Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ode to a Sweater - it's cold outside

It's really in the way
(but LeeLee it's cold outside)
I promise won't stray
(but LeeLee it's cold outside)
The sweater looks really
(you need to stay snug and warm)
corny and dumb
(but it was made by my mom)
The puppies will start to giggle
(hold still don't jiggle)
The man is waiting there by the door
(your skin will be cold and sore)
So really I better scurry
(stop being in  a hurry)
don't pull it down an inch more
(put it on before you go out the door)
The others will stare
(it is cold out there)
I don't give a care
(your will freeze out there)
if it keeps me warm
(what if you get caught in a storm
Listen to me say " no no no"
(let's not get in a row)
At least I can say that I tried
(what's the sense in hurting your hide)
It's really in the way
(just put the darn thing on)

I know it's cold outside! 


  1. Ahhhh!!! I love the song... but I SUPER LOVE the sweater! Lee looks like a little dino!

  2. She really hates this one. My mom made it for her. In the past I have had a blue and pink dinosaur, and now a purple one!


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