupied for just under a minute!

  2. She loves it. It is interesting that she finds certain cookies faster. Her pb ones from Masters and Dog, she gets super fast! It was a great gift, the spoiled dog!

  3. What an awesome gift!

    Halladay got Beggin Strips for Xmas last year. Randie & I then got poocano all over the floor. :/

  4. She can now find 4 cookies in about 8 seconds.

    I am lucky, this one has a stomach of steal! I think that is the Lab in her!


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